***********Asafa dem seh whey di second child??*************

Where do I begin. Mi nah badmind nobody nor nothing but Asafa is a no good man dont know why two ooman end up have pickney for him. See him deh all ova di place a spend money pan ooman and a carry on. Walk here there and everywhere a f**k dis and dat him soon ketch something. Anyways I feel it necessary fi point out say him have 2 children and pan instagram and tv him a behave like say a one. All a post pic a ooman when him a f**k now and still a act like is one child him have. He is no good. Sorry fi say I can’t get a picture of the new baby but is a very cute one. I know the girl, I know where she lives and I’ve seen him there many times. Guess mi kinda a gi u a half a story but mi just a state whe mi know


  1. him and tara playfair a fuk ?

    look like dem sneaking uptown skets whe gwan like dem innocent and nah wine pon buddy like a real freak to

    dem always a pose up wid one a nedda

  2. How she know say fi him pickney, she knew who and who her so call friend a sleep with. Some people just love chat…..mind yuh busy….kmft.

  3. Met mi nawh look pon dem eno…. Come yah under sikes fi publicize baby. Dem Nuh normal, mi say a mind tell mi read it ova cuz mi juss breeze chue.


  4. Dem fi understand the type man dem tretch dem legs to before dem breed is a wha dem ppl yah really tek di baby ting fah? It’s like is some type of gaining, fi gain di man, fi publicizing, advertizing, hold di man, dis dat and cow fat so now this new one want him fi post dem up like how him post up ameta own??? Histreee.


  5. even if a sikes

    di man have 2 pickney and only a big up one – dat nuh right

    even if the mother remains a secret – di child should get equal amount of love, attention and PUBLICITY lol

    but him neva did a hide up Amita and her pickeny to before dna did do ?

    so sender maybe u need fi do up dna and go call Star and get your ratings

  6. We don’t know fi sure that Is so. Even so, if him a mind di pikney him nuh need fi publicize anyting at ell, and from what was said here, nuttin yah so nuh say him nah mind fi pikney. Somebody lookin notice. Plus she cudda all a say is fi him own n him Neva get the memo

  7. He did the same thing he did with the first child! Never post or own the child up until DNA test come thru to say its his.

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