Hellerrrrr everybody and good day MET!

So uno wouldn’t believe which two animal escape from the zoo lastnight and start WAR…Dwl! Nuh Krissi and Nickysweets aka AsianDolly ( the Asian part a mussy the fake China body) Dwl! Hear how the war go…Krissi post up the Flat Tummy Tea package and gwan promote and miss AsianDolly she come drop SUB bout it. Anyways a nuh how di war sweet, a how di war finish…so Krissi she call har out bout har fake p***y Dwl! Bwoy Kerryann yuh haffi go come help u Fren AsianDolly cause all a Krissi Fren dem a run in…But met mi know ppl a buy fake batty and fake breast and fake brand BUT oh my OH…fake vagina?? Dwl mi drop outta my bed! Mi nah lie still….Asian dolly expose Krissi without filter and if a suh she look Ina real real real REAL life, she fi stop it! A big big sin dat! Is like krissi go school fi photo filter editor! So the one AsianDolly need fi do Sumpn bout dem ass shots holes weh Krissi 60/60 vision see weh me coulda notice DWL! I made no mistake when I said 60/60 cause all wid my glasses on mi Neva see the one BAGGA hole dem..oh wait Instagram can now ZOOM in to r*ss lololols! HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂







  1. But honestly Krisii don’t look no f***g worst than nobody sweets post up pic wen Krisii Neva a bleach so and everybody use filter sweets to f***g bad mind and nuff every day she look attention and it look like nobody see her yesterday so she start pon Krisii …. Krisii nuh trouble ppl leave the girl alone sweets can’t go without make up

  2. Been waiting on this yasssss
    Nothing like a Bronx mix up dwrcl

    When it come to real prettiness mi ago give Asian dolly
    When it comes to look good Asian dolly
    When it comes to real complexion Asian dolly
    When it comes to fake vagina Asian dolly dwrclllllll
    Nikki ah yuh a win Ina this segment woiyoiiiiiiii

  3. ME always a wonder why her pussy look so. … we all wear hair and make up but the fake pussy a beat me bad . People dead …. a so fi do Nicky the girl a promote why the f**k u care if a free or if she a get pay . Nicky u walk and suck buddy for free and that’s a fact … one man tell me u did want suck him hood and when u chat to him one night inna fiction u mouth stink and him Haffi pass u down to the Fren. The Fren then f**k u not even buy you a bag juice … u must stop it ,..,

  4. None no better than the other….me can never understand how them losses gal yah always inna argument with one another…

  5. If I discovered that fake punny thing on my lady I would sue n if I lose tek it to court of Appeal n even Privy council cuz that’s wrong as wrong gets!

    I miss u Sista G where u deh,u nuh see fake punny a dash out!

    1. That was the other day…this a now.. u kno how them and dem “bestie” ting guh…a bout 3 or 4 bestie javanna gone from year

  6. Krissi me ave her file she just come a the us and f**k over 20 man already she fly from state to state every week and a f**k down the place and always bruk like dowg Everyman than inbox her in her Dm she f**k and that’s some real shit cause I kn a few people that get thu has a woman you should ave value and moral u can’t just a walk and f**k like a walking dead krissi you need fi stop and go look somewhere to live cause u fern put you out now u gone live in a one room a jersy and u a f**k so the man dem can’t help u all batty man pony u make f**k u you ave a shit up pussy Omg the two Rass dem from Arizona all him teeth f**k up and u kiss that deh boy deh you need fi stop krissi

  7. Krissi wear too much make up plus she act like she cute and she is ok looking her body look like she is 14 and she wear cheap clothes. You fly all over but still live no where.all you do is party and dress up. She look like a man to me too much going on too much hair too much make up on a little kiddie body dwl girl stop Nicky you pretty even thou you teeth f**k up natural skin always looks Better cause when that bleach fade uno have to run for cover

  8. Krissi why you telling Nicki about dick sucking the last time I check u was in the Bronx sucking dick for h&m store credit and goods to return from them boys.. bout a uno suck and f*k done New York the only difference is Nicki f**k drug dealers and club promoter you f*k for store credit at h&m and Zara return goods…… One pussy carry price one loose and easy….. Two ano a sult so nuh bad day with it plz

  9. Krissi stop full yyh face a makeup see yuh a one party a jersey and shock never know a suh yuh look thank god fi filter my girl

  10. Two escort s argue over f***g for free when the 2 a them fuxk for free smh . Javana and krissy turn big fren the other day and fly out go Miami guh sell and then them get in argument and Jav delete her ig again so she can escort quietly but we already know the deal

  11. Krissi you don’t reach no where in life except for a little fame on IG and thanks to filter. You try and f**k niggas with money and they don’t even give you no money lol, you act like you rich cause you find some sugar daddies that take you to eat so you feel like your on a high level bitch please you look like a Homeless scared cat that has not eat in months go have several seat. Stop using flat Tummy you soon fade away cause you look hungry. Krissi sell wigs I don’t want none of those heavy ass wigs you wearing on top of your peanut head it look like it weigh half of you.

