Stay bad teeth shantall waller stop over use the ppl them app bloat up u body like over blown balloon because it dont look good. We all kno u dont look
So thick in real life go to gym with your big belly

14 thoughts on “APP INJECTION

  1. It look like shantall thick app body a pressure somebody out there, har teeth wan fix and she gwan up over herself but she nuh really trouble ppl so whats the real tea? gi we some real tea bout her and romie or bout her lifestyle cuz the Teeth, Skin bleaching and App get lame do you homework sender.

  2. Sender let me tell u this it’s not my fault why I have good phone that takes my pictures flawless a next thing this is the second time u sent in my pic from the year start obviously you have a problem with me that I don’t have with myself r your obsessed with me r something I realize you kno my name but you really don’t kno me because if u knew me u would kno I’m naturally thick!!! Thick leg, thick thigh and thick calf and what’s wrong with my teeth again I don’t get it u honestly need to leave me f**k alone and get the f**k out of here I beg u to go use the app you talking about fix your life cause its really sad with that said have a good night

  3. she stay gud ina real life… i can sense d hate….she mite all look betta dan who a post dis…. haters man i tell yu haters…. #HotTopic

  4. Sender again this is an epic fail. Nutten nuh change cuz she still can get IT! Gwaan through Shantol n claim yuh winnings inna the good up body winner’s enclosure!

    @ 11:04pm why u telling pinkwall to suck mada??it’s not really pinkwall yuh have the problem with enuh.

    Xoxo Wrappie

  5. Dwl lol….she is no where close to these pics. She uses the app fa real….idk about the teeth part but seen her around when she was skinny up until now. lol what a day when them stop make peritol and birth control….what u gonna do hunny? No natural thickness around her body at all. You clearly have a problem with yourself if u gotta use the app girly…I saw a pic with her bf wrapping his hand around her and she even warp d man hand…..not cool at all

  6. Well the door bend up so it’s obvious that she’s using some type of app on her pics … But she seems to be a humble girl

  7. Sender go suck yo mumma yo wah bring the gal down so bad that u guh but app pon the gal pic Lowe the bloodclat gal cause I see the gal in real life and trust me har foot them fat right through so why she woulda use a app to make har foot thick yo hate is real pon har when hate nuh wuk uno makeup things and tell lie everybody use a likkle app sometimes guh find sumtm do man

  8. Uno need to get a grip now it’s not a shame to take peritol r birth control serious I just went through all her pics and videos and see butt and shape in her video and she did look slim but have butt and hip so if she a use app a couldn’t for hip and butt and fat foot honestly thou uno can leAve the girl now she seems humble and don’t business with people but shantol shantall whatever u name u have friendly hater careful

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