MET me have a issue me was talk bout today a Assassin wife me want unuh bring up again! She is an ugly, tuff turbet nasty dirty disrespectful dogshit bitch that don’t know how to act! People always a send her in and cuss her and I have read and have never made a comment but I have witnessed her behavior for myself on the 3rd occasion now !!She is definitely of the opinion that she is better than MOST people! If She doesn’t recognize a person as anybody up in society or anyone that she can latch on to derive a benefit from she will treat them horribly and that is not ok!! She nuh haffi talk up talk up to people if she nuh feel but there is a difference between that and simply being polite!! Learn the difference NICOle! You don’t have to be friendly but you can be polite!!!!! When she is going to be deliberately disrespectful for no reason and treat people horrible and I mean Horribly that is NOT OK and is quite aware of her behavior also!!! Me say me cah even explain how me angry a type this cause I witness something this girl did recently! I don’t know how people do business with her much less tolerate her as a person! Me nuh care weh nobody want to say Assassin only a stick around cause she a make money and him a benefit from it because it could not be because of her personality because what I have witnessed is someone with an innate dirty nasty horrible personality!! I will go as far as to say the absolute worst most disrespectful person me eva witness inna my whole life and the funny thing is she doesn’t even know who she disrespected! Not because some people aren’t known by all of uptown as being successful respectable people doesn’t mean they are not! Some people unlike them are quite laid back and humble with their success! ME seh me cant get over this latest incident weh me witness ! She a walk round the place like she is it and cah come nowhere with her man unless she go a makeup artist go put on lashes weh mek she fava black bat and a full face a makeup and still so fu**g uglY!!!!! Its her personality that she showing on the outside that no amount a makeup can fix! Damn disgusting!! And it is not once or twice I see this dogshit disrespect people especially women !! This dirty hippopotamus looking dogs hit!!!! She is really NOT about any women empowerment because all her disrespect is towards women!!!!! She is only doing this to make money and that is all! NOT A WOMEN EMPOWERMENT NOTHING!!! SHE IS a fucking horrible low down dirty bitch!!! And yes its personal because on this latest incident me know di people dem weh she disrespect really well and I even had to ask them if they had done anything to her or they had known her personally from before and the answer was NOl! But they are not the type of persons to cause a scene and are not easily angered cause when me ask if dem just going to allow her to treat them in such a manner the lady said to me that its quite ok because for her that was a signal to her never to recommend her for anything or to associate with her for any reason and just smiled and easy back! Dem neva seem angry but Me angry ennui cause they are very nice people! I know so many persons who are not necessarily considered the who is who in society and they are soo nice and humble to everyone and no-one really knows how successful these people are! I don’t know why Nicole feel like she better than people!! Me seh anyday she ever try that with all me ( she probably won’t cause most time me see her a come around anyway me gwaaan like me nuh see har and she keep me distance cause my spirit never tek her from long time and worse she probably sense say I am not the person to try) I would give her one kick inna her already f**d up donkey looking face!!!! I am by no means wishing for her downfall but I really want her to experience something that will allow her to do some self evaluation and teach her how to be humble because right now how she treats people is not acceptable!!!

58 thoughts on “ASSASSIN WIFE AT IT AGEN

  1. Ok…..but what exactly did she do sender? You’re doing all this venting but still have not said what she has done!

  2. This post is absolutely stupid. All now you can’t explain what really happened. All this bag of witness this incident and still all know we cah know a wah. Girl you need help. .

  3. Not being funny, but I spent quite a while gong through all the above, but I still cannot ascertain what it is this woman is supposed to have done????

    Anyone willing to help me out?

