1. Ur love walk and trouble people blonde that’s y u son stabb u up.if a nuhbody else u would a prison dem.stinking blonde u want bathe u arm a kick like vandam.clean u ur chacka chacka body fr ur ears to yr foot.dent up body blonde go get a life.u walk a nyam a people yard.u need fe go pon de table go cut out u bang belly.stay bad blonde wey in a u old cheap clothes and lean blonde u want go back in a u madda pussy and born again.evil blonde go clean ur stinking mouth with ur gold teeth.ur miuth want fix stinking blonde gold teeth stop wear.

  2. @ hotness……well i dare say you didnt just drink the haterade….. yuh done chuck off inna on whole swimming pool a it……dwrcl

  3. @hotness mek blondie stay wid har cheap clothes dem, shi buy whea shi can afford at least shi nah use nuh five finga discount har people credit card, and her son has mental problems,do you expect for her to lock him up regardless of his condition it’s still har Pitney unno fi gwea man and go jump in a shit pit bunch ah sewage.

  4. @HOTMESS so you are rejoicing and exceedinly glad that this lady son stabbed her up and then you have the nerves to come here typing that shi trouble people and love lock up people and har mouth dutty and she need to go pon doctor table mek dem carve up har body,you are no betta than her i know exactly who you are HOTMESS you just as evil as she is and then you come on here throwing shades at her,if she choose to be natural wid har big belly and cheap clothes thats her perogative,at least shi nah follow nobody guh put in fake breast,fake batty,bleach out and look like australian monkey are no fake wanna be barbie, i’m big and mi love mi body nuh knife to mi body mi man love mi fatness him say mi body is like a blanket it keep him warm all like know how di place cold.

  5. that sad, But honestly dem big woman ya need fi leave the dancehall and guh take care of dem family.. Her son have mental problem go look a decent job get yourself together you realize you have to take care of him forever and psychiatric meds need monitoring. I dont know what the f**k is wrong with these Big woman nowadays. Hope this is a wake up call cause she coulda dead at his hand and then him institutionalize for the rest of his life.


  7. Well Blondie all that time you spend in party f**king with others you need to take care of your home.It s funny how the person who tun a knife pan u a you own son. learn a lesson…u r a big woman and you act reckless…now you get a sign to dance a yard before you dance a yard..go sort out your family problems and leave people alone.

    As for Judith…yes she is not pretty but she has the right to pay for anything to fix up her body…all the celebrities do it and you guys idolize them..she can do to her body whatever she wants…funny how everyone hate on surgery and many would do it in a hard beat.
    This post in no way is making any fun of Blondies son mental health issue.It is a very serious matter. I wish her and her son peace and hopefully she will invest the time and get her son some help.

  8. This is Blondie @ Hotness AKA Hotmess , Oh God, Tom Ford You dont know me and my son so if you dont know the real story shut unoooo!!!! blood cloth stinking mouth. My son did not stab me up and i do not owe any of you any explanation of what happen. But for all the people who love Blondie and care for me, thanks for your prayers and all the well wishes my son have a knife in his hand and i was trying to take the knife out of his hand and it cut me, so my son did not stab stab me up. I did not even get any stitches. My son is diagnose with depression he was not born with it. Anyone can have depression. I have been taking care of my son for the past13 yrs with this sickness so i have been taking excellent care of my two sons. you see my son you would not know he have that sickness unless i tell you.. If when you all see me in the parties don’t sorry for me i know how to be a mother my home is well taken care of. I raise my two sons by God, my self and my husband before my husband pass. My husband dead but he set me and his kids for life.My sons were never left with no auntie cousins etc.. When you see me in a party mi a mek dollars i am a woman of many talents. I am a promoter a nurse, decorator it and i can do it. So left me with my cheap clothes a me wear the clothes the clothes dont wear me. I dont have to wear brand name to be a brand mi a mi own brand. At least mi nuh look like Eskimo monkey. Mi pretty from mi born, mi beautiful inside out so dont hate me because mi beautiful and mi nuh bad mind, mi heart clean like gold . So if unu want to wear fake breast, fake batty and fake pussy thats not my business i am keeping my shit real so left mi with mi big belly, mi gold teeth, mi dutty truck at least everything i have is mines i dont borrow it from none a uno and i dont use five finga discount either that is not my style. Uno can gwan rejoice uno want me dead but uno draw bad card ..Touch not God anointed a mi name Blondie 4 Life Mi nah go no weh until God ready fi me. So stay deh sit dung pon mi and my sons dem name while fi uno business a spoil. Know the real shit before you cum pon yah a do up people. Uno a computer bad gal see and step to me mi nuh in a no long cocky argument with no gal. Uno a call me informa a uno blood cloth friend Dark n ugly Judith tek out warrant fi mi and mi wap it back pon har. A Judith a de informa so uno gwan listen to Judith and if uno f**k with me mi call 911 caan mi a pay tax. I dont f**k with people in a party wen people f**k with me it is on .

