Apart from driving out Haitians that have been residing in the Dominican Republic, it was reported that the man in the photo above was killed publicly because he attempted to rob someone. What are your views?


  1. This is NOT the first time Dominican Republic has done ethnic cleansing of Haitians from their Island. Remember Trujillo!!!!!
    Nobody cares about Haitians & the UN needs to step in and address this. There are public & hidden massacres & God does not sleep. My father is Haitian & I weep for his people. I will NEVER vacation in DR. NEVER b/c I know the history.

    1. I will not start *sign of the cross* mek mi :travel
      dem a di only caribbean island whey quick fi seh dem nuh black all when dem feva tar baby granny so mek mi :travel

      1. How di $%^&& dem was a part of Haiti and break away and dem scorn di people dem so bad because dem black? I swear slavery put a curse pan wi

      2. Metty mi comment wa day out di one weh work inna wa bank, and Metty mi seh di picky picky head gal suh black til she blue….and is Hispanic , and when ah nex Hispanic customer came in the bank and needed translation and she jump up fe acknowledge seh she is Hispanic and the customer mussi seh sitten bout negro, she VEX to bloodclaat ah start swear seh she ah nuh negro. Mi seh ignorance is really bliss tuh baxside. Yuh tink dem easy ma’am? …mawning Metty, fam fam and Hapoy Pre- Thanksgiving to everyone :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. dats 100 of them was on that boat yessideh thats 10 died the boat all a tilt ova wid the Haitian dem oh my man..why dem neva just lock up the man for stealing and done

  3. Its a black man killing another black man. I don’t know where these dominicans get that they are better than the Haitians. The domincians are very racist. I dont use their car service. I hope someone steps in and justice is served. WHo does this guy thinks he is passing judgement on a petty crime.

  4. dark skin does not mean you are a black man, there are indians on the sub continent who are blacker than most black people and they do not belong to the black race. now i do not know what happen in this case but i do know a nuff time me see post on this very site that rapist fi dead, thief fi dead, all sorts of man fi dead, but now dem a get kill oonu heart bleed lol

    met why you dont post some actual information about the case instead of leaving it vague for the do gooders dem to run eeeen and chastise an entire nation because of the actions of some, but when people do that to jamaicans oonu bawl unfair kmt.

    1. I posted what was posted so dont u dare go there, if there was more information most definitely would have been here


        1. you think making a vague comment about slaves sleeping with spaniards is an history class? lol. if you actually know history as you claim you will know the exact reason why haiti and dominican republic have tense relations. but you dont know, maybe you can google it, then we talk history class.

      1. Wats wit the condescending bullshit,
        There is non more foolish than a person who has a little knowledge n instead of share ridicules those who don’t. Damn asshole kmft

        1. Chuetty it is always better to teach one each one, but some people just wanna have all the knowledge and keep it to themselves….where is OBARA when you need her? ** paging Obara.,,paging Professor Obara :nerd

          1. Yeppie I’m so disgusted at the educated fool n his comments very condescending n if he thinks he is such a smart alek y the fuxx him punish himself everyday by being here with the likes of dunces like mi self here cho

  5. Truijillo thought he was white, and use to wear a lot of powder, he use to have all his protraits painted white not dark as his skin color.
    In the Dominican republic they have a school bus that drives around and pick up black people and bring them back to Haiti sometimes even their own get deported but has to prove their nationality to get back in the Dominican republic.

    1. dem still have the black figurine wid di red lips selling..very racist that is why dem hate haiti because the darker skinned people were chased there

  6. I was about to say this is not new because of Truijillo d ppl dem a DR racist and stupid no rasta goerges. Inorance is bliss dem need prayer.

    1. gf everybaddie know how dominican history guh…and what people nuh know they should ask
      no joke mi nay tell u morning oo :peluk

  7. so what? suppose dem dont want identify as a black man, what is this desperation to claim everybody wid one drop of black blood as a black man. this is the same crap with barrack obama, the man come out of a white vagina but black people convinced he is a black man. di man mix race, some dominicans are mixed race, that does not mean black.

    YOU ARE POURING FUEL ON THE FIRE and you know it met. in AFRICA especially rural areas nuff man get burned in public for stealing, even looking at the wrong man wife too long. so what? no blacks a kill blacks dat too? why you chose to report on the dominican republic? especially considering things have been tense with a latino blogger on here? hmmmmmm. see dem start run eeen already.

    this shit happens everyday, so if you really want raise awareness bout the issue den post the story dem from zimbabwe and kenya too, so we can see if people ago say we naw buy no more goods from dem country.

    better yet, why you dont post about the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC that is on the verge of being over run by terrorist malitias? they are now asking for help from one of the major powers before its too late. but why deal with that issue, lets focus on the Dominican Republic because they are capable of wiping out the black race.

    furthermore i was in jamaica when the haitians dem was piling up down there and i remember what was being said about the and how some people were treating them, so jamaicans think dem better dan haitians too!!! done chat

    1. One question..A ur fire mi a poor fuel pan?
      mixed race nuh mean black suh u me and di whole jamaica mix den? :ngakak gwaan choo because mi nah type not a book fi ansa u..Since u know di full educate the usual suspects


        1. chuet is clear pan cnn dis person posted it eno but di article never really write good so mi tek the pic…when this happens anywhere mi post it so I refuse join in the ”say things to cause a stir debate”no not me oo

          1. Let us say things and we naturally disagree but nuh comment no out of the way stuff fi creaste a scene …Im not one for fake drama nopes :travel
            and oc know him is mi dupes but mi nah lukkkkkkkkkkk pan him

          2. Met I come here every day n I know if there was a big uproar about Africans n the murders u would have posted it but then again as far back as I can remember there has always been wars n rumors of wars in Africa so I don’t know whey this dude is on.

