213 thoughts on “APPL A CUSS MELLO

    1. You notice there was no denial/defense, it was I am SUPPOSED to track him cause nobody going to inherit what is hers and J’adore’s….oh lol

      1. Mi seh___________________________________ likkle most she reach poconos it look like since she did ina indian country :ngakak

    1. My pot bun up trying to read 108 comments… :hammer me day busy till this suss miss me

      Met! Me tell you bout letting go too much hot post in a one day…YardieT! Yohooo…dwrcl

      1. Mi cyah manij oooooooooooooooo dem seh pocahontas cant drive di car too far cause di miles..Mi a wonder if a bus she ketch go mohegansun :hammer

  1. Plastic body…low self esteem Apple….you cuss mello bout being molested….WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SON KIRK…..DO U FORGET….you damn right yuh dey pon the most wanted list….you ever listen to the way you talk with yuh man voice…….yes Christine u ova pon IG acting ratched as usual and a boost yuh dutty no class daughter… chat bout she have good motherin……Christine all 3 of your kids went to jail for drugs/theft/scam……why your kids nuh have papers…..Christine you are no mother….How is it that you can write a better sentence than your kids….dem neva go school??? AGAIN HAPPLE AND DONKEY FACE CHRISTINE GO MEK A VIDEO EXPLAINING WHAT HAPPENED TO KIRK…

      1. BBC Kirk is a kid so I aint going there on the wall…mi just did wah remind ar when she a cuss bout molestation fi memba certain events.

    1. Hello sweetest dearest G,i only get to listen up to the part where Apple sey show me what yuh good ole give yuh Mello. Apple sey her good ole give her Porsche!

      Gone back pon the work but I have faith that it is as yuh sey Apple Win! Met why yuh leave off the E off Princess Apple name?give her E for effort plz.We can all agree Apple sexy af, plastic or otherwise plus man n woman want her up #facts

      1. Me seh it aready an me ah guh seh it again, stop ride Apple coattail fe get to Jay Donkey Kong batty! Who coulda waan be Apple or envy ar fe dat matter. De girl careless, she fuk like dog an discharge like rabbit, cuss ar mumma, lie pon ar son fadda fe get paoers weh cyan reach ar sticky hands all now, neglect ar pickney dem, teef like dog… WHO inna dem right mind woulda endorse such a dirty chick? She an ar frens dem nuh hav not even a bank account but dem a push fast cars an a go pon extravagant shopping sprees and lavish vacations, WHO coulda envy dem deh earth worms deh?

        Yardie if yuh nuh hav nutten fe seh, betta yu read an allow yuhself to be informed about this termite weh a rob vulnerable people their retirement savings. Dutty Apple an ar modda are deplorable, infectious, BIOHAZARD MATERIALS. Dem body fame. Dem life fake. Dem warp no rass.

        Yuh a talk bout Mello nose heh heeey ar nose broad but ar back broader an she dunn Apple an ar careless crew. Pink Panther Jay woulda love fe cool yuh cocky like Apple watch so keep doing what you doing an eventually you like land inna dem acrylic bed smh

        1. It’s my only rule n it’s pretty simple. It’s become apparent that you are a regular hiding under anonymous. One day I will explain why my rule is not to take on the regulars.

          I’ve never had a gay experience and i would bet the farm n kitchen sink i most definitely won’t, but if living princess Apple makes me gay then I confess I’m the gayest of gay.

          Cuss her to ur heart desire n full content but no matter how you spew ur hate it won’t change how I feel becuz love will always overcome hate. Carry on ur bitterness cuz I’m sure you have ur reasons cuz u couldn’t so mad fi a spew hatred so often for no good reasons. I chose to love Apple not judge her because apparently that’s a God’s job. Since Him subcontract out the judgment job to u gwaan give it ur best n collect ur reward in heaven. Peace out we are Kool n thats that!

  2. It took her 3 – 4 days later to come up with this corny response and who ever in the back ground boosting her on is even a bigger idiot. Sad people with Sad lives. Its the children I’m sorry for.

  3. If never see a set people like these gyal all they talk about is clothes shoes and bag. I wish they would put all those stolen money in investing in property and things to benefit them and their kids in the long run. All that money on plastic surgery their propriety really messed up :bingung :cool

  4. Suck finga Kerry you really really wrote that you and Apple DO NOT have a green card but live life inna America unlike some gyal who cyah left the Bronx…….IIIII ELLLLOOOO u think bc u move gone a CT u acting brand new????? How is Jue adjusting to prison life….him find a man yet???? Memba a you say CIA know bout you….is that why you live such an amazing life or was it when the Yankee gyal 2pac did a hunt yuh down fi beat yuh…damn idiot. Dwl….stay thinking you a bingo bingo bingo eeeediat gyal

    1. but yuh nuh see she a cuss and tag har man inna it a ask him who name Bob like him a phuck Bob tuh,she woldnt really like to be most wanted nd de muma she I wouldnt even address cuz de Apple dont fall far from the rotten tree root

  5. Apple go sit your punk ass down everything you have is either stolen, leased ,rented or scammed .what fu**g class? The mother of whoring outfits showing everything class yes the men want you to f**k you. At least you admit you run down jicon wid di gyal real wife do not leave they homes to mix with trash or run down side chicks your man suppose to handle that you sound weak as f**k. Go buy a f**g house you f***g desperate housewife remember you have to also sell you Lil weed thru taniesha to have money sometimes including the government funds

  6. This girl need to fall back,I rather have a legal status in America than a Porsche.can she drive that Porsche for a visit to Jamaica or does she use it to drive to a legal job.women with class don’t have to show their ass,pussc and breast to seek attention nor does roaming dancehall and wear two piece of alleged name brand is living life.don’t know ya’ll in real life other than seeing ya’ll on the great wall so no jealousy here just facts.

  7. Lmao she sound hurt bad and i believe mello is telling the truth. Poor apple it better i she never respond to the trace

  8. But Apple why would someone bad mind you for your lease car that is not in your named or Jicon named/ you lived in a rent appartment, you collect food stamp/ Section 8 (FACTS) you do not have a High School Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree or your PHD. These are accomplishment people should bad mind you for.

  9. Met this is applez second attempt at dunning mello and again it nah werk. She did try off a har about 3 days ago and fail like CXC, look like somebody give har script and suppligen.

    1. All she a talk Mello ansa har pan every point..Mello seh she neva did a go mek Kemar lef n she nuh get har greencard..Argument done right desso pan di whole crew

      1. Happle and her crew get lick dunn long time….Label dem none – friggin – factorsssss! Mello get turned into a LEGIT Mattie, what relevant to them is of no relevance where it counts! Surgery bodies, leased cars, travel of the 50 states ONLY, bag and boot…..this they call living life in America, smbrch!!

        Mello continue get weh yuh fi get, my Food Stamp Mami and her team lean and lobsided nuh BBC!


