1. Child this time you wrong apple in a good company Pasquale a scammer too !! Child she used to sell fake bags she write book and never ship you’ll stop making these rolls who preach about god scam you’ll everybody in Florida know msbling a scammer just like Apple just can’t went went pink up with the b listers in Atalanta and take pictures call them babe etc sister !! Them all a scammer but know she have a real customer without have to scam no more !!

    Bawslady – Miami ( liar ) live right in Miramar and scam too Alvin sell iPhones but she just throw uplifting class girl bye you a scammer !! They sell low self esteem girls so much dreams make money of these women who trying to improve they life !!

    Jai nice — lord her body not real and rob them of the class to go England !! Damn thief !!

    These three are they biggest scammers of all they prey on young women they buy designer (meek) mix fake with real ) don’t be fooled ! They polorize these pictures and life styles and these women look to them as examples that they could do it too !

    The difference is these women scam f**k sold drugs etc to get where they at but they refuse to be honest !!

    It’s not hard work it’s not going to work 9-5 and praying ( which that happen ) but these three didn’t they scammed there way to the top ! Apple know Pasquale long time from scammer time thieving close a newyork from 90’s cevtryly 21 days !!

    Stop looking to these girl ! Look to Michelle obama !!

    Dem a use god fi lure people in ! Meek is a pathological liar lie lie lie and that you got to be scared off ! She lie bad not a humble bone in her !! Instagram all have a page weh she never send people they waist trainer this bitch had surgery and lie everyday like we know you meek we know you

    1. Mi say, ‘mi did a read dis n a wonder if mi dunce until anon finally get it together . But yeah Bling a scamma long time. N Jai_nice. U see she pick up n run left philly long time.


  3. Miss bling is a scammer her self use to boots back in the day loool and recently scam ppl out of their money talking about a pre-sale book looool

  4. Lie u a tell sah miss bling a scammer lie!! D likle boy fada have money like fowl shit plus shi have nuff connection from shi use to be a video vixen

  5. In Happel mind she’s not a scammer, she’s a hard working homeowner with beautiful furniture, a heterosexual husband, ONE child and a stealthy, healthy bank account, a body to die for and looks to kill.

  6. They only worship vanity,labels and ladies who seem to have “it”all. This love and hip hop fantasy life. It sad,but they will never change.

  7. The mind is a powerful thing. After telling yourself the lies for so long they start to become real. Only difference is, the fool is the one that stares in the mirror thinking they all that, and people are believing the lies. When in fact no one believes, we all know they ain’t sh*t.

  8. Anon 8:10 come back here come spill the tea pon bawselady and missbling deh for mi
    Missbling everyday dress up and preach but bawselady jus have seminar yesterday a mussi NY bout “investing in you”
    Where did all that money comes from fi all those Gucci n other brands. She stay bad with that big hamper batty.
    The husband is a next case

  9. Yea that bawselady is a BIG TIME FRAUD! she is kill me the way she come on IG talking about they didn’t have bed to sleep in, food to eat, no ac etc . Shut up already! SHE IS SO ANNOYING! ugly like dog and round like the WORLD

  10. Obviously Spoil Apple can’t read, LOL. Mi never know scamming is a honest job? How yuh fi put scamming and hardworking inna di same paragraph? Mi nuh undastand dem gyal yah. All this just for likes and spotlight?? Dis serious.

  11. So Ja nice was a scammer interesting I guess she got that from her mother side of family cause dem yankee deh look like criminal har mother look ghetto nuh f**k mi nuh understand how she can’t tek har mumma outta di slums of Detroit….yes I definitely believe bawsedlady was a scammer she nuh ugly but she has a horrible but job yuck…. whose msbling baby father?? These hoes always ah preach fi likes kmt…. hey met and Miami ppl who know her is it really true that keyshia kaior or has 3 children?????

  12. Pasquale man nuh have nuh money again yuh a talk back she she work at American Express in plantation and a drive the 7 series with the man and go to salon and sell the fake bags and belt !! Who in a Florida nuh know bout Pasquale mortgage fraud in the early 2000’s please been scamming !! Let’s be real been throwing it in the bag from newyork days from when she was partying in the tunnel and in music video with little kim don’t get this shit confused nobody hating !! But tell these young girls to truth about your shady pass and yuh changed etc ( that’s the real story to be proud off )

    Stop selling these women young girls dreams of hard knock life nothing to something !

    Why are we not glorifying women that went to school ? Education ? Why is it we glorify these women in designer clothes everyday Chanel bags ( yet they claim to not showing off ) yet the constantly prop a designer bag in every picture ! And to not seem show off they state they giving free knowledge and you can do it too !