    2. One more ting ..Obama eva tell u se him need u fi defend his race? U eva hear him identify himself as less dan black? Mek who piss ina dem chimey empty it please :ngakak

  8. @NOJOKE you want a history lesson? here is one.

    The tension between haiti and dom republic goes farr beyond skin colour, that is a simple peron argument but just by your posts i can see you are simple indeed.

    on february 9, 1822 Haiti invaded the dominican republic. at that time haiti was the wealthier country and they were fresh off defeating the french. when they invaded as you can imagine it was bloody as most invasions tend to be. this led to the dominican war of independence which lasted for about 5-6 years i think. the dominicans have never forgotten this act and it is the main source of bitterness between the two countries. add that to the fact that when france ruled haiti and spain ruled dom rep they posioned the minds of both people against each other.

    now the tables are turned, haiti is poor and dom rep is better off economically than them, so haitians are pouring into dom rep. the dom rep people are crying that their hospitals and schools are being over run with haitians, this is more fuel to the fire.

    i know for a fact that if haitians were fulling up kington public hospital, jamaicans would not be happy!! especially if dem start bring dem voodoo and crime with dem. so all you hypocrites who just love bawl racism would be singing a different song.

    i have been to the dominican republic and there are mix race, black and spanish peole there and the blacks and mix race ones dont get abused. it is the haitians who get a hard time but it is not just because they are black, it goes way deeper than that. dominican women love black men all over the world, they are not anti black generally speaking.

    so you talk bout history and geography class, there you go big joke, i mean no joke. you come a talk bout history as if you a scholar lol i bet most of you history students didnt even know haiti invaded dom rep and they had to fight for their independence 🙂

    but hey why lets real facts get in the way of emotions.

    1. Unnu please give him the award for being the top scholar over here pls and when him get it PLS ATTACH THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PULL ONE’S HEAD OUT OF THEM ASS ALSO IT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY ALL

      1. 🙂 thank you very much for the award. now i am not here to trace, so if thats what you want you win. instead i present actual factual statements that i challenge anyone on here to disprove. but you cant and wont, so i guess you going to have to take the usual route and cuss me or call me battymn or suppon like that lol

        1. I can see that the first thing u would associate yourself with would be a battyman but I could give a rat’s ass wat r who u DO.
          I also have have no qualms about ur “facts” my problem is instead of presenting what u know u attack (trace) the ppl dem and then u claim you not tracing kmt

        1. lmao 🙂 NO SAH!! see what i mean? ive said it before and il say it again, the people who first to talk bout dunce and history and geography are the dunces people around.

          the word is spelt IGNORAMUS 🙂 you just tried to use a term to style me and end up proving my point. and its not a typo because you make sure put it in bold to show the world you know big word and flop plus the o is net beside the u on the keyboard hahaha another one bites the dust, me gi yuh paragraph pon top a paragraph of history wid bare terrorism back a dat. everybody dead wid one post, so me not even a comment pon da post ya again.

    2. I dont know where u get your facts…Haiti and Dominica did not break away until 1844 they were still one country in 1822 and there was always conflicts between blacks and the spanish

  9. simplicity met know say me have nuff luv fi her but when dem kind of post here make i have to say something because me know most people ago run een without doing no background checks and start denounce the people dem. its not even like say the full story was post, just a snippet but thats all was needed to declare war on the DR. boycott this boycott that 🙂 when trayvon martin dead me see black people post on facebook that they are going to boycott florida, within weeks me see di same people say dem a go shopping a miami lol lord help us all……………..

  10. the dominican republic was COLONIZED by the spaniard they are spanish speaking so dominican call themselves hispanic they are also latin so the idiots call themselves latino but they fail to recognise france COLONIZED haiti so by the same logic it would make haitian latino/hispanic too. you guys were brought to that land by same same boat as us all the sooner u realise that the better for u do u see the latinos claiming u? look at the colour of your skin stop calling yourselves indian it don’t look good

  11. well sum say nd do nd sum say jus to say…dats for the florida pawt

    as we all knw who a de uneducated wan pon yah suh mi nuh have nuh cents tuh put in much less dalla..cuda read a few short google quoted paro from danhai him yah nung

  12. I guess Dominica saying they been patriotic long enough since the Earthquake..That’s sad but true that…The Hatian’s can’t expect to flood Dominica like that Hatiti government have to do more for the people…but that is no reason for Dominica to start treat the people like such animals.

  13. #off topic…Met remember the girl Lyric that made the customs rant well Newstalk fm called her to do interview I’m not sure if it pass yet but interview today and some little chanes were made already.

  14. Yes Mr Spellcheck…thanks for the correction. Make sure u know ppl before u call them dunce. I typed 1 sentence. ..u typed an epistle…i still don’t consider u as having knowledge. U jump and point but u comprehension skills u walking on them. FREE FREE TO CORRECT ANY WORD I SPELT WRONG!!!!!!!…..

    1. Haha but No Joke mind how u address the “best” scholar on here his knowledge sounds a lot like cnn gathered info n swear say him a di expert pon di topic
      Dat is not a IGNORAMUS that is a ASSHOLE that has read a few books

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