  12. Krissi done nicki last night , nicki dead especially when krissi put up the pic with nicki injection mark on her concrete batty lol, krissi u shouldn’t take down the pic… All I have to say is nicki is one sick individual who the hell waits outside someone house to snap pictures of somebody to prove a point that they look different without makeup, girl u can go work fi the paparazzi u life sad u don’t have pu**y fi sell, look how much f**k time u waste sitting outside waiting to snap pics. Now tell me how u call out krissi over some flat tummy tea u take up things pon u head too much, pay or no pay that don’t concern u

  13. @unknown a pure truth u a talk when she just come up a arizona she did deh a fcuk & mule till di nigga tired a her. Mi know bout couple man a miami weh inbox her & fly her een to. But the thing bout it she young bad & have a child. Nicki now fren di hustlaz dem & fcuk who she think she can get di most from she nuh jus fcuk everything weh look her. The difference is that when krissie do di things dem she buy hair clothes n make up fi go pin social media & act classy, while nicki jus plain & straight mek u know seh she a whore n hustle cause she have her plan

  14. Talk the truth now which one more pathetic or worst ??? A fake p***y and nasty injection mark concrete batty or Instagram filter and makeup ????? Nicki or Krissi????
    I’m gonna go with the fake p***y – nicki go as far as to wear a fake pussy just to get likes and attention on Instagram , no sah u life sadddddddd . What I would love to know is when u go do the escort service u wear the fake pussy??? and when u inna di hotel room with the man dem u wear it ???

  15. I don’t get it. All these hoes sell pu$$y from state to state. krissi, Asian, Katty, Jav, Shannon. Not to mention Kerry Ann. She need a topic all to herself. She a di biggest pu$$y seller anywhere she go. All these hoes hype as shit for social media and live nowhere. Dem all a kotch a people yard. And to make it worst deh don’t have no status in merica. Only Katty alone wid her tough body can leave di country. Yes krissi u sell dem big ugly wigs deh & Shannon a mek ova people clothes and sell dem but it’s all a cover up. Cause dem all still sell fu(k. I know because I was a customer for all of dem. Chump change gyal dem. Met you don’t even have to have $ more time. Just be a well known person or have couple thousand followers and dem think u a star. All a dem F di same man dem too so mi nuh know what’s the beef? Kmt. Waste gal dem

  16. I don’t know how a chick can be fake from head to toe and still feel good about herself? WTF??? Gal ah wear fake buffness too?????!!!!! Some gal remind me of that bee in the movie “I’m going to get you sucka” where the bee start to pulling off body parts lol…. #FakeBytches

  17. I find it so funny how nicki love Gwan like she bad and I never forget the rass beaten she get from a brown gal a one bar a Hagley park road a few years ago. I have no Idea what the fight was about or why. I just know the gal nearly kill her. Literally. Because they had to take a knife out the other girl hand. Because after the gal beat her to a frazzle she went for a knife and tried to stab her to. A ppl hafti tek the gal off of her. That’s the first time I knew of her. And from that day I never hear one good thing about her. Worse I hear is lucky British she was f**kn at the time. I don’t believe everything I hear but God know not one good thing. Big old gal like u a pick fight with young girl. Go siddung and find something productive to do. And krissi definetly don’t know u either but if u did love ur self and never go so hard in trying to cover up ur through self this big embarrassment wouldn’t reach u. Go love ur self

  18. Asian dolly f***g bleach out too. Why you mad bcuz the girl post tea bag krissi look like she need flat belly they paid her to promote the tea bag. Why asian dolly mad that is just straight jealous.thats none of her biz what the girl post. She a tell ppl bout selling a pussy asian dolly f**k fi plane ticket.krissi dont trouble ppl.

  19. Krissi memba you f**k battyman Mario an sey him broke and wan eat your pussy you been sell f**k from long time gal you file long nah bloodclott shit up pussy gal

  20. FAKE PUNNY???????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Weh Elon Musk deh fi book mi passage pon di first trip to Mars. My Gawd….what a set a Ooman wikkid. And when man start cuss and carry on bad because of the deceit dem seh di man daak…cho bumbo.

