Happ-El n friends unnu “birkin” bag have erectile dysfunction lmaooooooooo I don’t own one but I have come in contact with one n it no bend up n crease up no way no how that’s not wat u $25,000 give you nopes smh #uallwishuhadabirkincrew#unnubirkinwetuporwah


  1. Sender do you own a birkin? I can never understand how people don’t own an item , but can decipher real from fake. Gwaan tru Apple.

    1. U don’t read well do u?????? I can never understand how ppl don’t read n comprehend in entirety but wanna ask redundant questions after kmt the sender stated that he/she don’t OWN none just like how some a unnu don’t own a good bed but know what a good bed suppose to look n feel like kmft cho GWHEYYYYYYYYY MAN

  2. Ummmm I don’t give a sh*t about the brand…I’m just trying to understand why the fVck dem ah wear carry- on luggage inna dance? Why man!?

  3. Oh and Met….yuh waan know seh some ah dem pan Ali express all gi dem fake receipt & shopping bag :ngakak

    Apple show wi a credit card statement wid yuh name pan it ah show seh it buy ah Hermes…dat ah di only believable truth!

    1. You can rent them for about 500 a month but I don’t see them return the people them thing so it can be real

  4. Seriously, can we stop talking about this woman why are we giving them her so much attention when there are more pressing issues to discuss?? Let’s not let her feel more important than she is. It is like a damn obsession with this gal.

    1. Gm anon,we can’t get enuff Princess Apple…no such thing as too much of a good thing bad for yuh!!!Keep it coming Met,PrincessApple plz donate generously to the JMG charitable causes(See Charity section),as a SMALL token of appreciation for this worlwide platform uve been given to shine hun!


  5. A Apple party deze pics teck? Cause if it is, her guests look better than her. Di ppl dem covered up and she naked.

  6. rotten apple ur bag is fake just like u teeth , breast, batty lips , cheeks ,and life style, u know if u have a receipt with ur marriage name on it u would show off already ,smell rotten gal u is liarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ,robbas bag real ,that’s why the crowd have it wrong a happleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a followwwwwwwwwww robbassssssssssssssssssss facts.

  7. Birkins bend after years of wear and tear that’s y I know even if apple purchase it is a second hand one she get cause you can’t buy bend up birkin bag. They be fronting for the gram

  8. Eyecandy Keisha that wig, that wig….
    Your wig dont match the bag. At all.
    That damn wig.
    Are you and you battymon still running out of Miami hotels, because of the fraudulent card use.

  9. Morning met not paying these broke pocket women like myself no mind ‘ cause same place here on JMG add you can consign fashion means lease any expensive bag or shoes from a website name Real Style for a special occasion . I love their hype about fashion but it’s getting out hand now . Also on Instagram you can whatsapp anyone of those burkin bag to buy ‘ Instagram fake is better than the ones from Aliexpress cause they comes with cards and stamp like authentic who these clowns fooling around here not i enough of you guys fake life style .

  10. That purple bag costs $25,000??? That kind of money can do a lot. That can be a down payment on a house or condo.

  11. $25000.00 could pay 1/5 of my struggle with Sallie Mae.

    Any other students on here get frustrated that you do the right thing and work a legit 9-5 just so you can pay back the how much, how much grand you had to borrow and shell out just to get that “good” and legit job?

    Anyway, if you work for the government or in the public service arena and have student loans check out PSLF forgiveness program. I’ve registered and it’s very helpful.


  12. APPLE me Marie a tell yuh say yuh get that bag second hand or its fake….look how long Kim & Nene pass thru this phase and unnu just a reach. This granny looking bag a go suit u very well one day cause yuh on yuh way to looking like wah ole tyad lopsided cat.

    APPLE everytime mi see yuh mi a try find the stripper pole Inna dI picture. Ikan go try save yuh wife. She look CHEAP TACKY and whoreish …then again maybe that’s yuh ting

    Just memba Jadore a watch and yuh already have one pickney who a give problems. What a rass pon yuh if Jadore tun Inna applə….u nuh frighten? Mi a go lef it ya so cause she a baby but memba apple dirty deeds them.

