7 thoughts on “PEPITA WHAT SAY YOU NOW?

  1. I wont bash her because a lot of people go into church and come out. What I will bash her for is the guy she is with. She has always had a penchant for bad ben. Girl live your life but remember there are repercussions. You have a daughter, remember that.

  2. What church have to do with this…
    A person accept Yahshua as their saviour is what it is all about and love the Most Hi….
    Church only hold back people with thier foolish religion…
    Serving the Most Hi is not a religion is babylon turn it into a religion…
    Leave this girl alone she has done her duty and her place is written in Zion/Heaven safe and secure…. Selah

    Dat Mi Seh

  3. Many young Christians have travelled this road. No judgement here, she will be back in xhurch when she realise all this isn’t worth it. Senda u need a life.

  4. She was very depressed as a christian cause she was worried she wasn’t good enough. at least she looks happy hear. being a christian can be a burden on some folks cause u affi strive fi be perfect or else pastor, who him same one a look church memba, ago judge yuh

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