I am looking for any information regarding the shooting of Marlon Brando in June 2015. He also went by a different name: Damion Brown, son of Coach Brown. He had connections to Flowers, Cory Max and others. He used to live in Brixton, London before he was deported. I am also looking for any other information about Marlon Brando which isn’t related the the shooting. Please send any information to [email protected]

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    1. “there work”….should be “THEIR work”. Stupid illiterate people. Remedial education is badly needed!! Stop posting comments on public forum if you do not know the difference between their and there.

    2. This platform is for whatever the OWNER deem it to be. Social justice is strongly encourage by her, so go back to the gully wid dat snitch $h#t

      Sender, you asking for a lot. Btw, you know if brando ever give statement pon de murders him ….cough cough cough :siul

      In life we have to give to receive.

      1. I always marvel when some bloggers take on this persona of telling others what to do n what they can or can’t do on here! !

        For example you will never hear me tell anyone no matter how I disagree with what dem saying to STFU.I feel u must free to tell them that n bout them raaaassss still but not my style.I just think it’s fine to say we no support so n so over here based on established trends n reasoning on pinkwall but what a stretch to inject urself n usurp the owner by dictating to others what n how to exercise their freedom of expression. PP until the admin literally ban any of my comments I will continue to express myself n defend whosoever me feel like regardless of who annoyed,agitated or ketch sand inna dem crotches.

        Maybe if you or Genuine dem sey sumpn mi build a 2storey but truly only the owner can shut me up fi breaking the rules n u know mi nah break none right??

  1. Hi, big up to Carl and Vel, Damion mother and father, you guys did your best as co parents, but sender on real note, if a Trench town people u waiting on for infro, u going to wait in vain fi that, like Marley say him nuh waana wait in vain, better u low that.

  2. Anonymous and PP I am sure you both are elated I spelled the word THEIR incorrectly so you could capitalize on my comment. PP you think everyone is from the gully or ghetto like you GTFOH with that . As the say you live mybthe gun you died by the gun and people in wrong doing there is always repercussions. FYI everyone is entitle to their opinion. Okay spelling bee champions .

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