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A 17-year-old girl has been arrested after a group of teens were caught on video pummeling another girl inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s, sources tell CBS2.
Charges against the teen are pending, sources said.
As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, the vicious fight broke out at a fast food restaurant Flatbush on Monday afternoon.
The video starts with the gang assault already underway with fists flying inside the McDonald’s at 943 Flatbush Ave.
The target of the violence, a 15-year-old girl dressed in blue, gets no help from spectators, including some adults. Some spectators even climbed on table tops to get a better look as six to seven girls pummeled and kicked the victim, Carlin reported.
Many people took out their cellphones, but Carlin reported they were recording the fight rather than calling for help.
The scene was even more violent during the final two minutes of the video, as the victim is seen getting punched in the face and repeatedly kicked while on the floor.

Police had been searching for the 17-year-old suspect, who is seen in the video wearing a black hoodie, but later is seen in only a purple bra and jeans.
In the video, she is seen kicking the victim in the head.
There were so many teenagers inside the McDonald’s that when someone flagged down a police officer after the fight, he had to call for backup to restore order, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.
The girls involved all attend nearby Erasmus Hall High School, D’Auria reported.
Police sources said the young victim and her mother were contacted by investigators but refused to cooperate.


  1. Good. Let’s get the rest of them. I nought they close down Erasmus High School….that is one of the most ghetto institution in Brooklyn. Many of the students are from the Caribbean. Let us all pray there not from……….. :angel

  2. Wonderful. Principals, law enforcement and the parents should team up on a zero tolerance policy. Dunce wretches. A bet u if u ask dem if China’s in the East or West, dem nuh know.

  3. D only reason d mother coulda refuse fi cooperate is either fear of retaliation or she intend to exact her own justice. Mi rate the victim caws she hold her own against them. Denm couldn’t test her one on one dads why dem jump her. Set of cowards

    1. Sed shit mi seh cuz she mash up the gal tear off har clothes sorry she neva supm fi ram up inna wan a dem ..hope ntn nuh wrong wid har head edah cuz she did get sum real head.lick and kick

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

      1. Let’s assume the reason her mothers not cooperating with the police is because of their “status”, the daughter isn’t the aggressor , why should their status matter ? They didn’t commit a crime…..just thinking out loud.

    2. Maybe they are in the Country illegally and want to remain under the radar? Or the mother could be in a “deport-able” status for some form of felony/misdemeanor and don’t what the Police to find out? What about assuming someone else identity, etc., etc., etc.

      1. The mada meva comment de crime she is need cuz it’s her minor who did sum a dem deh too bloodclaat long a walk pass library or skip ove Google nah study de phuck law a dat

        (Simplicity soon sign in)

        1. Is project she deh project Yawdie…har estimation just off quite a few years…dwl..woiee sah..a now she going to hate social media…:ngakak :ngakak

  4. Mi couldn’t watch the video in full eno..But she looks spanish and those spanish people have their ways fi get to who dem need fi get to

    1. No met she ain’t spanish.I believe dem looking to retaliate and after viewing her fb she’s quite happy as if nothing happen and simple sez she not with the cops.

  5. The mother needs to let her daughter identify her attackers so she can get some justice it was brutal brawl and the rest of the girls found it so easy to jump in because the friend was getting her ass kick then once the girl tore off her top she come back while others were hitting her to get a lot of kicks in and kicking that girl in the head… I hope the video or from other by stander give the police the people name to bring them in but that girl they are going to find her and everyone else god don’t like ugly his going to fix it with or without the parent help.

  6. she not Spanish m Met. Is a pretty black girl. Grudge dem grudge Har. Jealousy is hell of a thing. I was looking on her Facebook it sound like jealousy

  7. I never watched the video cause mi caan teck di level of violence out dere deze days.

    When you hear bout deze stories u juss waan teck off to a far piece a land with a small populace and gwan hold u peace pon a hillside and live a simple pastoral life. Meck di mooing and the maying be your ongle disturbance.

  8. When me a grow, my mother always tell me sey..when dem gang u a road and a beat u..mek sure u hold pon one and beat out har claat

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