    Contradicting much ( Pasquale constantly blast women for parading naked on social media and telling women be a boss and etc but she be on apple page sending kisses and girl you look good yet Naked ! This how you know these heffa’s flaw

    Now bawslady aka Meeka aka Alvin life line him nuh cheat they have the perfect relationship she loose her job at brandsmart and became a self millionaire etc but she is supposed to be wise , cheap , good mother good wife !

    Here is where her shit don’t add up and Meeka we know you from when you was fat and nobody wanted Alvin fat ass and he only got a shine cause all of the other nigger deported gone to jail pop dung etc

    Meeka sell waistrainers and weight lost journey based on lies because she did Lypo and trick these women in hr sob story !

    All that money don’t come from waist trainer – Alvin sells phone and sell drugs

    Meeka always wanted to be poppin she starved for attention she stalked apple and bobbette page and made comment after comment then she started to post her car and house and bags etc to show apple dem seh she hot too , it took her a hot 3 years fi dem acknowledge her now tenieshaimage on her dick and louboutin dem cause them follow the lead !!

    Now she is so philanthropy ( she sell hair but she makes no money at all she does it out the goodness of her heart ❤️!

    She set up website ! Take orders ! Shipment goes to her lavish home where she then ships them out of the goodness of her heart right ! She stresses she makes no money then why not just give out the vendor info i mean this girl is dedicated to this website she makes no money !!

    Ok her waist trainer business makes so much money yet she refuse to hire help she does it all ( I thought business was to open doors in America to create jobs especially being so successful !

    She claims she had so much money she didn’t pay her credit card bills so she has bad credit she said she coupon shops all at the same time turn around and ask her followers how to clean up credit ? To help her learn how to cut coupons ? But she teaching how to save and she is a saver from long time ! ( contradicting she lie she lie no sah she lie bad )

    She mek video knocking people in apartment and buying luxury cars yet she sell the benz wagon to lease a Bentley and she and Alvin share the car !! But she so financially brilliant !

    Next she walks in her luxury cummunity and those people drive regular car and live in big house and we as black peoples have to do better but bitch you bout a Bentley and in gucci everyday !!

    You go Jamaica in a dreddy house and a gwan like is your house or family bitch ! Another lie

    Bitch you live in west Miramar scammer central !! You live in sunset lakes with a lot of Jamaican and yankee drug dealer scammers nurses that work at memorial hospital ! Your children go to public school rich lady !! A man ask her damn you look like you live in my community the ugly gal said no hun I don’t live there …. that’s when me seh one gal can lie suh !!

    That bitch a fraud and nothing wrong with sharing your story but stop pretending all you earn is legit that its blood sweat and tears ! Stop mixing god in foolery god don’t bless mess the devil can do all things to besides blow breathe into men ! Your not humble you are a liar stop selling these people dreams to finance your life !

    FYI – she claim she was never going do a class she claim nobody nuh teach her and she nah pay nobody …. 1 year later she a do class this shit is funny you can realiy suh lie

    She obsessed with keyshia kior but Meeka you going have to dead and reborn again !! Stop lying to these people

    1. I was patiently waiting for Bawselady and MissTokyo file to drop here and seeit ya!..I agree with what you wrote except I firmly believe she has a few screws missing. I aint a doctor but she crazy af. If her Rick Ross looking man eva lef ar, she would commit suicide. The day I deleted her was when I saw her collecting the hair from UPS to send to her followers. Why would someone who eats and breathes money, out of the goodness of her heart just ship hair for free? Nope, not buying it. Next thing, how does she feel qualified enough to teach wealth management classes when she knows nothing about building/rebuilding credit? More time, she looks like she be snorting the coke that her fata$$ of a husband sells.

  13. Bitch it’s so much reciept to prove Meeka a fraud !! She a fraud hoe worst than Misbling case atleast she not selling these old people and young people lies !

  14. My thing is be honest !! I respect keyshia cause atleast she nuh mention nuh hard luck life and poor too rich etc !! I hate people that use poor people to finance them life it just wicked if you not telling the entire truth the real bad the really nasty cause no people can walk the same path

  15. Wow u learn something new everyday… correct me if am wrong but wasn’t it apple , Robert and blue stone who run go force up inna bawslady????? That’s I always say these people don’t impress me nope

  16. Um… U seem to have all a dem files so come here likkle bit!! U know anything about April diva styles?? She a di next one weh always a brag n ting n me mind just tell me a scam she scam eno

    1. you can get AprilDivahstyles file on Maryland judiciary case search… Open to the public She was recently locked up when the feds ran up in her apt. ( i think she bought a house recently) and she tried to run our the apt and her child was in there. She started asking the police “do they know who she is….IF you ever read the arrest report come een like a damn comedy show. So you pushing positivity but selling dope out your dining room table with your teenage daughter standing right there. killing the same community you telling police you are an outstanding citizen and leader in. gyal go siddung. SMH …
      Rico Love woman (the twins) Robin and Rachel. Well Rachel also was arrested recently for trafficking and laundering thru her hair salon..Having the drugs be delivered in boxes of extensions. All of these popular ppl file is on public court records.
      99% of IG socialites are frauds…I pity any young woman who look up to them.

