0 thoughts on “AROUND WHAT SIZE?

  1. Him foot don’t necessarily have to be big ,pointed mouth shoes tends to run on the larger size since your toes don’t go all the up! Sender that no mean nothing try it with ah regular size shoes and we can guess what size!not with pointed!

  2. I’m guessing those kick mi kill mi boots are about a size 12 ( not including the tips )…his bow legs are very sexy…there go dem damn arrows again :hammer

  3. Well dem boot deh always likkle longer, but fi him own look extra lang so u know di foot size nuh normal lol…u know wah dem say bout big foot, mawga man and bandi leg man and u see how much of the above him have dwl

  4. A weh him get dem deh Rumpelstiltskin Boot deh from??, a fuss mi see pointed mouth boot inna dem deh breed a size deh, look like is a size 14 dat.

  5. how nobody nah see dis man is a bleacher look pon him knuckles dem big turn off wonda if him bleach him cocky to

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