Waldie appeared to be working alone but he and Father Cole had a slick slithery financier , Marcus Anderson. Anderson is a Guyanese national and the streets want to know if he is the same fugitive , wanted in his country on trafficking charges? Marcus was said have befriended Father Cole who helped to align him with Dons from East Kingston. Anderson was allegedly the brain behind Father Cole wanting to open the New Kingston strip club.

All three men used Real Estate as a cover and it is said on the streets that the shipments out of Jamaica to La, involved these three men. In fact, one of the men who was a handler in L.A lost his life because of he complained and returned a bad shipment that was sent to him . This man was said to be from he Maxfield area.

It is being said that although Waldie had plans to control and rule Jamaica’s ports, Marcus Anderson wanted desperately to be Jamaica’s mega club owner.
After Cole was killed Waldie ordered the hit on his hit-man who turned around and killed him..Marcus was also shot and fled Jamaica. He has now returned and the streets are asking for the blood of Waldie’s confederates along with his brother..But the big questions are……….

Is Marcus Anderson the one who has been pulling the strings trying to get Corey Todd and his wife out of business?

Did Anderson come back to Jamaica and realign himself back with East Kingston dons to set up the same drug shop that claimed to have taken out Ramidal?

Is Jamaica really giving foreign criminals status to run free in the country and bring more drugs?


  1. i talk to people all the time that thinks Jamaica don’t have laws. we do

    and you will die or go to jail bi**h.

    1. Tell them for me. They may think they are winning but they will get sorted out eventually. These types always floss too much or do too much

  2. So many dons lef after George Flash? East men are known for family wipe outs! So if man align with east man dem to tek out Corey and dem mek afta the wife den Corey or wife in deep trouble! Repeat east men are known family extractors! George flash mother was SHOT DEAD in the 90s in her head all bcuz of him!

  3. Jamaica protray this illusion of glitz and glamour on the surface, big mansions, flashy expensive cars etc. but we all know whats beneath the surface, who I feel sorry for is poor people because don’t think for one bit that foreign governments are not taking note and use it against the banana government when they embark on overseas trips with their hands out begging in poor people’s name.

    1. Please dnt put Delly and waldie’s name in the same sentence; Delly is a God fearing, productive member of society that lives off of the sweat of his brow. And no they are not related.

    2. Don’t get DELLY RANKS mix up in unno fuckery! DELLY RANKS not related to waldie People do look like people,but nuh bother wonder if waldie and DELLY a brother!!

  4. Waldie pay him hit man fi kill nuff people,den turn round a pay fi kill him hit man/police the same man dem what waldie pay fi kill him hit man. Carry back the news give the police half of the money dem get fi kill him! Waldie same hunts bay police hit man fren dem,tell the man when waldie have court!! Him did go fi waldie a week before up a him apartment wha him a build,but luckily waldie was on his way down when he was going up!! All a dem a fren killer because they were all friends at one point!!

  5. And the saga just began. Words was on the street saying waldie wanted to kill Marcus because marcus start to lose trust in a him because alot of shipment was going down and Marcus think waldie had something to do with it. I’m not sure if this is true but they say it was father Cole who let waldie know Marcus.They say Marcus connection in ja in very strong. Thats why Don a lay low… It look like Justin nuh ready fi strike melon Dem yet fi him son weh Dem like by mistake identity.. Melon Dem look like Dem come out a hiding..

  6. Jamaica is so corrupt. Lots more top man ago dead under Sikes. Contract killing on the rise to the biggest bidder. Police the biggest contract killer. I still dont understand how police on dons payroll and nothing is being done about it.

  7. So all dese Easy Kingston Dons report to Danhai? Tek ova from Danhai? Or just bigga dan n naah tek no talk from him?

  8. All mi know Doneisha singing to the bank, gyal glad bag buss, cah the money weh did a launder and weh did inna the house a spend hard now!!!!!! Home girl spending like their is no tomorrow x6 buy, frequent shopping. The streets talking boo…you spending !!!!!

    All a drop wud, bout depending on man money, gwaan floss the drugs money !!!! Time !!!!!

    1. Saw The gyal caption like she born in a money and family opened store gi r! Bitch a man u depend pan fi gi u store drugs money!

  9. This write up have me all in my feelings. I just watch a piece on Netflix about Dudus and my heart skipped so many beats because the poor are the ones who suffers the most. Some get caught up in this life because they thought there where no other options or had no one to dream with or for them. I have no answers for the questions ask above because i was clueless to this gangsta life. I didn’t realize how corrupt those politicians and police are in Jamaica. Yup, i blame them for my countries issues just as much as these bad man or whatever they call themselves. Many blame the site owner for topics posted here but I learn the most from the comments.

  10. What a coincidence this Waldie ghost series started right before them attacked Shemara. Something not right. The person sending in these Waldie stories knows about Shemara shooting.Is it Melon Police fiance sending in these stories?

  11. Suh unu a ignore the fact seh Donesha is the new little miss?! (Willie haggart Queen) spending all that dead left drugs blood money?!

  12. All these gossipers calling melon & cat name what you know about them unnu love chat who killed justin son why was waldie killed why was corey girl shot but not killed if so to speak all these questions remain unanswered.stop call people name on killings and shooting we dont do

  13. Crew really asked why Shemara was shot and not kill? Because God is good and Melon soldier failed his mission.

  14. Melon cronies Dem killed Justin son. The big man that Parr with Melony have a hit pon a man. One of Dem spot justin son a make a phone call to the killer killer and him friend come and call back the big man and tell him say the person look different Dem still a say a the youth that they get the order to kill and a suh Justin son dead. When him dead Dem realize seh a the wrong person mistake identity.. Melon and the entire entourage went into hiding.. The killer is no where to be found..

  15. Melon is a dangerous man,them have no idea how powerful him is… Patrick Mouth taught him well. Melon put drug in his food give him heart attack,kill him.

  16. Stop call the people them name, kmt, Melon put drugs in a Patrick Mouth food and poison him, if I could ketch you, I would box you dung flat, is so mi know nuff time is pure lie uno tell on the people them, because this is the biggest lie ever been told on here, cho!! Melon have nothing to do with Shemara shooting, uno need to stop it now, and go look for the real perpetrators.

  17. The truth really hurts! Yo wah box mi fi criminal Melon? That same Melon yuh a cuss mi fah, gwan put a bullet in a yuh! Watch and see

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