Met for months now every weekend mi bin seein lance fashan and Peter sweet girl well I guess ex girl out 2gether, always see them a party hug up,,wonder what happen & how lance get in the Picta dwl lance u finaly a settle down now cause u full a gal

13 thoughts on “SWEET EXCHANGE

  1. Unu leave my friend alone. Big up yourself Shauna. You are a beautiful girl and you deserve your happiness boo. Look how she’s glowing. (side bar) They are a gorgeous couple. No shade towards her ex, but let’s face it. He could have been her father.

    1. His niece Tamieka is a blazing fashionista n her tits hotter than 10firesides!!

      Hurry up n gwaan a jail most wanted! Free up Tamieka deh plzzz n tonks.

  2. sender what is your point? you and a man neva lef yet? mi nuh know dem inna real life but i seen this girl on the wall few times with that Peter guy, she’s a nice looking girl and da bwoy yah fit har more. Sender hope yuh find someone real soon

  3. Now diss look way better to me dan wen she was with Di old man Peter an Lance she is a way better girl than Alicia that bin selling pussy while u was with her. I can’t say anything bad abt these two suh unu leave Dem alone cute couple.

  4. She’s cute an he’s sexy as a mother fukka so mi like Dem for each other suh sender guh look a job an leave di people Dem alone badmind

  5. They cute so let them live… prob somebody he used to f**k and duck send in this… siddung

  6. Chuuuups peter sweet sleep with everybody make sure you get tested before you lay with anything that came in contact with that nasty old man

  7. Lol Met Finally diss girl find a man weh suit har even doh we all know seh lance a ole dog himself but everyday me a wonder a weh she a duh wid dat old man that have 12 kids plus grand kids an him still a walk an fuk di likkle party gal dem. Big man guh sign up fi pention An leave di likkle girl meck lanse gwan fix ar lmfao

  8. Wow this is new news to me, I have them both has friend her and Peter and he used to have her on all his pictures and posted up… She is truly a nice girl so God always provides you with better, so I hope the new guy does right by her…

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