        1. Quena she say America’s most wanted :ngakak it look like dem think that title is something in America she need fi ask junior why he was running cause him was di real America’s most wanted

  10. Americas most wanted?????????????????? Plastic rotten teeth gal.
    Bitch u a freak…. U suck buddy and pussi.
    She is delusional. Apple you cant even travel bout Atlantic City.
    Tons of women pass you by far. You sound sooooo stupid. Can you read? Write? Do maths. You know exactly who fe cuss..Cause all like a mi woulda dun u. Have a bloodcloth seat.
    Such a bird.. Delete that shit. U gonna regret making that recording because u sound crazy. Then you have your kid in the background while using that type of language. SMH.. trash.
    I hope Mello catch u.. see how fast u backtrack

    1. Americas most wanted but jay not searching for it! Not Jays most wanted. Look like Jay on the most wanted list the way you hunt him so farr!! Apple you give him 3some because you know you are NOT the most wanted for Jay!

      All the 3some you give him you still have to trail him pon him private session. Yup u his bae Apple but sometimes 3 is a crowd and he want his woman dem one away!

  11. Mi neva see duppy or hear duppy talk til tudeh. Afta melli kill dis bish three days a go she jus rise an mek dis wack response. Hello from di odda side.

  12. I’m sorry but Apple sounds like peolple that’s illterate & dunce she can’t even talk properly she sound really hurt like she just talking cuz she hurt Apple half the stuff u cussing Mello about sounds like u made it up come again apple cuz u nuh ready. Poor thing sad case

  13. Only materialistic plp would think this waste gyal won. Her good hole get a leased porsche so when lease is up so is your so called good hole. Bitch go own some shit you corny mwllo look like man but mello have her green card and can travel mellow also own her home her children are well taken cared of. Yes she look like man but she more put togetherwith her life then you . bitch your priority is f**d .bags and shoes can’t do nothing in life for you ams your children you waste shape get run down after. While and you already ugly apple .why as a wife you feel the. Need to come act like a chicken head?? You make wife status look weak MI gyal


  15. Uno gone all way up a Ct in a di white ppl Dem place wit uno dirty Bronx bongerin note to happle u is not poppin wen uncle Sam pay u house n food uno involves inna all type a illegal scammings Fi get weh Uno Ave bcareful weh u a call down pon u n u man

  16. But Apple a gwaan like sey she never did a stress when she did a breed with Jadore. Also what kind of mother would be acting so vulgar infront of her child. Jadore is in the background talking and she is cussing like a market street gal. Jay really need to put Apple in her place and put a stop to this carelessness infront of his child…but then again he has no backbone. Apple and her mumma run his head and that’s facts! NOT fax….

  17. But apple you say your pussy give you Porsche, did you know that if something happen to jay and you can’t keep up with your $1000 lease them a take it back.., apple when you a brag please brag about things that are paid off that you OWN but then again you might never ever own nothing in your name because you don’t have no name in America . The Porsche is lease that’s consider a RENTAL…please pray day and night for nothing to happen to jay because he is a street Dude and anything is possible …. to the way you hype now I don’t know how you would manage …

  18. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    By now Apple should now know that when it comes to a clap back or cuss out from her, all she need to do is post a valid school id,just the basics she need fi start wid cuz i truly don’t get why she not going to some kind of class suh she can really transit out of the life she been living..a wonda if she see weh MARSHA currently going through


  20. But Apple she a really sup’m else fi drive gone all the way up a mucko fi ketch de whole a dem man inna bed wid har brand new second hand suck pus-c mate….a bet she dont track the kids dem like dat,de gal should a ease off a him and spit inna yuh face then bawl out rape while she a dial 911 yuh have way too much time pon yuh rass hand bout yuh pouse to …damn clown

  21. @apple :ngakak :ngakak really mello dun u like a Mack 10 rubbish u a talk . That car is not yours DWL that house u live in is not yours LMAOO you stupid bitch STFU and yes u are the most wanted because u a thief dunce bat can’t even help u Pinckney wid har home work , rassclattttt me dead apple go scam a green card and a work permit /house . None ambitious woman your daughter in the background calling u telling u to stop.what a nice role model u are Donald trump win so continue Melllo have ambition u man rich him buy porche LMAOOO so where is the gorage to park the porche in ????? Apple memba when u post up u bathroom u run go tekk it dung DWL the old time heater radiator right next to your tub gal run wey from bout yah and go buy good bed sleep pon :ngakak :ngakak

          1. Di lovely lady say she did haffi go indian country fi har inheritance …………… she mussy name Pocahontas :ngakak

  22. appple pls u say u pussy good bcause u get a porsche bitch what!!!!!!!! when pussy good it give pink papper ,not monthly payment ok bitch what life u live ?by scamming n thiefing ? kmt u only run around in america no international when u living life u go bora bora, vinice,on a yacth,dubai,fiji,seychelles maldives n many many more places .u not even living a good life here wearing labels is not life honey how u and u so calls rich fren dont go to art basel in miami,the hampton, coachella ,the emmys grammy girl bye bout life …nothin bout u look how u spell molested on ur insta molse dwl gal not even can put on a good suit a clothes only stretch materials ,y u cant show in ur house everyone kno u move soo even if u no dun fix up still show it cause u live for the gram n tell ur mom to check in rehab pls n tonks how u dont address about the child in england? hot gal no do food stamp n ur husband a clown no man man should not allow his wife to behave like that u is a knife n no wife dwl … where is sexy u sexy to man wey a look a one nihgtstand not a long term relationship ok n sexy with dry foot n unbalance batty pls wired looking self n bleach out COME OUT OF UR DREAM NOTHIN BOUT U SEXY APPLE WHAT DO U OWN HERE R JA TELL ME PLS N WHAT IS UR HUSBAND JOB BOUT PRODUCER A MUSSI U HIM A PRODUCE LOL CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW THE TEACHERS N KIDS AT THE SCHOOL BE STEERING AT U IF YOU EVER GO THERE BECAUSE IT SEEM S U DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT DONT LET ME SEE U ON THE GRAM FOR RIGHT NOW GIVE IT A BREAK OK PLS HAVE A GRAED DAY

    1. Mi Rawse! so is three kids she have and only own up two a dem? then have the nerve to be talking about motherly love. What a gal delusional.

  23. I was thinking the same thing bad credit buy here pay here can get that Porsche so how is that good pussy ….. apple keyshia kior pussy mek sense met you see the gal house too ras no man she mek sense America , she used to thief clothes etc but the girl level up and do legal things to make money

    Apple we not knocking you but car does not equal great pussy

  24. Dem gal yah love talk bout man a mine dem and Doan know the definition a man a mine yuh no.1when man a mine yuh yuh Doan lift up not even a straw yuh just get up and shop not shoplifting not swiping cards.

