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  1. Kartel is a youth who calculate a lot and has gained immensely from his individual calculations. However, he did not do much long term extrapolation as it is his cumilative calculations that did him in…

  2. kartel has put a lot of work into being a relevant nobody……kartel wet to calabar for 2 mins and I keeps refering to calabar…..but where did he attend after that ??? Grill up high ?? vybz kartel is not the best lyricist in Jamaica nor is original…whatever talent he has was already wasted because him yeye red………

        1. Very true, Busy is that kind of guy–lyrically and genre scope.

          However, I absorbed a lot of Bounty Killer in mine and his formative years so I am biased toward the pre-2000 Bounty Killer 🙂

          Don’t sleep on Jr. Gong too…

          1. who tell yu??? ye man bounty a mi dj …..and mi hear wah ting weh jnur gong do bot 2012 and mi a telll yu man him ting different….but busy singal voice kind alll sound like a beat …..a wah day mi a study i t…listen to him rendition of royals

          1. BUSY UNIQUUE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MI HAVE SO MUCH RAS INFRONT A KARTEL DAT MI CAH SEE HIM…anada yute weh bad is KJ marley kymani son…di word dem nuh ramp fi llef him mouth

  3. Kartel was a trouble maker from day one and after studying the mason faith situation got worse because the devil took charge of his life…Remember that GOD is the ruler of all gods…so therefore, he clam your ass cause you too evil…GOD work is slow but sure..ok

    1. Foxy especially when him did MAWGA oh my days the man jawbone dem meck jackass jawbone look like dem not trying smh
      U see wat a little knowledge when placed with ignorance n an overflated ego can cause

          1. But him shame dem so much time when him talk bout dem ina interview and dem nuh know say a shame him a shame dem

  4. Gm all. I think Kartel use the little knowledge that he has to control most of the people around him because most of them iq is below zero!!!

  5. Him sen him goons guh beat up selectors fi don’t play a nex artis songs, him sen dem guh beat up gaza Kim, him sen dem guh teck weh notnice studio equipments, him sen dem guh mash up ryno house cuz him want to leave di gaza, him sen dem guh buss up deva bratt head, him sen dem guh chop up lizard…..him want to be di dudus of dancehall an das why 35yrs b4 parole is a very good sentence

  6. The devil is a liar people stay rooted and grounded yuh hear how much persons talk about him changing. God is real and so is the Devil, Kartel is a testimony to that. Met power and greed them things the Devil love.

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