  4. Said the same thing over n over and mek mi a read fi get to di meat. Whe she do?How she disrespect di people dem? Cuz all now yuh nuh tell wi

  5. Sender mi hate yu. Yu write an entire book wid all executive summary and not one hint wey Nicole duh di people. As per your words, it’s not even something she did you personally but you this irate. Please when you are submitting submit the real suss

  6. ME nah seh weh me witness this time cause she will know exactly what she did and who she id it to and as I said di people dem very laid back! doubt dem read JMG but just in case me nuh want to cause them no trouble but it bothered me so much that me feel like me did haffi send in something !!! Though me nah go say that exact incident me can tell unuh this she actually don’t like Aidonia wife and one a previous incident dem is me tek me own ears hear her a chat kim inna the worse way like a say the girl look like a slut how she dress and she nuh want nobody see her or associate her with kim! Kim if you know was good fi you walk farrrrr from her cause she doesn’t like you!!! 100% truth me a talk !

    1. She have a nerve!! Mi did kinda pick up seh u neva waa seh di 100…………..But she cannot walk ina didi wife shoes cause kim might dress like a slut but was never one………di one artiste she tek married har

      1. Yes Met she does have a nerve! And then is a different story to kim face !I doubt kim have a clue how nicole really feel about her! To show the levels of how nicole can judge and do people! When the rich people dem weh she try par wid dress naked is not a problem but a kim nuh good ennuh fi har company ! kmt.

      2. You saying a lot without saying much, mama. But wouldn’t that be enough reason to hate Kim though, she didn’t have to circulate and up and dung fi find someone to hold on to her. There is no more sophisticated woman to find that a polished hoe, dem will meck you believe they were born with gold spoon in dem mouth.

    2. Can you make this make sense? If she doesn’t want to be assocaited with Kim, why is she up under every single post of hers with kitty heart eyes and vice versa. Why she and leanclean eva a heart and blow kiss to the BFF trisht. You are a liar. full stop.

      1. Oh please, that is typical hypocritical behaviour! Most of you in crowd IG personalities don’t like each other, and are in competition with each other! Liking pics and leaving kitty heart eyes mean nothing! Nicole is just an ole tough turbit.

        Nicole is the type to friend you, to see what you are all about, (She talk it pon her IG say a she message Kim first) all invite Kim a her yard, then find fault in the girl, because she look good. Nicole badmind and Rachel BADMIND, ask Martina.

      2. Not a lie! Nicole is very fake so no matter the amount a heart emoji you see her put under kim post it is all show ! She very much said what I said she did! I have no reason to lie. She chat her friend them business too! She is not a genuine person!

    3. She no like nobody but her malnourished sister. Kasi, Shanzi unnu watch out for Nicole, she is a hater of the highest order.

      1. U really feel like she like Kasi and Shanzi? Especially Shanzi?? After hearing all this I doubt she genuinely likes those girls

  7. Loooool, she always look out of place or doing too much, unlike her sister and yoli…..,anything she said or do seem force u just cringe

  8. u should see her when she drunk u woulda cry shame a har wid how she treat people. But u gotta say what she did sender. I’m guessing if you say what she did you would give ur self weh or someone told you about the incident and you never got the full details

  9. You know say nicole have a very low-key badmind. For instance, she had a video she post up on IG and she was looking really nice, the pink lipstick she had on was really popping and every one commented on it and asked her whats the color, all now, she don’t answer, but only answer questions about the book, or whatever she blogging bout. nicole, you don’t understand that answering simple questions like that is good PR for your business. However, on a serious note, we need fi RETIRE nicole going into 2019 and beyond.

  10. D higher d monkey climb is d more it expose. One by one unno going discover d realllll Nicckkkiiii… senda Nicole is a regular 9-5 worker like d rest a wi.. she is an employee at AISK so most a d clients a really students at d school, her job she a do.. Nicckiii nah mek whey ppl think she a mek. Y unno think all these speech and books come in, mortgage haffi pay ooooo

  11. As 2018 comes to a close I want to point something out..I have come to realize that “someone” on this wall have some very strong feelings for Nicole and Cassie. Now that feeling could be hate, jealousy, envy, bad mind, disgust, you name it. But a swear someone feels very passionate about these two women, and I have a feeling it’s one a di “regulars” dem to inno. Whomever it is, I wish you well…

    1. ….”hate, jealousy, envy, bad mind, disgust, you name it”

      IT IS ALL of the above. The person sat there and disliked your comment over 220-times. She is one sick individual. More than likely, this person is the one sending in all the Nicole stories. She cannot say exactly what was said, because she is making it up. Apparently, she has ran out of stories, so she is fabricating them now.

