0 thoughts on “ASIAN NEGROID MIX

  1. I don’t know Maybe something wrong with me, but I don’t know how some a we people Mek people business be our headache. Me I don’t give a f**k about people I do me give GOD thxs for a job roof over my head no sa oonu good fi a pree people. Mek ago rub mi knee so mi no end up ya with my two colour feet but my don’t look like her’s but them stubbon badddd a feel like beat them.

  2. Why in God’s world would you mess with Dance-hall women nowadays? Why? I went on vacation for two weeks and this thing is an epidemic. They love themselves but try to look like Edom (aka Esau) every morning. I dissed every single one of them and told my mother don’t support them stall in Downtown. My mother ask me why? My reason, they don’t support blackness…Sizzla- Blackness (even though I don’t follow Rastafari).

    @Gen, so we should say nothing when these bleaching pieces of ish destroy the self esteem of every daughter of Zion? The funniest thing is when Edom look pon deh bleaching fools pon deh train and the bleaching fool gets uncomfortable. Edom a stare pon dem and a wonder what the hell? Dats why nuff a dem bleaching fools from BKLYN furthest stop is West 4 pon deh A. Them can’t travel further, they hate the looks they get and the saddest thing the bleaching fools know they are out of order. Thus living a lie.

  3. @ Hebrew Israelite. You right about “Massa” not paying them no mind. Over here in the U.K, I have yet to see any of these creatures beyond any area where Jamaicans have ghettoised themselves. I do not see them working in banks, supermarkets or chain retail stores.
    I only see them amongst “our own”. And nothing can’t tell me it’s not self hate why they do it. Because I have yet to see a bleacher, don’t care how even the tone, who doesn’t look like a cadaver warmed up. Not one!

  4. Met darling please help mi out.mi wah send in a topic mama but it keep say email protected and when i click on it say mi need Java whatever try all dat still not working so please tell mi how to send in mi story…Bless up Met..dem cum wit all other kind a page but u the boss we nah sell outi

  5. What the hell did this girl do to her face har face is terrible shi never look so. Caroline a whey yuh do to yuh face it ugly!!!


    1. I think she has health problems…hands swollen and those rings around her ankles…too much salt intake or mercury on the kidneys from the bleach?

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