  13. GM all, funny how they know what a Birkin is yet they struggle with the difference between I and Hi.

  14. Robbas bus the bag inna the crew first not 1 not 2 but 3 times and she have the rollie first Apple love following cause robbers credit turn up bad and she get nuff better things then apples with her credit apples dress more naked then robbas unnu need di talk truth apples ah one follower and badmind as a matter of fact they all follow someone cause robbas follow the celebrity lifestyles of dressing she use her credit fi get the things dem nuff apples feds ah watch member mi tell you Kerry you look much better now mi nah lie somebody ah ten care ah you your skin ah glow apples look like walking dead without the makeup

    1. where the copying with Applette is concern is not the bags….. it’s when Apple wear her clothes and hair a certain way and Applette copy that to the T,smaddy can have on sup’m nd yuh like it but yuh flip it nd make it your own with a different sense of style, your own spin of it,originality, yuh even out shine who model it first for it to be on the market….Applette don’t do that,she copy Apple through and through

  15. Yes your opinion simplicity but if that the case then everyone ah dem follow like I said cause when one hair blonde everyone blonde. I do get what youre implying cause it would look so in many cases but fashion wise I can’t agree robbers credit buck and she thief more brand than apples Taylor made items.Apples need robbers round her fi help her keep up to the trend . but ah buff things mi see apples follow from robbas too I guess they some following asses the whole lot of them disgusting plp.

    1. Mi can Agree pon Applette having more access than Apple yes, even wearing some nice things but just can’t seem to look nice in it at times.

  16. Give credit where credit is due. In all honesty, TO ME; Robbas upstage Apple. Robbas dress is nice, sexy & classy something I can see myself wearing. Apple look like one sketel. Naked much?

  17. Well Robbas busy a draw money at the ATM and a video it pan snap chat, mi nuh know if a Dolly she a showoff pan but she inna ATM a video her money.

    I been saying before the pics came out that I don’t understand y this big bag inna dance tho. When the pics finally come out mi neva even bodda comment cuz mi jus neva interested. Mi nuh hate har or nutting but mi jus can’t manage di foolishness. I also said she looked funny but I just don’t know if a di hair or wah but… Apple mi a talk bout.

  18. Nothing is wrong with walking around with those big bags, but u don’t need it to take to a dancehall party. Since u guys want to be like the wealthy celebrities, tell me when u ever saw a picture of the kardashian clan in a party with those big bags. Too much of a inconvenience.

  19. Not inna dance, dat mi seh to. But I guess a fi dem ting so mi deaven business again, mi caah bodda with…

  20. Yep, I do agree Bobbette upstage Happle-jacks and Kerriane luks way betta dan Happle 1000 times OVA. As simple as Kerriane was, she luk cleaner and fresher than Happle by far..

  21. But remember the dancehall scene they attend is a platform to show off expensive garments etc…its not about dancing n’s about posing, they would bring them big bags guh der..even kris jenner was super excited to recieve her 1st one as a gift…

  22. :ngakak sender I’m over here in tears!! Its 3 ways their bags would make it believeable….1 they own a house or houses or property somewhere….2 they car payed off no notes nor leasing….business owner with an actual booming service….3 back home family living GREAT nice big home complete hot water full bathroom nice car Neva hungry….now if none of thee above don’t apply them bishes living life thru celebrities online :cool booooo.

  23. Kerry looks better…. Apple look fake ! And I feel it’s a completion being those friends and it needs to stop ! Apple is a ghetto hood rat who live in the Bronx but that robbas too wicked YOU NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT….. YOUR FRIEND IS JEALOUS OF U AND how she FOLLOWS YOU ! if you feel that way about Apple TELL HER ! Dolly looks good too but y’all need to crawl up sumwhere and just died …..y’all alive and name RING out like wet clothes the repertation you guys have I won’t even let ppl see me TALK TO YALL TAKE A PIC nothing !!!!! YINNA name stain like blood ! But robbas is the one who keep telling ppl say appl jealous of her and robbas is the one who keep commenting her on pinkwall acting like its other ppl BITCH ITS YOU ! So just be real with ya fake ass just like ya FAKE SHIT ! Y’all SUPPOSE to be friends my gawd what a crying shame to see these low life scammers think they have they shit together enjoying life and really think ppl jealous of them I won’t even walk in y’all shoes y’all consider clean judge dutty

  24. people u nu see the bag is fake y arguing black people time to wake up we have important things to deal with let them live there life we all know its fake

  25. How can you brag about an expensive bag and etc when unno theif di shit ❗️ Yall bitches look dumb as hell too in a dance with a big ass bag.

  26. My cousins in BH that’s Beverly Hills are currently spending $30,000/mo for a condo while their new home is being completed, their Dad is a studio producer and mom a formal model, fi Tru the wealthy live differently than the rest of us like “invitations” to collection before they hit the runway or go into production for retail. I’ve yet to see any of these ladies be so so boassy, shit even Travey Champion use to get invited to the Billion Dollar Babies for the couture sample sales DWL

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