  12. Sender I understand, people just get the main idea from the post, yea I would love to hear what she did but to protect identity especially when it is one witness I understand. I get the feeling they really turn their noses down on poor people or who they believe is not a part of the “in crowd” (my opinion).

  13. Del fuka dem, lol u know say I swear Jamaicans very unique dwl all when we expressing ourselves. Anyways uno tell mi if Brittany Chris martin girl have baby yet nuh SOMEONE shed some light on Chris martin 3rd baby mother Brittany

  14. Metty mi can’t believe say you don’t have Kim file… Kim been a fuck pon Donia lol boy fool like duck.. Nicole is a educated Ho but Kim is a pretty dunce Ho. Kim we have your file; the British boy still a talk how him can fuck you any time as a married woman, the Chinese boy who use to beat you say a him dump yuh.. so stop act like you a virgin. Kim how many subjects you have now?? Sender hop off a Nicole fender the girl have her credentials!!

  15. Nicole ugly like donkey weh a bray no matter her “credentials”.

    Lisa Hanna and Yendi have their graduate degrees, and all now I don’t see them bragging about it everyday. When can Nicole walk in those women shoes? I am actually talking about intelligence here, cause it would be unfair to compare two beauty queens to a donkey face bitch. Nicole me see you stop fren up Marcia Forbes like one time, bout mentor. Dutty hypocrite gal.

  16. Lol Kim is worst than dunce Kim is a retard when it comes on to school work, she leave school with no subjects n i not even sure she have any dwl. Mi nuh like Nicole but at least Nicole have education fi help har navigate chue life. While mi nuh know Kim fuk life I know she very dunce fi a fact though. Lol she worst than pretty dunce hahahaha, diddy wife need a tups of education lol. At least diddy breda lav wife Toni went to st Andrews n uwi and have her degree plus she is from a nice middle upper class family n her brother is a doctor, mom is a banker etc. Kim a wukless dunce bat all she duh is dress up n she go put in false titi recently and bout she have online store lol dwl . Idonia wife need to take a page out a him bredda wife book.

  17. You know I was at work recently and two coworkers said that she was stuck up and rude to the until she found out that one of them knew her husband well and the other’s grandparents was close to her parents. Sender don’t send in things if u can’t talk the full 100 but it’s
    Honestly not the first or second time I’m hearing incidents of Nicole being a bitch to people until she finds out that they are influential. This story was a waste of time still….

  18. We all know that just by this post alone, the narcissist will turn it into a post and talk about overcoming negative etc etc. I wonder what would happen if she wake up one day and have lik 200 followers on her IG? Lets make it happen for 2019 nuh?

  19. @Aidonia Breda wife MissL, yuh did want Aidonia marry you instead a Kim!? Why else would you be here comparing yourself with her when this post had zero to do with you?

    1. As I read the post I knew she had written it. She educated but girl you still resemble a buffalo. Kim is neat and petite, plus she minds her business and don’t trouble a soul. Dutty hypocrite gal. A so you want to be seen by Nicole that you would throw Kim under the bus? You are a groupie just like Nicole.

    2. Whe Miss Executive from upper middle class did see pon Didi craawny looking bredda? Mi woulda shame fi carry him go uptown functions, before him cut off di stringy braids fi him wedding him did look dirty.
      Mrs Toni….as long as u happy go chue

  20. This is about Nicole so what’s the relevance of Toni and Kim to the discussion? No need to sling shit at Toni because she’s married to Aidonia’s brother. She’s a genuine person who minds her own business. Next!

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