29 thoughts on “ASAFA YUH A SEKKLE DOWN NOW?

    1. Wah! Him a gwaan wid tings!

      Him love di model/beauty queen dem! Slim with a little shape, lighter than the whitest part pon him body and a touch a coolie!

  1. I wonder if some of these females regret their relationships with high profile men? Yendi and Amita? Even though they had children and kids are a blessing these women seem broken and sad.

  2. @Gabriella….it are which planet yu come from? Puff-Puff pass, Puff-Puff pass, nuh keep a Puff Puff Gabby….lol. Blake fi marry wha?? Blake will become a catholic priest soon.

    1. Weh yuh deh seh Willie :bingung Priest weh devout all dem life tuh serve the poor and needy or priest weh hide unda robe an molest likkle boys??? Mi nuh knoe ah das why mi ah ask….

  3. Lol… So Asafa and sara jade did lef ? All now I don’t know who the other baby mother is . Aside from Amita , who I think seriously love him

  4. hello metters, sorry to just drop this in here lile a bomb, but i wanna know if a me one watch dah snap here…… Bolt him inna one yellow shorts deh, and u can tell y dem snap suh much inna boring bora bora…..u see the little thing inna the shorts… look like a di balls a hold the little thing up……nuh wonda when him have on the tights we couldn’t see nthn. woiiiiiiiiioooooooo

  5. Why everytime we see man with brown woman people mek a big deal. u know from me young til now i am on the heavy side and black and me look all kinda girls a brown girl alone me get god know me sister alway trouble me bout me love browning but that not the case

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