Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell is said to be getting married during the week of February 7th ..His fiancee uploaded a picture of her at her bachelorette party this week.


  1. Nice humble girl, no fake breast and ass and she’s not into the hype, she must be lovely to get the stamp of approval from his parents. That’s why I never jump on the Bolt bandwagon, always prefer Asafa, at least Asafa soon to be bride never slept with one of his family members, that’s why I cannot rate Bolt nuh time, let’s see if he and Kasi will be at the wedding.

  2. Comgraulatians. Ooooh suh a dis cassette want… Poor ting a hold on trang fi fihar ring doe. Mi naaa lie if she get it she ago deserving of it cause one gal alone nuffi get so much publical bun dus suh.

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