1. Dem boy yah a some homegrown terrorist, only terrorist friggin terrorize innocent people. They need to be eradicated and exterminated off the island.

  2. So the police know what’s going on step by step but yet is still persist. Jamaican police are the most worthless set of S.O.B’s in law enforcement. They seem like they’re more concerned with their dances and taxis then protect Jamaican citizens…. Fire all of them.

    1. Some..a few police enuh…not fair to broadBRUSH 9000 persons who risk their lives daily to protect and serve.THESE SUB-HUMAN CRIMINALS MAKE NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN A CORRUPT AND CLEAN COP WHEN THEY UNLEASH THEIR SAVAGERY ON LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! !

      CAN I TELL YOU ANON11:40..when the criminals come for YOU like how they did for those poor working yutes in the voicenotes,u not going to give a damn or rat’s ass whether the cop protecting you is rogue/corrupt or saint!!

      Show some respect for the majority of Jamaican cops as they are the last standing defense line against rampaging gunmen unleashing full hell pon us.I would pick up a gun and wear that uniform to defend you n yours…can u honestly say u would do same for me!!??

      1. You see why me spirit tek you?!

        We plague by ungratefulness and demons.

        Anonymous, you ever socialized or even have a cop as your family member or significant other? If you did you wouldn’t be SO callous/cayliss wid you opinion.

        Many, many died protecting their fellow citizens in little Jamaica. How many did you know personally?

        JCF majority’s committed to serve and protect to the fullest.

        American (foreign) police you say ‘yes, sir and no, sir’ to, but fi we own a “son of a bitches”? :ngakak


        A pure supermen and superwomen law enforcers me know and dem would lock up all dem madda if she walk wrong.

        Go cuss the government and the rabid partisan voters and leave JCF alone because they can only do what they are mandated to do.

        Mek you no cuss the people who allow their children to do the community like this?

        1. @phantom phuckry
          just because you have some cop come into your bar and buy your done out puzzy doesn’t mean I have to ignore all their incompetence and overall futility that they bring to the table. In every poll I’ve seen based on how the public views the police force in Jamaica, everyone of those polls overwhelming showed that Jamaican citizens view the police force in a negative light and feel that they fall short with regards to impact Pertaining to stopping crime. I’m sure the majority of the police force signed up because of the lack of job oppurtunties that plague the island, which shows overtly in their attitude and approach in policing. The majority of the police would prefer harass motorist and shake them down for lunch and liquor money rather than confront armed gun men whose known location of operation the police know about but refuse to confront these domestic terrorist. The only people who respect Jamaican police are men who are actual police officers and the whores who sell puzzy to cops, I guess you and your mother fit into the later category.

      2. @YardieHomoThug
        When the police start acting in a way that is respectable and commendable then and only then I will respect their efforts. I’m sure I know more about the JDF then your simp azz, so plz STFU. Jamaican police are synonymous with corruption, incompetence and an insouciant attitude that is acknowledge and well known amongst the populous. How the phuck can they know about a criminal paradigm down to the TEE and people are still be victimized time and time again by these brazen criminals. If that citizen would’ve been killed by that AK wielding gunman his blood would be on the hands of the police department who knows what’s going on but doing nothing to stop it. The people in Jamaica have so little faith in the police force they would rather turn to a local bad man or area don rather than the police to handle issues on their behalf, so that says a lot about how people in Jamaica view the police force. Day in and day out I read your stupid comments you leave on here, but save your slow wit for drooling over known whores and leave the more profound topics alone.

        1. I was going to make an attempt but it has suddenly dawned on me that pulling ur head out ur arse will be an exercise in futility. All the shyt u just spewed at PP especially proves ur head is just way too far stuck up yuh arse fi mi pull it out n while I can easily kick yuh arse in any profound debate on any issue, I won’t because with ur head up inna yuh butt mi woulda kick out ur teeth dem n apparently u won’t be able to afford lay a way dentures!!

          I’m extactic that you read my comments daily because that means I’m a part of ur daily routine giving meaning to ur otherwise
          meaningless existence! !where would you be without my drooling comments to spice up yuh mundane going through the motions of eat,shyt n scratching the itches dung below of a life!!??

          U opted to expose yuh bittergall wrench bitchy side by getting personal rather than debate n focus on the issues. .sad.Ur ignorance is on full display because if you read my reply to u not once did I get personal or disrespect were the one disrespectful to the very ppl who protect n serve you n all I said was the truth that not all cops are as bad as the picture u painted!

          Unno must learn fi defend n support principles n values than always getting personal and bring in unno butthurt feelings and spew unno opinionated ignorance!

          1. @YardieHomoThug
            Seems like you have man azz on your mind brother, why am I not shocked lol. It seems like you’re the one who’s up in your feelings because your hissy fit that you just presented in written form screams “hurt bytch” all over it. Go change your pad and come again you French fried phaggot, because only in your dreams you can beat me in any form of intellectual exchange. A wise man is judged and connected to his wise choices, so am I suppose to respect a man who’s fawns over Trollops and leaves comments so thirsty about them that you can drink out the river Nile dry? Nigga plz, nobody respects you on here, you’re just the pink wall village idiot who’s sexuality is more suspect than O.J. Simpson. You’re as sharp as a bowling ball and as sophisticated as a bowl of cereal, so stop trying to present yourself as some intellectual when in reality all you are is a homosexual. YardieHomoThugs only talent is dropping the soap.

          2. Who’s*sexuality

  3. Wow, this is so sad, it send shivers to my body, look how this yute a go work, no trouble no one n the john crows dem. U know this is crazy and wen police kill dem, those nasty ass women come block road. Oh no, sorry to hear, my gosh man even if u n smaddy in a fuss u nuh go talk it out n if u want rob u nuh go rob without dem war gun dey. Well marverly look like dem a go war out, mi nah lie sometimes i think them fi just use the gun n kill dem own self n give people who want to live a break. But then again dem alway want kill people n nuh want dead, ole crowbate dem. Mi nuh like spanish town, mi nuh like dunbeholding road, not even spanish town bypass i like go pon.

  4. Our security forces response time for emergencies are way too slow and that is the reason why most citizens refuse to work with them.How long does it take an helicopter to take off from JDF headquarters and get to Spanish Town?Spanish Town and Hundredman Police station.Almost every station should have a drone department.Drones can access most of the terrain and can possible follow a criminals until they are captured.

  5. Uno shut up tge problem is uno whey create monsters to become problems to society. Uno cuss police but wen gunmen a enter uno house uno a call police damm hypocrites. If police too slow uno get uno own security. Police r humams dat risk dem lives saving some a uno dat dont worth saving, they have families n relatives too. Uno cuss police and as uno in problems uno call police. Mi nuh like popo but i respect them, their jobs are dangerous. Jamaicans need to stop wanting to have faith in police n go raise dem bad breed kids in the right n proper way. If we were beter citizens we would not want to look up to no police for faith, we too awful. Police nuh raise we suh nuff a the problems in society is uno bad breed parents dat dont know how to discipline uno kids. Uno leave the damm police alone, if uno dont have any faith go live under the ocean, go live out in space, or go turn a police n protect u ownself or hire a securitu guard to follow u where u go.

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