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    Princess Apple a you say n keep “Stars R us” n Deelishis a star couple years well now.Don’t worry bout them Slut walk, talk the things them with Deelishis!

    Apple i fully endorse u empowering a sista to speak her mind n speak up for themselves against these trolls n computer viruses!Let’s see if they STILL gonna cuss u for doing such a positive thing! :alay :angel

  3. congratulations Mona prep on winning Tvj junior school challenge quiz over Friendship primary 34-24.Great job both sets of kids, stay in school n doan end up dunce n mek some people tek liberty of unno.

  4. rice ban lifted, no evidence of plastic rice found after thorough investigation. Rice from Guyana n Suriname will now be released from the Wharf.

  5. Ig really f**ng up ppl life. All I wanna know is when social media fade out like (MySpace) fake batty drop dung, hoes get old, waist trainers squeeze up dem intestines and tatts played out n no more fake hair a sell what the f**k gonna happen to these non starting, dont have shit, illiterate hoes?

  6. YardieloveThug you know yu really annoying bad wid yu phuckrey!It nuh funny, I seen you talk very intelligent on other subjects But these waste people life can’t be highlighted! Dem come America and waste time Scam and thief,push drugs..Before dem put dem Energy on getting some legal Documents in America all the energy on getting fake brands to live a fake life! Your Apple is the princess of thieves scum Fake body buy offa people credit Hoe! I can’t bare to comment on them dumb bitches Robbas,kerryann and the rest of sell pussy bruck gal dem! Yardielovethug I beg you stop yu phuckrey for the New Years.

      1. I’m considering 2 options for new years resolution. Firstly to comment ONLY on Princess Apple posts n annoy the hell outta some folks. Secondly to only comment on WTF Africa post on condition that over there i will be free to express myself with no duress. Since is a apple problem a cause the problem. No one oughta come for me There!

        Afterall it’s WTF Africa and not many people wanna reconnect with their roots.

        Tell me what you think, otherwise me a go flip a coin so call ackee or quota oo!

    1. Bun out the whole lot of them yes nice lady. Can you point to anything or anytime i endorsed/support teefing n scamming? Never right? This is about me exercising my right to like whomever i so choose in spite ppl telling me that I shouldn’t. Apparently we’ve all sinned n fall short of the glory of God but by grace we are still deserving of love.

    2. Bun out the whole lot of them yes nice lady. Can you point to anything or anytime i endorsed/support teefing n scamming? Never right? This is about me exercising my right to like whomever i so choose in spite ppl telling me that I shouldn’t. Apparently we’ve all sinned n fall short of the glory of God but by grace we are still deserving of love.

    3. Ah wha day me realize seh a waste me a waste me time pon Yardie an him weird obsession wid peasant steel body numbskull Apple. Ah true, him mek nuff sense wen him nah ride Apple low budget ghetthoe revamped body.

  7. I wonder who was the first lady that sold happiness? They say it is the oldest profession but what went into her thinking to barter her good good. It wasn’t Eve so who n why? Technology will always lead to innovative ways n means to sell happiness even in year 4444.

      1. DickrHarde is still here and never once change his name or toe to toe wid a soul pon here ..him duh one shot donings wid a big dutty laugh at the end,plus still love him Tracy him nah look pon Apple

  8. I hate to look at twinny she’s a lost soul poorting. Her life is for Instagram likes and comments which it’s sad for a grown ass woman to develop such thinking ..I mean c’mon look at at her she’s so weird. Ok we got it your all plastic and you love showing off your body but lady there’s more to life and loneliness is written all over your face! And your Instagram speaks a lot of volumes about u. I cringe when I look at her because I can see sadness right through all that glammer! Your always put together very well don’t get me wrong BUT when you’ve reach a certain age in life you’ve gotta change your mind set… Just saying…..

    1. Agree with you on this one.
      She looks like a OLD FIGARENE(sp) or maybe those old plastic dollies you see sitting on a shelf in ghost movies

    1. Tell us how ur weave taste mixed with the fresh n stale cum stains. Did you put season salt, pepper n paprika before you nyamm it?