  25. Met good day. I’m sure you know who this is and you know I only speak of what I know. I been watching this post days now and has not commented once until now Apple said she did not sleep with bob. Yes she did. Bob sister was the one who made the link and they started off on the phone, by you quint Apple asking the man for shoes and he got turned off by her because of the way she spoke and the fact she was following his baby mother Shelly on ig and was liking her things. Her and Kerry Ann did go to la for the party and they did link up. Kerry with her old time baby father and Apple with bob. Kerry baby father and bob are like brother and sister an a so. The kaylisness happen. But a fi dem life still.. Apple did first a tell bob how him affi can buy har nice things cause jadon make she have good shoes and bag the Man was so turned off and that’s why him f**k and duck har and pinch someone and say she have a smell and you know how that travels. me not even ago address nasty Kerry Ann whey make nasty mouth nully from Bronx f**k har gal from you make nully f**k you you Low.

  26. A nuh lie she ah tell she is dancehall most wanted fi true. Anything Apple do or don’t do people talk. You have bitches killing themselves to be hype like her (not me). Post apple or anything involving her on pink wall and the post gets hundreds of comments. Apple is the chick everyone wants to be or wants to hate and if that don’t qualify as most wanted then I don’t know. Everybody calling down class on apple, she ever tell unnu seh a class she ah look?

    Apple living the life she wanna live if scamming and tiefin is life to her why unnu worried? Get your degrees and work your legal job and buy your cars and don’t steal, it don’t matter in dis here USA cause all ah unnu is still a nigger to di white people dem unnu ah try impress. Stealing is the American way memba ah dem tief everything down to the land we live on so Apple is a true American, no green card needed

    And before unnu try done me this is just my opinion, I don’t care about either party involved.

    1. the class cums in because fi yuh open yuh ears just a tap bit wider yuh clearly hear her daughter calling her and she ignored the call ,she have all rights fi ansa Mello likewise Mello the same but is where and how

      1. To be honest it sounds like the person who was recording the video is who had the child talking in the background the sounds from Apple video and the one recording her video it’s a clear difference. And no I’m not Kasi although some of the Usain money woulda do mi some good right now lol

  27. Now the one bias I’ve always had on here is for princess Apple,unno could come with facts,suss,hearsay I shall NOT be moved.I’m kindly requesting just for a split second,unno put aside MY bias for her n talk the GOD Almighty truth pon this.

    How the mothersbamboopattyclaat someone can cuss n call Smaddie illiterate,when them CAN’T even spell the effing word.anon1:15 u come on here talking crap bout who dunce,the least u coulda do was use spellchecker! I will never argue with the nice n decent ppl on here who a cuss Apple.BUT it makes no sense some a unno who duncer than her a cuss her bout dunceness.Go SYM straight,u deserve 44 slaps with an open dictionary pon ur mouth!

  28. Unnu affi see wid apples noan never do nuttin fi diss girl yah yet so whey jay a do is the world… which me no know whey him a do cause dem both a thief an a run from police, both bleach out an look dirty. Apple go find Jamal no man! All Kerry a years now dis a gwaan wid you gal Kerry from jue gone you back to quarrel 1 “the f**ing and problem Ina ppl life” …gal go fix your life no man.

    Bubblelikesoup @1:50

  29. Anon1:15 on ur behalf I’m requesting ur words…peolple n illterate be added to the jmg spelling bee honour roll!Then the damn nerve of u a talk bout Apple a poor sad thing but u beneath her so what THAT mek u? Go SYM again n again.real boss chick princess Apple to the flipping world,dem a go Clyde a yuh fi 2017! 🙂

  30. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    mi jus a c de comment weh smaddy ask Kerry-Ann if Jue get man yet,dead to rass

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  31. I think apple just kill herself by posting all these video wid lease car an Lv bag wah ppl can buy a thrift shop , if she did jus come out cum cuss i would say ok but my God , the car is lease , u live inna scamming world , u is all about clothes an shoes , yet you come a meck video , where is the video of you helping your kids with them home work , your bank statement , a house a yaad , where is your school.papers or some investment where you work , where you husband work and please APPLE STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE MOLESTED REMEMBA WHAT HAPPEN TO YOURS .

  32. You good hole gave you All that but still can’t give you a green card . Like mello said come borrow her green card fi go use show off unuh bag shoes and clothes a Jamaica

  33. Apple will get away with saying she don’t sleep wid bob because bob don’t want it out there either that him sleep wid har but Apple friends know and bob friends know. Just cause she think the man have likkle money and him wear pure Brand.

  34. Apple can’t show her face nor house in di video cause her house empty and her face stay bad without makeup
    Kerryann will always be Apple shadow cause that’s her only way of getting likkle thiefing goods/credit since her man not here to keep up with the hype life wit dem
    Apple hurt trust me her ignore game on 100 to gossip but this one she couldn’t ignore it touched a spot and the truth normally hurts
    She couldn’t deny the tracking Jadion cause Kerry 1st bust the story to ppl suh she can’t deny dat part

  35. Uno alwayz sah ppl noh fi talk bout kids wen dem a cuss ppl an dat is true …but y d hell she a tell d chikd bout molested wen shi have it inna her life smh now if mello cum dash it out u hear how mello shouldnt smh

  36. Homegirl, they silence is golden. I wish you had just let them talk the same old shit and stayed prayed up. How can you CURSE A WOMAN/MAN about being molested. Have your man ever fu**d you when you weren’t in the mood? Can you remember how violated you felt? Why couldn’t you have call your beautiful daughters name and said that’s is what your good hole got you? Are you stupid my girl. Are you really only worth a Porsche truck..HaHa. You weren’t born ugly fi real but my girl you fu**d your face/body up. Sometimes less is best. Your body don’t look good nor natural, it look likes everyone else who went to the same doctor. My mother would never allow nor stand next to me in a club with my breast/nipple butt exposed. I hope you don’t allow your child to do the same, she may think you don’t love her. YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN BODIED BY THE WOMAN THAT LOOKS LIKE A BOY. YOU ARE A PUNKKKKK. YOU COULDNT EVEN SHOW YOUR FACE. NOT A BAD GAL ROUND HERE. HAHAHAHA…I don’t even know y’all but this shit funnnnny.

