Usain Bolt is playing a whole family of characters in Virgin Media’s latest multi-million pound advertising campaign.

Created by BBH, the new ad shows the whole Bolt clan simultaneously using Virgin Media’s superfast broadband service to perform their favourite tasks. The Jamaican sprinter takes on a range of roles including a cheeky baby Bolt and a mischievous Mrs Bolt whose favourite athlete is Mo Farah.

Richard Larcombe, brand and marketing director at Virgin Media, said: “The growth of in-home devices is increasing exponentially, as such, customers rely on their network more and more to deliver a seamless experience.

“Usain brings the ads to life with his brilliant portrayal of an unforgettable Virgin Media family.”

Media planning has been handled by Fifty6 and the ad will run for the first time during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on ITV London on 1 January.

The advertising push comes as Virgin Media prepares to introduce a 152mb broadband service next year, which it claims will be “twice as fast” as any of its rivals.

0 thoughts on “USAIN……………..MONEY IS DI WHA? OKAY DEN DEAR…

      1. why him so big as the baby and little boy dwl, mi yute never dress up as a woman again……….money will make you…

  1. 10 years ago my ignorance woulda ‘bun’ out dis. Personally I don’t see anything wrong wid it still. Do yu ting yute. Years from now when your feet aren’t able to carry you around the track you will put those same feet up, look at ur bank account and smile.

    1. clap again, u ave more sense than most of these ignoramus’ on here, di man nah promote nuh batty ting, its a diversity ting u zimmi, an this is coming from one a di biggest “homophobes” there is, some a unu fi stop use hate disguised as gyow fi belittle unu own people, an big up foreign celebs wen dem di same ting, mi neeven like commenting wen mi read but a new year a forward so unu fi fix up star!!!

  2. Dis is wat di Yutes being taught nowadays, push morals a side an do anything fi money nutn nuh wrong as long as money a run……

  3. Why dem always have black man a dress up as woman? Why dem a try emasculate di man dem? Why? Nuh sell yuhself short fi $$$

    1. You Neva see the video weh met say go watch wid the dike a beat up the batty boy fi the 10$….. its a transformation a end a days man

  4. The media tried to get Dave Chapelle to dress up as a woman, sell his soul, & make nigger jokes. That’s when he quit and went to A country in Africa. When him did gone now all yuh hear sey is him mad. Him a smoke crack all because him neva bow.

    1. Looks like you never saw an episode of the Dave Chapelle show. Look up the episode called the black white supremist. I have watched quite a few episodes and this is the one that I remember the most.

  5. I had my laughs today from the Luton story but this is no joke….. They got him damn!!!!!! Nothing major in this life comes without a price and the devil is a liar the deeper you go in its the crazier things get…. its just crazy to me that the same money that’s the root of evil is the same money we need to live and survive (food, clothes, place to live etc

  6. usian is an international icon……cause he is past being a celebrity……makes an ad playing several caricatures of himself…one of whom happens to be feminine…..icons are untouchable ppl….even nelson mandela f**ked over winnie who held him down the entire time he was in prison…….and when he died they probly mentioned her name twice in the news…….so yeah….icons are untouchable…………bob marley gi rita so much matey to raasklaat she shoulda change her first name to check!……but hey…he is the greatest icon jamaica has ever produced……what ppl dont seem to realize is that usain understands he is an icon and as such can pretty much do whatever the f**k he wants and jamaican ppl can kiss his ass…..not that he is deliberately setting out to disenchant his fan base but he understands his status…… what if he did a female part……what the f**k are jamaican ppl going to do?….stop supporting him in track and field?….renounce his citizenship?…unnu cyan go nyam shit and dead a bush to raas………… jamaica can ill afford to have one of its brightest lights in the last few years decide to dim his bulb offa jps and go shine pon smaddy else flag….which a few have done when they feel the jamaican ppl are no longer supporting them….and go set up shop in slovakia or even denmark either of which im sure would grant him citizenship on merit alone……so criticize all you want……jamaica has more to lose than he does if it gets blown out of all proportion……

  7. Good morn met! I don’t c anything wrong, with the ad usain did. We need to be more civilize that with everything a black man does is gay comes to our mind a lot on here watch madea Eddie Murphy other famous actors dress as women we all thinks it is funny. Look at wayans brothers no one was thinking gay when they dressed up as wht chicks come on Jamaicans support di bro be happy for him. I wish someone could just hire me for couple seconds to dress a man a hoe don’t give a shit is a job and it is honest bread.

  8. ya’ll are a funny bunch

    always quick to find something to quarrel about when any Jamaican is successful

    have to find some fault

    and its funny that his face is digitally placed on a females body and he never actually dressed in drag has you all so upset is laughable

    loosen up


  9. I don’t see anything wrong with it and I don’t see anything gay about it. We are too quick to run and talk bout sell soul and sell out and black man this and white man that. It is meant to be funny

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