Subject: Actor spared death after avoiding ambush hit with coke dealers

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A Hollywood actor was spared the real-life role of victim in a fatal shooting because he failed to show up for a Midtown meeting that turned into a hit on a drug-dealing associate, The Post has learned.
Quran Pender, 35, and his alleged partner, Brandon Woodard, 31, along with a third unidentified accomplice, were invited to the Big Apple in December 2012 by their Queens associates to discuss their coast-to-coast cocaine operation, law-enforcement sources said.
But Woodard, a law student, made the trip to New York alone and was murdered execution-style by a gunman in broad daylight on busy West 58th Street off Seventh Avenue, near Carnegie Hall.
Dramatic video shows Woodard taking a call on his cellphone — which cops believe was made to distract him — seconds before his killer gunned him down and fled in a getaway car.
Pender — who starred in “The Cookout” films with Queen Latifah and Danny Glover — and his unidentified cohort stayed behind in Los Angeles for reasons that are not clear, the sources said.
The investigation into Woodard’s murder lead cops to California, where Pender was busted on May 14, 2013, for his alleged role in the bicoastal cocaine ring, the sources said.
Pender was extradited to New York to face a five-count indictment on felony charges of conspiracy and criminal sale of a controlled substance, according to court papers.
The 6-foot-2, 195-pound actor and his two partners had been selling coke on the West Coast for tens of thousands of dollars per kilo, according to the sources.
One of them had a connection with dealers from South Jamaica — and brokered an arrangement where the New Yorkers would purchase narcotics from their California partners and then sell the drugs on consignment in the city, the sources said.
Their first transaction went smoothly, with the California trio shipping one kilo to their Queens partners, who sold the coke and promptly mailed a share of the money back to California, according to the sources.
But the New York dealers were slow sending the Californians their cut after a second transaction, the sources said.
And in their third and final deal, the South Jamaica goons not only kept all the proceeds after selling three kilos — they then tried to lure their business partners to New York City to assassinate them, according to the sources.
But only Woodard showed up on Dec. 10, 2012.
No one was been arrested in the murder. And no member of the Queens gang has as yet been charged.
According to an indictment filed by Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, Pender was operating his bicoastal cocaine business from June 2012 to May 2013.
Pender is being held on $500,000 bail at the Manhattan Detention Complex.
His attorney, Joseph Giaramita, did not return a call seeking comment.
His next court date is March 28.


  1. south Jamaica means Jamaica queens don’t think is southside man from Jamaica think this a some yankie thing then again you never know

  2. Met mi did a wonda di latest pon di bare face killing a Manhattan n di suspected Jamaicans involved (mi neva hear onoo sey dis dancehall ole ooman did involve re di phone)

  3. it says Jamaica south goons, that does not necessarily mean they are Jamaicans, every ting wha gwaan a farrin a yardie get di blame, as yuh quint a di same yardie dem a call up di name.

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