  37. NASTY APPLE YUH HOLE DON’T GIVE YOU NOTHING Because you have the same cheap plastic bedroom set before you meet jaydon,and over 10years yuh have the same dirty piss up mattress Wey u piss pon jaydon and jaydon piss pon u and the little gal them Wey uno bring home to f…k and suck piss pon both u and jaydon. Apple yuh life sad yuh and jaydon travel from state to state and pick up young girls fi suck them p…y u and yuh man nasty uno put anything into uno mouth. Apple you of to work so hard to hold jaydon u of tuh suck gal and f..k them while jaydon watch .u living not only a fake life but a dirty slack ,satanic life style . the same plastic table and chair, the same plastic bar , the 1 piece a bad color white sofa u have all those before u meet jaydon. Apple yuh a show porche and lv bag why u don’t show inside of yuh rented apartment Wey empty . Yuh should a show melloo berkin ,lv too a lease vechile uno a drive u not popping bitch. Melloo have her social and a driver license she can credit any vehicle. Melloo pay $700 towards her mother mortage and she and her mother pay the bills fi them house. Melloo nuh need fi buy nuh house Angela jetset gave her a legal 3 family house. Yuh ugly mother Christine worthless like u and her 3 children uno worthless. U need fi transfer yuh section 8 tuh Connecticut because yuh mother a chat yuh Seh she want tuh move and yuh nuh want her tuh move because yuh nuh want tuh loose yuh section 8.Apple a from Marlon days yuh p…y a carry a bad odor and now yuh Meck bob come smell it. Jaydion nasty fi a suck that.melloo just have baby she don’t need a new man .you and meka f..k and suck gal fi keep man melloo. Melloo sey heads high she a kill Kemar with the no .no pu..y tuh melloo mouth. Suh tell meka to keep sucking .Melo get what she wanted out of Kemar. Apple u and yuh fake stuff them. Apple guh buy Furniture and house. Melo get molested .kj as a boy got molested so remember that and kj father hate u because yuh tell lie pon him because u a look green card. Yuh son kj is 18 stop Meck him sleep pon him little sister bed.kirk don’t give up nothing for your son a better yuh never know yuh baby father.

    1. Suh Kerry have Tamara inna fi har apartment a hold down the Section * and Apple have Christine in hers…all mi a ask yuh is how many kids Apple have cuz smaddy a ask her bout whappen tuh de one a england

  38. there is no way she have one bed wid two kids ans so much bag and pan a show,maybe one longtime but cud neva still

  39. Apple ,jaydon don’t have anything for you to nuh own nuh house , nuh land ,no good jewelry ,no title fi uno car . No pension whats, there for u and yuh daughter to inherit?? This girl is so dunce. Apple please guh back to school physical appearance is not all look how muck cock yuh teck and a only jaydon alone wife yuh up because him like watch yuh a lick the girls them p…y and suck them toes. Apple melloo don’t want tuh live your life .your life is dirty too much linking and sucking gwaan Inna your tabernacle apple.yuh teck 2 local flight guh work fi jaydon recruit little girls fi u and jaydon eat out them pum pum and a act like u been around the world .girl bye.

  40. Rotten Apple yuh nuh mek nuh sense bout inheritance. Yuh life sad cause a pure knockoff yuh and yuh man wear.Unu nah mek nuh sense bout yah. People wid tings nuh haffi declare nutten to people. Unu love prove a point to people dats why jail see nuff a unu pon a regular. Stop di lip tracing. If yuh a deal wid progress how yuh have time fi dis yah??? Dancehall fake nasty Apple tek several seats, cause yuh an yuh man nuh mek one. Him skin bun up and every faculty pon yuh body fake, a who trouble unu? Yu sin a guh deal wid yuh wicked!!!!

  41. I would have went there with you inna de night yah but mi deh pon third strike bannings,how yuh get the two fi be one and because smaddy nuh behave hardcore or dem shy dem pass of as such,lowe de yute de site might seems small but it big and dung tuh who yuh think nuh read it read…every body every dem demon mek certain subjects and thoughts stay weh dem fi stay weh PICKNEY concern

    1. Mi delete it oo..Apple dont know better..all ina fi har mind is sex, man and name brand..u si how much time she a ask mello bout hood ina hole like sex a di only thing whey can give u a life


  43. @simplicity yes apple did have 1 bed fi the 2 children when she live a throgs neck into the attic just a month ago and that’s why u never see her a show her kids room. She ain’t got shit and yes Tamara collecting KerryAnn section 8 and now the landLord find out sey KerryAnn move out and a give Tamara some attitude. KerryAnn Tamara room mate sey she lay down pon yuh carpet since yuh move out and she Sey it stink a piss like dog lived into the house. KerryAnn yuh left yuh renking carpet fi Tamara clean up plus give yuh yuh section 8 money a month time. If melloo want food stamps she can get it like u apple she have 3 American born children. But melloo work really hard any job she does and she not on welfare and she Bruck and uno rich and a collect welfare .simplicity apple mother a complain sey she want tuh move and apple nuh want she move because apple fraid fi loose the section 8.

    1. Well Tamara can’t have it both ways she basically a live sum what rent free suh she can dash weh wah need fi dash weh and fix up weh waan fix up all mi know dem brave fi mek these moves and nuh dweet pon a hush hush…then if she waan cum out she nuh come out or a watch he waan guh help Apple watch Jaydon


  45. Apple I’m embarrassed for you… you know my Mum used to tell me as a child … “the higher the monkey climb, the more him batty expose” … and I never got the real drift/meaning of that saying until today. You brought all this on yourself … you need to reevaluate, reassess and rectify your life and your friends Hun…I don’t know you BUT “I’m embarrassed for you” … and I don’t feel sorry for people. … stop pretending that your life is all that, we the public see right thru you. You’re Pathetic.

    People who have their shit together don’t have to try so hard to prove to the public that they are #RICH .. “empty barrels makes the most noise” … Silencio Apple give SM a break and take pink face, smelly pum pum eating Hicolicanican or whatever Met calls him with you and SCRAMMMM …

    Lmfao this is EPIC!

  46. Mi seh Apple a cuss Mello bout house while she a show mellow seh a the LV bag she live inna …bwoy yuh just private the page suh eh :ngakak

  47. She tek down all but one video….the shame mussi a lick ar now. All now loud mouth Bobbette nuh run in…..whoiiii

      1. Then Simply wasnt it at this same party in LA dem say Bobbette tek Bready????? It commi like it was sex swapping afta pawty….whoiiiii betta apple did lef it alone..u know why me believe bob story bc apple went to that party looking busted…memba di shiny grey ill fitting dress she wore and ar weave did messy bad….YES APPLE U FUQQQQED FI SHOES.

  48. I told you guys about these sets them nuh work a brag bout Porsche truck flippa part 2. She have the nerve bout America most wanted she think a nice something

  49. You know what they not even on flippa mafia level let’s be real. Atlwsst flipa has houses his Porsche was one of the first in Jamaica he also owns multiple homes in Jamaica he was flashy yes and stupid but smart to invest. Not like these f**g idiots her pussy smell cause all she wear is panty come to party she walking with germs all in her which will be easy for her to catch seeing how she love walk naked. Apple you need a f***g life. You are renting plp will respect you more kd you just keep shit real. You talking bout lease porsche your pussy gave you but you have to turn in your two vehicles to get this one lease ride that you both share. Rich where????????? Y’all should have matching Porsche and a big house with land and something invested in in Jamaica atleast. Seeing how you are not legal in America y’all some waste and pretending bum scamming bitches apple you wedding ring is nothing but diamond chips all over it show me one solid diamond you have no class and your face is ugly in real life close your mouth In the pics

  50. Is not today happle have tha section 8 way b4 she meet jadoin how these boast bruk rich ppl get way with robbing the government for so long happle for aslong u n u long mouth kerryann have housing voucher uno should a own 10 house in a America by now wutless like bout cloth n boot kmft

  51. That is the most brawling coolie gyal I have ever herd. Who would think that voice was coming out of that gyal. She could sell fish at market.