  21. Di gal not wearing nuh fake puszi unu too good some things or fabric weh u wear just hug u different & show u up different

  22. Krissy don’t trouble nobody nicki stay stay bad with her false pussy wey she nuh stop walk and f**k. Nicki with her lean pussy if nicki never trouble the girl she Wudnt Affi class ar so, unnuh leave krissii alone

  23. Met why PONY Name haffi call every time lmao eeh
    Fi a broke bwoy mi seh no man !

    Somebody give me the tea on SHANNON AKA BADDIESHANTIERA


  24. Omg :ngakak :ngakak thank god for makeup and all these things, Asian doll please show a pic of your self without the makeup and filter :ngakak :ngakak u and the one plastic me see har without the filter lmaoooooo what a gal ugly and har skin ugly bad :ngakak :ngakak

  25. Krissi body look like a 12 year old. Den she put on 10 pound a hair pon har head and a fight fi balance it. Every pic weh she tek the powder under har yeye dem a seh “what’s up bitches?”. Have a seat olive.

  26. Kissi remember when you see j icon and ask Juana bout him and you and him link up at the hotel and him sex you and never look bck. JAYICON say you have no walls boo and your pU$$y stink,

  27. Nikki nuh fi trouble nobody cause she a waste waste WASTE GYAL! Don’t know the next girl but Nikki Nuh fi talk cause she don’t accomplish nothing from whoring. Figure out ur life and leave the girl.

  28. Krissii and the j icon thing is true!!! The man Neva even blink back and him don’t give her a dolla. Anuh suh it work okay boo boo. Next time u collect first. Not bcuz dem man here claim they have money mean seh u Ago get. That’s what u call ‘trick’ u got tricked boo! and she run up Ina Apple cause I saw them at boom all white and a f*** Di girl man but Apple like these stuff though. Regular she pimp out Di idiot dem to har man and si dung and laugh at them.

  29. Suh how krissi was kotching wid baddie shantiera and dem seh she a f**k PONY to? Explain a dats why dem friendship mashup? Cuz mi can’t crosss dis !!! Every single time bag white dem come in town a so u see Kristen and Shannon hitch up back a dem a look a ting two a dem fava two hungry dog ! All now d man dem nah look just a fck n cut !!!!

  30. 2 a dem full a fault. Two a dem a escort no man! This sounds like pot a cuss kettle dwl Krissii3 tho The way this Gyal whore she shouldn’t a kotch a people yard she should a have a house In her name or even a bed my god! You know how bad it gone when the same man dem weh a f**k har a done har

  31. mi nuh knw none a dem fi talk to but mi see dem inna real life krissi is a very pretty girl nicki nuh ugly or pretty she deh pon di borderline but a good fi yuh nicki stop throw subs on di gram unu fi leave ppl business alone so wat if di gal want to do free promo kmt from weh mi read none a unu nuh better dan none two piece a shit unu be

  32. She f**d one a the boys from Flexx crew too, mi nah go seh which one but dis likkle gal and har pussy is a sad sad case and den she come pon IG a gwan like she a somebody.

  33. Asian sell pussy like dog you come fi krissii fi no reason. Asian stop talk bout papers you no have none. i cant understand you want war ppl krissi need fi bust a bottle ina face when u step to her. Asian you have no car no apt nothing so stop come for ppl

  34. Jicon is a man or a woman because if him even sleep with the girl how that reach, dem dancehall man here chat woman to much and comin like dutty the way a how jicon look so , fr you see his pink face you see mix up…him chat too much to…

  35. Why jicon name have to call in every mixup. A so u love chat when u **k gal u is a big batty boy. Why you no talk how you suck out the gal dem pussy talk bout that when u da ja. You a run yu mouth talk bout how the gal dem pussy is a meal to u.

  36. Krissi walk and literally beg pony for a f**k and him tur har down wicked, Pony DONT WAnt none A Dem And this straight facts, these Dum bitvhes. If anything one f**k and duck m him hole him head like arrow like him don’t kno dem, baddie shantiera she f**g this big man from Arizona, whey nuh stop use her, shantiera walk an sell pyssy too, all slim shi f**k

  37. It’s a known fact that Krissi sell pussy. Couple months ago she , Javana, Kym make up girl and Samantha Seargent mek dem rounds in New York wid the sell pussy ting! All these young girls care about is dressing up for social media wid non behind it

  38. Met here is some har file Shantiera a top pyssy seller she’s always out looking for the next money man fi suck, shi suck hood like it going out a season, the man from Arizona affi run her the other day cause him say she want do a sell pussy, so right now shi on to the next man same place over bush, shi ratherarizona man them than LA

  39. This is so disgraceful. I don’t know who these people are but cotdamnit the Asian dolly girl needs to give it a rest. The other chick is what 20 and dolly is her 30s wtf? Pathetic. Weh you go trouble the pickney and her teabag fa?

