So now this idiot bigging up continents and not even big up North and South America. Mr Powell have u ever been to Antartica?? Cause ongle researchers go deh and we all know is one thing u like to research….


  1. You know I saw the post Met & thought the same thing. But then I said those 5 continents are ahead with regards to time and possibly had already began the new year. Hence the reference to the 5 continents.

  2. him just a look notice cause him know a seven continent cause him visit 6 and 7th is just a big land mass of ice

  3. There are actually 7, however sometimes, depends on where you are, they are group together it could be 6 or 5 (Asia and Europe – becaws dem seh a one solid land mass) and N & S America (them call it The Americas). But wah him have up deh is still off, a bit. Don’t know his reasoning behind it, so who knows…lol

  4. Maybe he only wanted to big up those 5 because surely anybody with an education wouldn’t forget that there are 7

  5. Sender you’re a bit tooo trigger happy. He big up the 5 because at the time it was already new years day on those continents. New year didn’t happen in N & S America at the time.

    1. @ Just asking suh Y him never big up d other 2 when dem ring in d New Year??? Im Just asking, or maybe he did I dont know cauz I follow him not!!! U ask me him shallow & slight bad, so it could have been done intentionally or unintentionally who knows & who cares by d way!!! Well its good to see him a big up something else other than him front & him abs, smh

        1. Mi seh d bwoy have talent & influence & choose fi use it do naught, nada, zilch, nothing, but promote him front & 6 pack, a better him guh open up a gym or something, it hat mi fi d sweet pepper nose bwoy sometime yuh si man, just a waste weh & gal out him self wid nothing backa it, him mussi nuh see seh running soon fail him, if it nuh fail him aready cauz from 2014 til it dun & a new year start again a doubt seh him reach d finish line, or him him do reach & pull up wid graoin injury a mussi when mi nah look. But mi mek mi ask & nuh bother enuh, Metty lakka seh how him ever a hold up fi him groin, yuh think him can sort out sort out d gal dem good good or him fulla nose & front & nothing backa it??? I wonder??? It has lingered on my mind (a dont want sample it, a just curious thats y a asking, lol!!!!)

  6. Sometimes it’s wise to keep our mouth shut. Otherwise we run the risk of others knowing how ignorant we truly are. Asafa, please turn off twitter and read a book. Thousands of books are free online for anyone to read.
    Happy New Year and I hope to see you back on twitter in 2016.

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