    1. Which part a apple dry head is coolie? The edges less piece a sumting pan har head called hair is not coolie, look again

  52. First of all Kirk Apple son father, works for the postal or atleast he used to. He has class and don’t bleach his skin like Jadion. I used to talk to Jadion on his 518 number. However he is really weird and freaky in bed and I didn’t want no part of him. He wanted to do anal I never did it before. So I lost out there. But honestly that was before he married Apple. But now I see he turn fool. Don’t want him. Apple is trashy. All man want is to sleep with her and that’s it. She is a dunce and why she can’t stick to one accent. It’s annoying how she keep flipping back and fourth.

  53. PEOPLE PEOPLE HER IS APPLE RITE NAME (Aquila laws ) AQUilA LAWS.and people make sure when u see them in any store make sure u call the police on them is Christmastime them out is a crew off them .

    1. weh seh Mrs.Richards name _________________________________a you dem need fi lock up fi wrong info no tuh plate claat

  54. Apple how you feeling boo reading this . I couldn’t even look my husband in the face after all this no shame you . Apple you need a new Chanel after this one here . In my best Apple voice the Scond one Chanelllll

  55. Met mi love u n mi nuh funny, mi just get home from work n tired but mi have to touch base.met please answer mi u think if the high end store them sell class,dignity or to be modest team apple would buy some? R maybe mi should ask yardi?

    1. :ngakak modesty, class and dignity a some big things u haffi start off small before u go desso so mi nuh think dem wudda offer har those first n she wouldnt know what she buying either.

  56. Yes flippa owned his homes even if he in jail he still owned his properties and invested . apple and her man don’t own shit

  57. @9:26 it doesnt matter if youre illegal , from you have a child or kids inna d country you can get section 8 its not for apple , its for the kids …but it can be taken away if the investigate and find out that she is not living at said location anymore you cant let someine else live pon d child or children section 8 plus , you cant move without them knowing .

  58. These girl dont have no.morals bout them a ppl like YANKIEMICHELLE GINA AND HER MOTHER hype her up fi meck video an meck ppl a laugh at her shi was the topic out a road yesterday ppl a ask if one gal can fool soh dem sah wen dem si shi put up d lv bag and d lease car dem still big er up.pon her IG but dem affi laugh cause it better shi did jus chill apple an d rest must remember that whores dont collect pension but uno notice sah all a dem dah pon d same level dem.ok wid dem scamming life an no papers fi goh no wey or improve dem life notice sah america noh step to dem now a later wen dem tink all is well police just soup dung pon dem soh meck dem gwan show up money an diss an dat america goverment soon kn wah fi dou wid dem

  59. Met thankful for life n a new day..mi fall asleep but about the dignity its me again u know u bad? Mi laff till mi cry how u sey u nuh think apple would know what she buy..because modesty a big things.met give mi ur fingers let mi beat u on em.

    1. Gm anon,

      Princess Apple has je ne sais quoi….it’s French for a certain something!U can’t quite put ur finger on what exactly but Apple has “It” in spades.Ironically for someone who is supposeDly lacking in modesty,class n dignity,it is mindboggling how many of these Chicks wanna be LIKE HER n would give up all those Qualities for a Day in the life n brand shoes of Apple smh.

  60. Damn the hate for apple is real…Like people more bothered by apple than their own business. Like whatever apple do aint got sht to do with yall wack bitches..just like Amari weh stalk gullybop …same way unno stalk apple bad bad bad bad dwl dwl badmine and jealous it dont look good. Look how much woman weh dem husband cheat on them..look how much woman weh have man that mine them..look how much people lease car…all working class people do it too..look how much other people buy brand name and talk about it..look how much people rent inna america..look how much people move and live them life.. Do whatever makrs them happy. But No when is apple do it…its a big f***g issue…like say the girl must lay dowm and dead for unno…look how gyal a jammaica walk and f**k gyal and bold bout it…but unno nuh talk bout that.if is unno friends and family …unno support them behind closed doors..but come here fi try bring down someone who has nothing to do with unno. If u dont like her..stop watch and talk bout her.i dont know why people like to believe them so important that what ever them say..a suh it people life bother you soo much…you have to…a must say you make it your problem. .like really…there is nothing at home to do.. Same way uno want apple to do this and do that…unno dont have nothing fi do…jesus christ…leave the f**g girl alone. And by right apple have all right fi cuss back…cuz when mello make video nobody never say mello did too grown for this and that..but wen apple make video now its shes too grown..she dis and that. Wicked people lowe the f**g people and stop act like yall know apple and mello business more than them. Unno just hate apple…sad sad sad people.. Apple is comfortable. And if she fi get locked up..or deported thats her business..dont have a flying f**k to do with yall…people get locked up and deported every fu**g day b. Go cuss everybody now. Bunch of sour pussy bitches

    1. Alright Annoy let’s Do this teamwork thing cuz no work tiday.Any of mi good up bloggers frenz push out them head u sort them out,i will deal with the anons cuz mi nah tek on mi frenx.

      Them deaD to Princess Apple tiday, straight guillotine lolzz.Heartiest welcome to Team Apple. They need to answer why Apple’s life is their entertainment.Some a unno bored so go play Jacks,dandy Shandy n all when unno kock up unno still can’t make a 10 like Apple standing still!

      1. Yesss yardie mi wah ask them if them a get a check fi all a this Hate!!! Apple get the most reaction Cuz them know seh apple a live the life them want to leave… Badmind if anybody was to ask apple a who them she a draw blank… Mek anybody ask them a who apple….lord god watch how them nuh stop chat fi days pon top dayssss. Unno weh say education is key and working for the white man like slave should NOT.. I repeat should NOT Red eye fi people bags and shoes. And stop watch out people pussy man…from wen that become a in thing…DAT mi wah know???

        1. Go red eye you mumma fi tek you daddy before you.

          Unnu think unnu and all a the PinkWall bloggers de pon the same rung :maho :ngakak You BUM bitches got life f**k up :ngakak

          Hats off you BUMS cause this blog site lives on with or without one of you’ll…you bitchesa penny a dozen :ngakak :ngakak

    2. Badmine and jealous nigga barbie for what? :maho

      You hoes always come here come talk bout badmine…we badmine and jealous WOMEN like Oprah, Juliet Holiness, Portia Simpson, Michelle Obama, QUEEN Elizabeth if so be the case.

