24 thoughts on “DI BLEACH LET LOOSE

  1. What we should be looking at is the “ofter”. Bloodseed. Illiteracy at it’s best. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Good morning Met, Metters and Peepers.

  2. What I say yesterday strong BLEACH is alkaline, champagne is very acidic it must burns the BLEACHOUT skin and eyes..But to each his own..

  3. Him sick mi stomach!!! I dont see no rich folks inah real life a gwaan like them. I hope yall saving and investing. You what happened to flippa? Met gm,you should see his mom! She looks terrible, pop dung! All she do is walk and beg cigarette, Sad case . You and that build a body wife of yours, how you feel comfortable to have her “wearing your name ” and every man basically eye f***g her? Yuh mussi nuh use to nuttin,unu too frighten and live live fi ppl.

  4. Is it Ofter or After? So this man don’t have spell check on His phone? Don’t care about His bleaching, Illiterate people who has no self esteem bleach them skin.

  5. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    It is very clear that between him,Apple,Christine or even the brother not one of them help de kids wid homework a must after school these kids guh fi duh it every last one of them dunce nd refuse fi use the money and guh get even a basic education,everybody nuh cut out fi college but at leats have the basics.

    them so hype wid dis champagne bath thing and nah realize seh the ingredients weh in deh don’t work wid the chemical them already a put pon dem skin look how him face buss up,mi nuh know how she has wife caan tell her man fi stop

  6. Mi seh mi send met wa email bout 2 months now all now me nuh seet and mi know a good good suss dat dwl maybe chu it under sikes met leggo d suss pan d wall men dwrcl!!!

  7. No sah…me can’t even siddung near bleachaz much less mek dem touch me…dem ppl yah good…dem always fronzy and them black pon dem knuckles just scary!

  8. Riddle me this and riddle me that guess me this riddle and perhaps not….where does the duncehall people dem sit when they go to the Yankees stadium?

    1. Which Yankee stadium you talking, because I’m sure none you taking about ever set foot in Yankee stadium in the Bronx, NY.
      These people only come out at NIGHT/after dark

  9. Birds of a feather flock together perfect match him and him dunce wife ofter and ofto dwl no saah dem so call rich ppl yA!!!

  10. These NYC girls are f**g whack!! All they do is compete with each other and stunt for Instagram! Whatever they buy has to have a video shoot or photo taken before it’s worn just to prove they may have gotten it first..How pathetic is that!! And it’s the same set of people!! If yall ever knew how stupid unno look.

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