1. Is hands movement and foot was like that for the entire interview why unno people stay so what can kasi and usain do for u guys to be so bad mind at least he never dis own her on the live show. mii jus can’t understand why people always find fault the man just don’t ready to married yet hope u guys who a talk, married and happy cause some a unno can’t even keep a man.. So shut the f**k up

    1. Usain and Kasi are both playing guessing games and the way how some people are carrying on – I don’t blame them. He has acknowledged her on his IG page recently, he took her on a break to Bora Bora. He has said only this week that he and her are serious. What more information do people need to see what is going on ? People are up in here, giving themselves high blood pressure, cursing and swearing that he will never marry her. HE WILL. At the very least, she will be the long term baby madda but she is going nowhere. I follow her on her IG page and have seen her on periscope. She comes across as a lovely girl, pretty too and doesn’t offend. I can’t think what she has done to garner so many enemies.

      1. Gabby di people dem dont hate Kasi she just have 0 ratings to many because she has slept with his brother. Im not sure why youre skipping over that and expect that people should do the same.

      2. Gabby I love usain and Kasi , but do what I do when you see the post on them skip it and move to another or just look for the positive comments. It hurt my head sometimes so I just dont read it or I just read your comments all when they are cursing you , you stand firm I respect you for that I’m not so brave furthermore me easy fi shame.

  2. Loooool….. hello Met…… I just done watch Bolt snap……him inna one yellow shorts deh, and u can tell y dem snap suh much inna boring bora bora…..u see the little thing inna the shorts… look like a di balls a hold the little thing up……nuh wonda when him have on the tights we couldn’t see nthn. woiiiiiiiiioooooooo him post it bout 2hrs ago

  3. Met, you know that you are the only person that I acknowledge here. Sleeping with the brother is the height of nastiness but if true, seeping with the brother is her and Usain’s business. If Usain is alright with it then who are we to judge? Worse than Kasi get ring and owing to the fact that none of us were in hers and the brother’s bedroom what proof do we have?

    1. Well what she and the brother had was public knowledge and yes whatever usain chooses will be on him but people a go have dem own set a opinions because dem know a money drive her to usain. Kasi cannot deny anything about her and the brother and neither can usain.

  4. Him hand n foot movement when kasi was mentioned was a bit showing uncomfortable ness for true. Not a hater but it was obvious to me . I even repay it over n over n was laughing.

  5. All dat a side…..mi still can’t get over how small his dick looks in em shorts……like I wish my regular metters could’ve seen it. Like it really looks like his balls is what holding up the tiny thing

  6. This was a cute interview. I’m sure Kasi is annoyed by that blue dress pic because that’s before she lost the weight, but overall she came off good. He didn’t say anything negative about her and Ellen said she’s beautiful. Very nice Kase.

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