  9. Yes Met Yardielovethug need To stop it bout rotten Apple for the New Years! Deelishus body look more natural because the girl actually works appearance gigs and get paid can go reputable doctor not no low budget butcher.

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO straight man thinks, talk or type like that.

    *gay boy yardieilovewhenathuginmybottom* ….and if you are indeed “straight” oh my days… why you do have to dip up and degrade females like that.

    Don’t answer shit face. Coz if you do, that deffo proves to me that “YOU ARE A BATTY BOY!” … #FreeBuju

    1. Cmon u really couldn’t come up with a better attempt at reverse psychology than this lame crap?? U knew for a fact that I was gonna reply yesireee. The thing was i had to have a bath n shyytt before I dip under ur vile nastiness cuz my cleanliness ensure you won’t get it twisted that we in the same cumbucket boat!

      Now here’s the answer to your question. When a murderer kills the innocent he should be put to death. He has forfeited his right to life n so I no longer see him as human. When a female act unladylike as in ur case, they basically forfeited the privilege of being treated with decorum n respect. Many women on here i respect, but the dunces who come at me like you… Nope, never so grit u teeth n bear it. Even in the afterlife u will take it that no amount of name calling will restrict my free will to express myself anyway ME feel like not u. Buju do the crime so mek him do in time, campaign fi free up ur stressed out under duress bungholes.

  11. Is it the same Deelishis from Flava Flav Reality Show back then? If so she has come a long way

    Sidenote: I think Yardie Thug is a woman pretending to be a man

    1. Yes is she same one, she has longevity. Lolzz not a woman oo, mi just in touch with mi feminine side. Did you know at the earliest stage of pregnancy, all humans are female?? Google that fact cuz that’s why we say Mother Nature. I will have my 44comments,i gave my word to my liberator fren who helped me found myself!

    2. I agree. Was thinking the same. It’s kinda obvious no man no trace so nor have time fi such long reply unless a gal or educated bored batty man

  12. She is a bit much, very show off. I think that’s 1 of the reasons people don’t care for her. I truly believe the other reason is jealousy. She teef and a floss dem a do the same thing and not getting nowhere. She bleach out and have a false body, dem do the same thing and don’t get a husband. We don’t have to like her behavior but let the girl live. We can’t continue to Dog the girl, leave her to time. We have seen the outcome of many before her

  13. Har body not real, tired of them ants batty looking woman ya. When ole age ketch it it drop dung behind dem foot back we’ll see. it mus heavy fi a drag dat uncomfortably heavy looking fake batty backa dem

  14. Wide awake NOW n smelling the burning coffee!!ooooooohhhh,a whoaaaaaa hmmmmm.The voice is Jacob’s voice but the hand is the hand of Esau!

    I know it was YOU Fredo,you broke my heart fredo….As said by Michael Corleone.

    Et tu Brute?
    Man see dem true colours.

  15. Met as u suggested I flipped the coin n ackee stared rt back at me.I admit it,I DID this,I came up with a strategic plan to take the heat off Princess Apple.It was all fun n games until some ppl seriously got in their feelings like wow! I noticed the smart ppl who were hitting out against scamming n teefing n fakeness would stay on point on every Apple post.

    Others foolishly got sidetracked n came at ME when the real issues upsetting them had nothing to do with me.My back broad,my plan was working cuz they weren’t even bothering to tek HER on just me.Well Met I’ve had my road to Damascus so now Saul will become Paul!

    I will ONLY comment on Wtf Africa.I will leave this give them yep unno tek it,gonna study war no more,peace on earth,goodwill to mankind.IN all fairness then it would really tek the invocation of Satan himself fi Smaddie come for me waaaay a Africa wtf!YOU have MY word THIS is my LAST response cuz imma ignore n move ON!a million THANKS to ALL who allowed me to express my freedom of speech.All the best to all bloggers,pinkwall to the world.A Farewell to arms(read that book!)

    Ps:Princess Apple u may not be everyone cup of tea BUT know that you will always be my Ackee.

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