  40. Weh d man name from Arizona weh Shantiera a fck???
    Yes unu talk d tings cuz mi swear blind a PONY

    And yes and all who talking its TASHINE PONY WE TALKIN

  41. Nikki and har pampas batty need fi leave d girl. No surgery n she still popping. Unu priorities twisted telling the gyal fi do beast. How about telling her to do something of substance like going back to school. A u stay bad teeth Dem Ina u head u need fi go fix. Damn disgusting!

  42. I know Kristen personally, we grew up together and all I can say is it’s sad how she turned out. I so disappointed in her after all she has done to disgrace herself and I can’t imagine how her mom would feel to hear all these things about her only daughter. Kristen I hope you are reading this and stop carrying on like a common whore and get your shit together for the sake of the baby, because he’s the one that will be hurt the most by your actions.

  43. Krissi ok in person yea, krissi f**k lex flexx and fren his wife rima tpc! Shi deva, krissi and all har fren dem nuh stay frens fi long lol

    All the nelle upsetta she weh run off inna farrin and a f**k and suck tyrone flexx is y shi and krissi no longer besties

    Mi see say baddie shanteria reaLly nah use krissi again a wa Gwaannnn???

  44. Da gal BADDIESHANTIERA mad annoying wid har big nose esii dis deep rural mobay country gal come a foreign a gwaan like alongtime she a wear brand everyting u hear har bout she a lick out pon who a wear fake like she nuh jus a get har one n two buss from Di front she selling n is true all she chat bout a sucking dick

  45. All a unu pathetic.. I kno krissii personally, she don’t live with no battyman friend she has a gay fren that they always hang out together. The girl just get her good good apartment a jersey. And so what if she want sell pussy. F**g for free is called rape and she have har place to live so unnuh shut up.. all a we a woman the whole a we f**k so who is unu fi slaughter the girl . She’s very pretty with and without makeup she always post herself on her snapchat without makeup and she looks pretty just the same, nicki is just a badmind bitch that wanted to suck the girl pussy cos that’s all she does she did want recruit krissii and she turn har down.. baddie shantiera a ole germs live inna har one room a Bronx and have all the name brand inna har dutty small room and small kitchen a try Mek old clothes look good.. unnuh must get facts before unnnuh come try style people on social media

  46. Honestly me nah lie . Almost everyone of these ig bitches really don’t have shit . And I don’t wrong the Asian girl fe call out the next one . Cause guess wa .? De truth ago bloodclaat hurt . Dem so f**g caught up in posting the next pic and not owning anything legit in life. Most a dem young ig gal yah don’t have shit . Con man and open business or get a real job . Just a do hair make up , buy clothes and shit .

  47. This juicy bad, real matey & groupie site dis to rass!!! Anon a how you well waan know the man name weh yu sey shantiera a f**k a AZ soh a your man to don’t??

    1. My man Nuh want she .. u too BC nuff as u seh a mix up site
      Coulda never me just wa d good good suss so if u Nuh know a who tappi noise n mek d next person weh know comment

      Now weh d man name a AZ ?!!! Cuz like I said I swore baddie shantiera was fckin PONY HYPE mi see dem several times a party inna each other face !!! Mi never see dis gal travel go no where further than Florida so which az man???? Is a african man dis gal did a f**k a him scam are the 3 ole name bran boot dem she have

  48. F****g for free is rape? u and nasty krissi3 need a job @right. Walk and sell pussy gal like ya’ll. Independence a the best asset! Have u ever been to her house? I bet u don’t even live in America. Get your facts straight and go defend your life. both of y’all need to stop selling pussy 4 a living. Drink bleach man!

  49. I visit this site mostly for the entertainment.I don’t even know 90% of the people they talk about, so I refrain from making nasty comments. What I will say though, especially for the ones living in NY, you don’t have to sleep with anyone to survive in NY

  50. Jayicon doesn’t even know krissii or she kno him. Me and apple a fren and apple ask him and him say unnuh must stop spread wrong info cause he doesn’t even know krissi much less to sleep with her.. unnuh must too wicked and bad

  51. @right stop embarrassing yourself for this ho u call a friend. I saw them together at a party in Long Island just the two of them. Ask her about that. So if Apple didn’t know, she know now. I didn’t know he mashed her but doing the math I guess that’s the night he f***d and ducked her smh Y’all be sounding so dumb

  52. Dumb hoe anonymous @7:12pm don’t BC tell me sey mi nuff.. ole germs go to a clinic before you try style me. Look into the comments how many times you asking to get info on your community cocky and nobody nuh see yu, bitch go chuck off a Brooklyn bridge before you try style me & goweh

    1. Like I said YUH TOOO FCKIN NUFFF
      DO U KNOW ME? Bout community cocky
      This is a mix up site let me be mixxy In peace u dumb bitch

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