  17. Sorry guys y’all wrong on this one… dem inna Di same league.. and I can get “receipts”. I don’t kno if this girl flipped her shit by now but everybody know what she used to do. But kudos to her pushing positivity on her son


    1. Is it true the kids still live in Jamaica because they are no where insight. I cant imagine any self respecting woman getting with Gucci, especially before the weight loss/prison days. That man was brutal and was feared by many. Is it just me or has Keyshia erased her Jamaican past? This girl is straight up ATL.

  19. All we saying is tell the truth we not hating there is no reason but Meeka lie bad and she deletes any comments with people calling her out Meeka you live west Miramar not no no better from nobody you move from east Miramar to west Miramar and east Miramar older but not ghetto she too wicked ! And the shop on Miramar in a cheap ghetto plaza next to her other stay bad friend shop she brag too ras much !!

    She stalk apple dem page cause when all apple and crazy Marcia was cussing over fake Valentino boot she post pure comment and a look favor then she start go hard a post shopping pictures Chanel this that and bingo you know apple dem only like people in designers .

    Msbling and apple know each long time long time from newyork thieving days !!

    Keyshia Dior has no papers illegal but she a work on it now cause she have record she used to thief too ! But she mek sense now

  20. Wow, I follow bawselady, I thought she was really a hard working citizen. The way she tells the stories and talks about how broke they were at one point. Its was like the American dream to come up after hitting rock bottom. Something does seem off about her though.

    1. Nothing turns me off like when people take pictures of bands and post them on insta. Does queen Elizabeth walk around declaring that she is a queen? Nopes! So if she is a true BAWSE why must she post about money that she made from collecting rent from her rental properties captioned by the same boring long ass rags to riches story. Wealthy people do not need to show cold hard cash on Instagram and not to say that they don’t display wealth in other ways but this is just tacky. Then her followers fall for this and buy tickets to attend her wealth management classes! Dumb asses. She does not even know anything about crediting building or credit repair considering she admits to having bad credit and cannot answer basic questions asked by her sheep. These people deserved to be scammed because their is a bank on every corner.

  21. Can someone give the real back story on Meeka aka bawselady. I follow her and I truly thought she was inspiring. After reading these comments idk…

  22. All these instagram millionaires haves these young girls fooled .

    Jai nice do a her body 2 times in 2015. delete all her old pics on ig so that people cant tell . She already had a big following but the new body bumped her up . Plus the kloset envy store just started doing well. It really kicked off around the end of 2015. Before all of this Jai family come from Jamaica . She use to deal with a drug dealer thats her baby farther . A real bad man from Jamaica but him lock up. Thats where all the money coming from to fund the online business. Thats the truth . The Family not living well like her but she always visits . You can see on the snapchat . She a live big life while the family kinda living regular.

    Keisha Koair been hanging around Thugs and dealers another Jamaican girl who rolled with “ballers” until she actually hit the jackpot with gucci. Around that time she started the cosmetics and then lauched the fitnesss stuff.

    SMH all these chicks preaching abt success when they where laying up with drug dealers just tell the truth and say you had help . Jai nice dissapeared in Europe right around she launched her academy stuff . SHe had no business in London or Europe . It wasnt even fashion week yet down there yet she in shows and luxury cars ect . She could have taken the money and booked a dream flight or one of the white men who a gawking over her took her on a trip .

    MSBLING been scamming and selling fake burking for 10k and 8k when her man left her .

    Just tell the truth abt where u coming from and not having these girls thinking you selfmade without a man help

  23. I follow Bling n Bawselady..can see Bling can contradict herself, one min she posting captions on self respect etc then when Apples naked she like and commenting on her post.

    Not that I agree of criminal activity,but atleast keyshior used her to become legit..QUESTION IS y she hiding her 3 children..she always post her pretty neice. Xmas she snapped her hubby’s and neice gifts under her mention of kids..Y tho

    Bawselady I love her vibe..and the fact the she advises on business etc..surely she can’t be faking all that shit

  24. Meeka nobody saying she not making money but she shouldn’t be teaching no class if she on credit karma trying to fix her credit come on ?? Everybody has a story does that mean I should charge you $70 dollars ! She doesn’t stress education she glorify she didn’t finish college or step son Alvin son him brag him brag him brag bout all the money and me remember when ralvin couldn’t even buy one polo shirt half price them too hypeeeeee toooo hypeeee atleast Apple and bobbette nuh a try teach nobody anything . Meeka big fat and black you think Apple would a chat to her pon social media if them never see the Rolce roys ??? Meeka daughter show off bad too that show you them nuh humble at home