  9. @Blondie.If you read my comments carefully you would have understood what I said. Noone is making fun of mental health issues . At no time did I say what your son and you are going through was funny or anything to laugh at. I am not a fan or friend of Judith. I simply believe she has the right to do her body whatever she chooses and those comments were not directed at anything you say or believe.Even if she is ugly, that I will hesitantly concede, she should have the right to modify her body. As for five finger discount, you have enjoyed the fruits of five finger discounts many times, so do not come on here to take the high and mighty road knocking down butterers. Likewsise, I stand by my comment that you act reckless for a big woman, yes you have the right to party and talk up the things as you are known to do, but there comes a time in life, especially with your age and family issues that you are dealing with and will continue to deal with, for you to relax and chill. I am not advocating anything bad for you and if Judith is rejoicing about your son situation she id dead wrong, she has kids and karma is a bitch.Then again, maybe someone s actually saying all these things to you and it is not Judith, but because they know both of you beefing she becomes the scapegoat. I know she has been called a goat before, but maybe she is not guilty this time. As for you being an Informa, that I will not endorse without more, you have the right to call 911 like anyone else, however because you pay taxes doesnot make you special. The legal system is available to anyone. lastly, I donot know you personally and never wanted to. I know of you, very much.

  10. @Tom Ford this is Blondie yes i carefully read your comments you said you dont know me &you don’t want to know me that’s why you need to tek you dutty blood clatt off a yah &go mind your own boombo clatt business ms team Judith aka dark &ugly i don’t want any friend from dutty bundle people like unno on that note mi &judith never have no argument no time at all i don’t hate Judith is Judith hate me my heart is clean because my husband take very good care of me b4 him die&my man now tek care a me str8888!! the bitch jealous plzzzzzz!! a buy judith buy out people argument so what you expect me to do ??? she tek out warrant for me & lie pon mi the judge run her out a the court room with her liard self mi know this bitch from Jamaican all mi do is help this bitch she walk & tell people mi a trouble har mi nuh trouble peopleeeeeeee!!!! any one that know me know seh mi nuh f**k with people & you a cum a call me reckless mi nuh reckless mi nuh drink,mi nuh smoke or do drugs nah thief fi go a jail every time jail never mek fi dog it mek fi all a we when you give you self trouble you will end up a jail yes mi a big woman mi know mi age nobody don’t have to tell me i am like fine wine aging gracefully thank you on that note Judith is not nuh scapegoat Judith is the goat that going around saying baaaaaaaa!!!! lol! dwrl!!!woooooooooooie mi bellyyyyyy!!and as of the five finger discount you said i enjoy the fruits of it you must know because a you give me five finger discount also i am not knocking butterers because thats a sickness to its self & people have to do what ever to feed them family more power to dem that’s not my style my style is to take care of my 2sons & my fiance i don’t watch people business is not my business i didn’t said i was special because i pay my tax i simple saying that i pay my tax & i call 911 any time if i choose so &i know the legal system is available to every one so plzzzzzzzz i am not a dummy & i am not going to come back on here with the back and fort shit you &your friends see me or hear about me all the time just step to me if you having a problem with me because if a gal don’t touch mi them nah say nuh ting on that note i love my life & i only have one life to live &i going to live it end a story seh weh unoo want to seh i don’t give a ***k i care zerooooooo!!!

  11. I am a friend of Blondie. have known her and her boys for a very long time. She is a great person, and a good mother. yes, her son Andre does have an illness. @ Blondie, please ignore these people. You have always been a good person and mother and don’t let these people here get you out of character. You don’t have to defend yourself. Take care of yourself and those beautiful young men you have.

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