From am doing business with Nikii Chromazz them never be disrespectful yet or unprofessional….. but I choose to do business with TNH and look how she unprofessional!…. like wtf!!! A customer have the right to ask about their package! You can’t deal with customer so!…. feel like take back me money when she seh that!!… Nikii Chromaz hurry up and do 3-5 day shipping deh!… only reason TNH get that sale deh!… bun me yf!!!!….


  1. I don’t see the disrespect sender, is it in another message cause you lef it out a day one yah. Also it is possible that you’ve “never been” disrespected by “Nicki- the -bomb- never- baddah -drop -Christmas- Chromaz”, but we have seen countless proof of her disrespect so mek we leave dah comparison deh right desso.

  2. The response was unprofessional, but you also need to use wisdom. If you already knew the package was mailed on Monday and two public holidays fall right after then your own common sense must tell you to look for the package Monday to Tuesday of next week. If you get it Friday then consider yourself lucky. Once something is mailed and you get your confirmation then just be patient. I have bought hundreds of things online with sellers and I have only communicated with sellers twice. I have shopped with Amazon for more than ten years now, and I have never called their customer service. No matter how anxious I am to get something once it is shipped it is out of the seller’s hands and I need to just wait.

    Granted, the response was less than stellar from the seller, diplomacy is a must when dealing with clients irrespective of how irritating and trying they are. Take a break, reply at a later time when you are calmer. Don’t reply at the height of your irritation and choose your words wisely. Stick to the facts and add nothing more. All she needed to do was reiterate the two public holidays and keep it pushing. How the person question make you feel is a non-issue, keep your emotions out of your work.

    1. Just like that! Annonymous

      Sender, she ahould put you on a ‘NEVER AGAIN’ list. You should have made your purchase LONG before the holiday week since you so damn impatient. All then you would have done the same slanderous deed.

      It takes 1 customer to spread a good word to 100 potential and the same 1 to 100 to destroy a business….you are a destroyer while promoting that con-artist bitch….yeah bitch! I saw that.

  3. As a small business on instagram myself, I would like to know if you as potential customers or otherwise, appreciate late night responses as the above (12.27am)? A different tone from me of course, but are late night responses acceptable? I’ll be up and awake going through messages but won’t reply until after 8am, am I missing out on potential customers by waiting until a ‘decent’ hour? Doing business on social media is really informal so I’m not sure if I’m the one being fussy for no reason.

    1. Doing business online has taught me that people all over the world can now shop and there are different time zones. People don’t all operate on the same schedule, perhaps 12:27 is when they can send their message. You don’t have to respond at that time.

    2. Every business has business hours. You’re not running a hospital so it is perfectly fine to respond in the morning, when you are open for business. Never start bad habits in your business just to get or keep clients. Set a standard and you will be respected more in the long run.

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