      How we fi badmine a bitch living in a dirty bronx apartment or a newly rented empty one, a gal a drive a car that flatbed truck can tek at any moment, thief dem earnings which have prison sentence attached, dabble in a all sort a nasty sex, de wid a male who weak as f**k due to self hate, and a bitch who have body dismortification syndrome, an illegal aggravated felon, snitch/plant, whoring ole mother, criminal siblings, unattentive that she riskes the safety of her male child, deportee from another nation, stinking pussc, semi down syndromish, masculine voice and walk….bitch the list can go on, but unu intelligence cannot digest no more fi now :repost2

      1. So go pon Oprah page bitch. Go follow Michelle Obama and obesses with them like how u obesses with apple… Whatever apple do to her body how does that concern you…why you make it a priority to notice and come talk about it. Why don’t you go stay with the real upscale people them.. Since when people so obligated to intrude Inna people life wen they aren’t wanted or needed. Mind yo business bitch!!!!! I see girls like apple every f***g day…doesn’t mean I have to say shit to or about them…Ain’t got shit to do with me. Dem a live them life and me a live my own the way I want to…And no f***g body have the right to tell grown people what and how the f**k they should leave
        .ain’t your f***g concern at all!!!

        1. Bitch like yu rotten pussc whey a torment out unnnu bumbo!

          Oprah page have inspirational nal things fi read bout and how fi expand me income and ideas…so you nah cut no dash of insult there.

          From christine dung to you should have been a dead sperm instead unnnu mumma push unnu out fi plague society!

          Somebody fi bun dung a dancehall wid unnu inna it cause unnu nah no use to mankind.

          Unnu born into ghettos not by accident and by purpose…phucking society rats is what unnu is and shall remain. Not even ago tell yu fi come suck me cause your type carry diseases :bola

          1. Dwlllll If a so educated people talk…..or if a so Oprah talk I don’t know……last time I check Oprah help and save people life……while your here trying to insult someone you don’t know smh….and still don’t answer the question??? Everything out a your mouth is pure hate….people life a mad you…easy gyal u soon dead lol lol I have up my good good job and my college degrees them….so I have no reason to hate and sit all day to bash other people lives…just sad. I hope Oprah teach you how to be a woman with respect and talk with respect and also I hope u learn to help others than to say hurtful things

          2. Ratbat at 9:04 am jobs and degrees are in abundance on this site…trust and believe that. Charity in abundance too. You over here yet you want play mmother
            Theressa. …bitch STOP!

  61. @Annoy shut up cause u can be one a apple biggest hater u dam fool . Say like how uno stalk kimk , dolly and d rest a ppl dem soh wah if ppl talk bout apple move u purple sick pussy from affa d wall how u kn bout pinkwall bitxxh if u neva love mix up apple noh like noh a uno soh goh sidung look if uno ever si apple click “like” pon sum a uno sinting pon IG a ppl like u a kiss her ass , APPLE IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON PPL CHAT BOUT A SHI PUT OUT HER FAKE LIFE FI PPL TALK APPLE AN HER MAN JUST USE NUFF A UNO FI CUM A HER PARTY SHI NOH LIKE NONE A UNO , A MUSSI U APPLE A GI HER WEAR AN POOP INNA DEM , U MUST KN WHO FAH PUSSY SOUR CAUSE U LOVE NYAM.PUZZY …. U tink a likle a uno wah mi si pon apple IG mi hear inna hair dresser shop an all bout a chat her nuff a uno a queen a day and dam dog a nite u a gwan like apple deserve better when a shi gi ppl reason fi bless er up nuff a uno a bronx is a set a lowlife mi wah kn a who grown uno uno noh have nothing bout uno nuff a uno affi goh meck gofundme if uno get sick

    1. Lowe the f**g gyal life alone..who….you can say what u want…… don’t even know you…..but you seem to know apple more than her own f***g mother….true unno badmine….unno love hear negative things bout people….like them lifestyle ah burn you. There are many many like apple….so Run go make the whole a dem mad you now!!! Lame ass bitch weh love see another woman struggle and beat down.

      1. We know Apple more dan armadda cause ar madda careless an neva tek time fe raise ar. Ah de streets raise Apple so anyting we waan talk we free fe chat. At least ah no we one see seh Apple a struggle fe uphold ar fake lifestyle while she look beat down like nail inna coffin. Lowe we mek we talk cause all you chat Apple an ar madda ole germs box de wole a unno


    1. Still how is that your business…..Why you here breathing Mad Hard like apple take weh Yuh man. Tell me if anything apple do involve you……anything at all????

      1. Wen people like Apple go inna de people dem store an teif dem merchandise, it affects all of us. Bimhoes who walk a teif an tek man fe a living or leeches like you who endorse dem wouldn’t get this tho’!

  63. APPLE , u si how much quote u a post fr wen an not one a dem wah did a egg u on yesterday noh click like smh wey kerry an d rest a dem dah fi cum motivate u u a post quote an clothes an all now not one a dem noh cum click pon u ting dem UNLESS a mix up a u friend dem …rite?

  64. Apple a real man mascot in a big foreign her job is to follow man and go look fe man a gal yard or hotel really a so she desperate even when him mind you and married you if you have to go through that stress deh it better you leave how much different hotel you go careless gal you is because if you never careless you would find a job or something better to do than watch cocky in A America whay gone in a hole and you sure can’t tek it out by you hear and reach you nuh think dem dun frig gal go get sense nuh man nuh worth that cause him don’t respect you then again you follow him everywhere all go theif go scam so wait come here Apple did jay icon run when you reach a Foxwood to like him run left you when Unu did go theif and you get catch from I born you dancehall no job no life no class duncebat

  65. @annoy apple a clown dats y ppl can chat , shi wah be a celeb let her be , nuff a uno a pcs a shit wen post meck bout dolly , ven an d rest uno run in but u tink apple special misses move fr yah gwan goh like up her picture dem , apple big like tv show empire , soh wen ppl feel like dem wi stop chat notice sah nuff noh commet pon apple post cause dem fraid ppl read dem out nuff a uno wah a gwan like uno is her friend yet mi si uno describe inna her party an how it flop mi is jus here for the entertainment u teck apple life an story to heart hahahahah meck sure next week is not about you .