  25. I sideeyed this Haitian the minute I saw her under every pic commenting likes for apple mnl every body n dem mumma know apple a well-known scamma thief in the tristate so how this self righteous Haitian she 1 too show me ur circle I tell u who u are

  26. Goodasfidem is her babyfather Jamaican and where are the children no sah someone need to send in keyshia file!!! Dem din har pon the shade room

  27. Meeka back pon the posting of the 2014 receipts to draw people in the second class cause we know it’s coming cause waist trainer nah sell that much no more . Lord these people bout Alvin had 8 women where ???? Alvin couldn’t even ge him baby mother fi stop f**k pon him girl take your fat ass on you god Alvin cause him was fat you was fat and nobody wanted both of you Gwey liard gal

  28. Met please do a segment about these girls we are not hating but these class seminar are the new scam ! And when the hot item dem used to sell die out they jump on another scam now mieka she hurt me worst cause she lies lies and I hate the facts people take advantage of people who really trying to better them life !

    It’s like all those people that went to trump college and didn’t learn shit ! These people charging vending fee ! How yo legal your business ? How to set up a corporation ? They telling these people all that glitters but not the bad parts of running a business without savings without the ability to pay your bills and at least can afford 3 times your bills before making ghT leap ! All I’m saying be completely honest if you sold drugs pussy credit card swipe to buy your inventory be honest don’t let these people sink before they can swim !

    Most small business fail in 6 months irs nothing wrong with wanting to boss up but we are in a satuated market now with hair make up boutiques that it’s damn near hard to truly become successful and generate a return

    There are financial councelors at your bank
    Seek out a real financial coach that is successful and practicing what they preach ! License and bonded

    These girls are selling you dreams to support they lifestyles to turn around and stunt on you with your hard earn money you support them with !

    Think ladies think !! Rich get Richer because we are to caught up looking into others life and want to earn or look like them ! God alone can bless your mess god alone can direct a relationship !

    Meeka can’t teach nobody about relationship because Alvin a F**k pon har not because a man in video and on snap laughing with don’t mean he ain’t doing shit and Florida people know who Alvin f**king and that bitch don’t want Meeka space it’s for money so mek Meeka gwan like her shit perfect

  29. i dont know abt keyshia and scaming but she was a very good friend of mine until she started acting brand new, her baby father marvin i dnt know wat happened to him but he was a big time hustler making shit loads of money and yes she as 3 beautiful kids, havent seen her posting them, keyshia dont tell me your the mother in flower in the atic hiding your kids from gucci lol,

  30. I am seriously shock that she has pikini not 1 but 3…nah sah..I never see her buy things and say it’s for her babies…it’s just ALL about her man and neice. The children must feel some kinda of way..even if she is in constant contact with them..

  31. @Anonymous yes he is jamaican, him lock up for a very long time,the kids are with her she have live in sitter, but she keep dem out the lime light and verrrrrrry private always was, always has been. a him money she a use fi start the lipstick line which nah do good,a him money she a live in gated community, she live out da bwoy money fi long time. den she start hang around trina,messing with ross on the low, a him money get she body done. anyways can’t say no more. poor her, surprise him mada never get custody of the pickney dem cause she always a run road.

  32. @Anonymous yes he is jamaican, him lock up for a very long time,the kids are with her she have live in sitter, but she keep dem out the lime light and verrrrrrry private always was, always has been. a him money she a use fi start the lipstick line which nah do good,a him money she a live in gated community, she live out da bwoy money fi long time. den she start hang around trina,messing with ross on the low, a him money get she body done. anyways can’t say no more. poor her, surprise him mada never get custody of the pickney dem cause she always a run road.when it come to da gyal pickney she is very privateeeeeeeee just know she hae dem kids.

  33. @Marie the kids are with her, not in Jamaica at all. she is a very private person like I stated,and yes she did erase her Jamaican past, when she first start she used to post up da pickney dem when nobody never know of her, thanks to the rapper Trina who gave her shine. that girl come like a Yankee fi true, I’m just happy she finally get straight in America.

  34. She nuh get straight yet cause she still and work and use her friend name who was her assistant !! But she always keep her kids private but she takes care of them her 21 year old daughter in law school her kids don’t want to be apart of the line light or her son and Dior is like 13 beautiful but she keeps them private but those kids well taken care of well taken care off education house car etc ! That’s fact not fiction yes the man in jail she has two baby fathers not one ! Her first baby father Kuron live with him sister Andrea him a twin him nuh have nothing bout 6 pickney but she and him done from the 90’s … her next baby father who is ciurdbtky in jail him used to mad over her so him get what duck her but up to 2 years ago she still sent him commissary etc but him in a jail obsess with her but she move on but Kiesha is loyal if nothing else but yes she thief clothes etc when you get and she turned it around she not out here scamming bitches like big fat ugly Meeka weh lie lie lie !

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