  66. Listen husbands cheat on their wives yes. But not the way how apple think she is sooooooo number and her body is sooooo perfect but she as the wife have to go like a f***g idiot and stalk her own husband that mean all she did meant nothing to hold him cause he still cheatinf on her. And weren’t they like just married last year????? So her pussy tired to her husband already???,1. So called year and the wife the good up lease porsche hole gyal haffi ah stalk her own husband that’s f***g sad. And careless and reckless. Inheritance is what you get when a person. Dies and leave something for you. This bitch is so f****g illiterate. And yes anoy we know much about apple cause apple post her life,her pussy her breast her leased car her pink man all day on ig that’s how we know so much

  67. Apple Apple where are you are you here reading with us take heed you now realize how stupid you look sound and are my dear Mello green card bingo bingo more than the least Porsche truth the man following and the L v bag the green card will open opportunity to all and more but the scamming theif and man following will lead to jail Hun and when you get deported you can’t steal the lease not fully paid for Porsche truck

  68. Apple please follow the pink icon to England to when him go cheat and to Jamaica it nuh right you can’t drive their to I am so sadden by that

  69. Yes shi a read cause shi have up a quote bout there is room or sinting fi improvement ,, me sah every wey mi goh today an sell me like tings dem inna d hairdresser shop dem a apple an icon dem a talk bout how shi stupid fi post up d lease car an d hand bag like dats wat her life is all about . GOD kn i wouldnt cause me not like dat mi wi fret pon karma but apple shoukl a chill cause mi kn one a dem gal dah agoh call section 8 pon er smh

  70. Apple I was busy all week but finally home now and have to visit my favorite page,Met big up Mama. Apple why ,why ,why,Apple you should leave this alone let it be a 9 day talk and done but here you go with you dunce self and root up ants nest. Apple no matter how hurt you are you should never mention nobody being molested because you have personal experience with that so you dead dead wrong for that. Apple why somebody telling the truth about a incident hurt you so bad she not living. How much time from way before marriage to way after marriage that bleach out bi sexual boy cheat on you. You went out your way to be the Queen of freak to hold him because Apple if you not bringing young girls to you bed with him he doesn’t stay and why do all that when he is still cheating with who not going that extreme to freak him.Icon is all over the states,Jamaica,England cheating what is new Apple. But your mother is to be blame for your actions and now here you go not setting no example for your kids. Like if all the pussy you suck for icon and he still cheating hold you corner just accept you fake life and shut up when people chat you. And trust save some money cause you on section 8 and living this so call name brand life don’t try to prove nothing to people in dance figure it out when the government come to get your ass. Did you figure out who you in party with all the time that icon f**k in Florida last month. Mr icon love the fake bodies boy and the nymphomaniacs. Apple go hold a cover up in the old bed and cover you face you is a disgrace to the max.


    1. Jessica why u selectively choose to Quote part of the bible? Yuh never see the part that saying “judge not less u too will be judged? Apple may be all the things you highlighted that u are not but Guess What?

      Is the same God of creation gonna judge both yall.HE won’t be partial to ur likkle sins compared to Apple’s big sins.On judgement day I hope when God ask some a unno what unno do with the talents n time He gave yall,unno tell the truth that unno spent it watching out Princess Apple’s good good n her bad bad smh!

  72. Yardie why you selectively choose who you reply to?

    I’m watching you … “you little gay boy”

    Low Jessica let her speak, quote and type… and try and go help your little DUNCE friend APPLE enrol in some evening classes. Bitch sad as hell, And is as dillusional as it gets.

      1. Met i’ve commented 1000s of time on here n it has always been my perogative on who n what I Choose to comment on. In all the years not once have i told anyone to shut up nor tell them not to speak their minds.

        My position has always been quite clear cuss Apple all unno want,i support fully free speech.However I will ALWAYS have an issue with hypocracy.I never Diss Jessica but she ought to know u can’t choose which of the 10 commandments to follow or not to follow.

        Now this anonymous Satan’s toenail a go come for me over Apple,but mi nah stop say u have no blasted right to a cuss Apple over Dunceness when u’ve proven u Duncer than the Duncest.

        Who is /what is

        “Low” oh u mean lef?

        U can’t have so much “AND” in a sentence.U can’t use “AND” after a “comma”.Now ppl talk the God’s truth is who really need the evening classes,no sah??

  73. I really don’t see why Apple n Kerryann moved to ct. They r still in the dirty mixup n lifestyle. Yall moved to show everyone that u guys wanted a change but still sit n do the same things. Come Apple what r u going to get my Jicon u guys r not legally married. All now no one can see a marriage certificate. Lowe di man mek him cheat innah peace. Remember how u got him so it’s nothing. Remember Jicon was legally married to his wife n u 3sum suck n stole for him to get him. That man is nasty just for likes but at least he got his papers from his ex wife, what have u gotten but shoes, bag, n lease cars. Come baby girl grow up. That man don’t want u cause he’s in the position to set u a certain way n he rather leave u with bread crumbs than the whole bread. He knows ur not worth more than that n he knows u will accept the little he gives u. Now Kerryann, hi girl how r u doing. Why u love trouble remember ur ass is in hot water, don’t u learn to leave ppl business alone. U defending Apple but Apple nah stick out her neck fi yuh. U really tek the chance n move to ct leaving ur government assistant case open in nyc. Do u that’s fraud. Do u know that’s another charge on u sheet. But I heard the landlord stop collecting the checks. Why ur life so miserable, Jule can’t even get no money on his books, the Benz about to get taken away because ur struggling with the payments. All for hype, but u got more bigger things to worry about like that case ur running from. How is that going mi hear seh it sticky pon yuh, n the girl nah let it guh. U should pay her off too but ur money train gravy stop since Jue lock up. I feel sad for u guys y’all r pathetic. I hope 2017 give y’all a sense of class n respect.

  74. Apple over here a read out backside we post bout the quote them on her page she delete them , we post bout wah opal sah , 5am this morning apple dat pon opal page a like iff all her picture them but a soh it goh apple , you is a ghetto celebrity so you must get talk bout mi dear


  76. For some a the new bud that nuh know old storm…

    Go to search on here or google this…

    “In defense of Apple”

    We even had real Lawyer on that post.Pinkwall peeps know wassup. So when some a unno a come cuss mi over Apple do unno research n know this is no ordinary love. Singing I shall not i shall not be moved!some a unno fi gweh n Go SYM straight!

  77. Go to search on here or even google

    “In Defense of Apple”
    This is no ordinary love so mi singing I shall not,i shall not be moved. Some a unno fi gweh!

  78. Happel, come here Mek mi talk to u pon a seeeerus note, listen closely, Pay attention; Have a seat and relax (Deep breaths)
    You see that “good shape” that u allege to have; that Marlon Jones body (Americas most wanted dwl)…… It can not at will never ever shape better than Mello GREEN CARD, WORK PERMIT AND DRIVERS LICENSE :2thumbup
    Then see how u “good hole” get u that Lease on that Porsche……. that said “good hole” still hasn’t got u filing W2s in these Great United States
    Ok Mello shape like a boy…… But that boyish shape she has, can go on any plane and Land in any country, not just in Jamaica, but all over the world AND since, according to u, she nah get no Penis in her hole……. she not getting her head shoved into any toilets either :thumbup
    Mello can get a grant and with the additional help of her Insurance ( Wether from her job or Medicaid, you know shit LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are privy to) she can go get her teeth fixed.
    Think on these things Rotten Apple, please stop allowing Social Media and your lil gang of nothing box compadres boost you up, cause the way how the ballots looking Mello winning by a landslide oh and btw tek some garlic and shove it up yuh “good hole” fi try neutralize that smell (BOB TALK SEH YUH HOLE STINK)

  79. Well I hope seh dis humble Apple and mek she come dung off har high horse….P.s. I wonder what make she nuh respond all this time? and P.s.s. can anyone answer to what happen to har alleged child innah England?

  80. Can somebody please help mi understand how Apple’s and bobbette (loubotin princess) get di birkin bag dem?

  81. Idk who worse yardielovethug or Gabrielle I literally skip
    Over y’all comments because unu seriously delusional
    & pathetic !

    Even though I really think y’all playing fool to catch wise
    Fake as hell

    1. Finally the correct spelling of delusional! I bet you skip regular baths n brushing ur teeth too. Don’t use & cuz it’s not peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Use commas, full stops, semi colons. Gabby is a really cool chick, leave her alone n gweh. Hell is real, just tek a look inna ur mirror!

        1. Diarreah a rage like storm inna it,only ur mouth n tounge will calm it so open wide n enjoy ur 1st proper meal fi the day. Win Win becuz u get a bellyful of nutrients n mi get to calm n relieve mi self.

          1. Wow, THAT’S The best you can do? Lmao you would be the one to talk about eat shit…. look at who you “idolize”……. Apple dwl of all the Trash, non ambitious, Uneducated, Undocumented, Scamming, Illeterate bottom of the barrel low class (more like no class) having, Lack of Furniture haing, Fake Bag wearing Roger from American Dad, Pink Panther Hybrid welfare cases in the history of history, it’s that Lesbian u on the internet defending Lmao really, Apple eat enough shi!t be it out of a toilet (remember they attempted to flush her) off her man Cocky or out the next girl Puxxy she’s more than properly trained to show me the ropes #AfterAll #AfterAll
            Look here Sir or Madam or Both, again I say, Calm your hole, whichever one u get penetrated in :cool #DropsMic #WalksAway

      1. Yardie love thug this isn’t English class I can do as I
        Please BITCH.

        WHY U SO PRESSSSEDDDDTTTTT! “Cuz I’m speaking facts ???? You’re faker than a 2 dollar bill
        BITCH u probably the Feds nothing but a damn instigator on here go weh man.

        All when me no bade n brush my teeth you still
        A fraudddddd move yuh BBC smaddy u a look fi argue wid fcking fool

        1. Gm dear,

          I’m a yardie so I can’t be fake because Paul bogle is on wi $2 . you’re using instigator wrongly cuz to instigate is to attack n I’ve done nothing but defend against ur attacks. Many persons say all kinds of things about Apple, there are thousands of comments about her wrongs. I’ve never had anyone come at me nor have I gone at anyone for supporting any wrong doings.

          I will continue on principle to defend her on anyone calling her dunce but showing up themselves to be duncer… Leave that to the bright ppl dear. Cmon if you’re a Christian why not be like christ n love the sinner but bun out the sin? *bathe not bade!

          Lolzz at Feds, like how mi know yuh nuh like it, i gonna comment 44times on every princess Apple posts going forward… Yeah petty af. Gabby not even on the post n u a instigate against ppl who not even know yuh exist, get away n stop trying to muzzle free adults!

  82. Now you af2727,after fcking 2727shemales u wanna come step to yardman? THE time yuh tek a drop mic, yuh go drop Alum inna ur holes them fi tighten up n stop the pus leakages. U gonna manufacture beef with someone u don’t know because them sey them like someone u don’t know?! U tek the Internet that serious?

    I’m kool with lesbians n I agree with beenie man that I can show them how man feel. No amount of name calling or cussing will make me stop saying princess Apple to the flipping world so get that thru ur thick skull n front, whichever one not malfunctioning now.

    I suggest you get bk to ur 9-5 hustling, laying on ur back, bowing on ur knees or all three. I gone do the ppl dem work but every time you come for me n me feel like fi answer u, rest assured i will man/woman /animal /thing!!

    1. See cause I’m feeling petty, especially cause all my case work is done and I’m essentially free till 4:00 pm, getting paid even to indulge your obvious display of ignorance and female-esque behavior here goes:
      I know Rotten Apple, not that we were ever friends OR she is someone to know; I don’t associate with undocumented immigrants nor thieves cause even tho Prison neva mek fi dawg, I certainly don’t want to find out
      we are all entitled to our opinions, this is a somewhat open forum.
      Don’t be mad because of your posts on said forum, you have been called out on several occasions by several users of this site for your ignorance and poor taste in women (if u can call Happel a woman)
      I simply made a small comment and you decided to fire off your twitter fingers #MadOrNah? You act like you know Apple personally AND if you do, your comments come off as Obsessive/ Psychotic/ Semi Dysfunctional , Shall I suggest a Fluphenazine injection perhaps, speak with your PCP (Primary care Physician) about dosage (Assuming you have a PCP)
      See a faggot such as yourself is easy to read, I knew no matter how old this post gets you will continually come back to see if someone says something so you can get your fix of Internet rage in an attempt to defend “Princess” Apple in hopes of her reading it and her falling madly in love with you via JMG :hoax2
      :hammer this back and forth thing gets you off in some way,doesn’t it? smh God knows how long you’ve been hitting refresh to see if you got a reply :ngakak :ngakak :tkp
      Let me make this easy for you, you see the day Happel graduates with her Baccalaureate degree in ANYTHING besides scamming I will adore her just as much as you do……… ok now I’m gonna take the rest of my free time and Christmas Shop with my own Credit card, in My own name, Now you, I shall starve you of the attention you crave, like your mother did when u were a child, thus your behavior………………

      1. GooD afternoon af2727,thanks for the pyschoanalysis.Almost everything u said except for the faggot thing n mom thing is true. Who knew I would get the help for my psychosis n awakening over the internet,from the bottom of my heart with my eyes full of water I thank u ever soooo much Af2727.

        The correction is not mom but daddy issues hun becuz papa was a rolling Stone. While I’ve been with Banker,Principal,Lawyers,nurses,Doctor,Business women,Dentist,nuh have any subjects girls,women from 6 continents…I blame my dad 60% for inheriting his womanizing ways.

        The main reason I will NEVER be a faggot is really becuz my parents were extremely homophobic,in a way to ensure I never became THAT I confess I went way overboard with the gallis thing. Getting a great education n travelling a little bit made me reject homophobia n never spew hate.

        It’s true I enjoy a intellectually stimulating vigorous Debate,even with cussings u can pick up wisdom on here.The real reason I came bk was i told myself if U answered as promised I was gonna comment 44 times on the next Apple post.However now uve returned the spot of bother is that it’s evident that YOU are a regular n my only rule is not to argue with a regular sooo yea.

        I don’t know Princess Apple probably never will but Af2727 on my life I just love her off n it will never matter if she doesn’t reciprocate.No one is perfect but 99% of the time i’m a man of my word.You have my word this is my last responce to u cuz you’re a regular.Enjoy ur Christmas shopping n all the best to u n urs.I’m by the Bar now so i’ll raise a toast to u n drink to self Discovery.

        Ps: unfortunately imma keep my word n run over to the new post on Apple n yep imma comment 44 times…shrugs I know,i know, me n my heart we got issues loollzzz!!

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