0 thoughts on “ATLANTA’S FINEST

    1. Ah dat mi ah seh! All of them in every picture need fi tan inna dem yard if them can’t put them self together…,if I was a man mi would hole mi head straight when mi see dem, this must be a joke, bout ATL finest

    1. DWln…funny thing is those who may be called the worst may be the ‘finest’ inna dis yah diaspora state.

  1. Lady in the 4th pic…weren’t you advised by your OB not to wear tight fitting clothes during pregnancy? Ma’am, how yuh expect di baby fe move roun inna dem deh bondage clothings? Lady inna the 1st pic resemble str888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 crackhead!!!

  2. Atlanta dancehall are nothing but a whole bunch of Miami rejects….yea I said that …..Now punch yuh self!!! Lol

  3. …. did you mean to say ATLANTA’S F**KRY ???? cause “FINEST” seems to have a different meaning fi dem ….. di FINE run gone leff di NESS :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

  4. This is so shameful…..which part of Atlanta did the sender find these people.
    To see a right depiction of Atlanta dance all go to:

  5. Come on Atlanta I’m too eager to see what the WORSE list look like. Send dem eeennnn please and hurry……..,…

  6. mi hate fi see good clothes pon bad bodies. The shorts outfit pon the 2nd picture whould have been nice pon a betta body.

  7. Sorry but if this is the best Atlanta got ten something is wrong. All looking a mess …clothes that are cheap AND LOOK CHEAP. That Leopard print outfit with the mismatch prints and bag is hot mess. CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP!!!!!!!!
    I just don’t see anything ….messy!!!!

    1. That girl is the queen of weddin frocks gloves n’ all. She have weddin gown in every color and style ever known to mankind

  8. After mi never see pop dung ppl in Atlanta even the homeless ppl dem hair laid. The leopard ! Brahah . Met always mKes my day.

  9. This is truly scary! The sad thing anytime there are good looking females there pic never get taken cause the big stinking pic people only take pics of the same ol crusty regular dem who party every night of the week like there scared to approach the decent ones (which only consits of about 7 women) these same old women be in every party try to run away the young fresh oug pretty girls. Pic one crackhead grandma pic two that leopard chic in every party alwatys looking cheap and tacky pic 3 damn ever heard of an eyebrow pencil pic 5 the mom and daughter need to just retire and go to church alongwith judith dark and ugly carol muss rich the list goes on go babysit ur grand pickney them

  10. Pic# 5, the father and son??pic… Why would y’all wear pictures of yourselves … around your neck… Attached onto a key/ card holder…to the club???? And I really would like for someone to come and answer me please, because I’d really, truly n’ seriously like to know.

  11. Pic #3…mi si this gal and har sista Toya at Wetseal one day over by Stone Crest Mall and when mi seh the gal ugly nuh bumbaat without make up. She neva have on nuh make up and she have wholeap a blackhead and holes on her chin and her skin is thick and very very bumpy. When mi si har chin mi nayly lose mi dessert.

  12. Pic number two the sister’s taje and Nadine just smh after all this time when will you’ll get it together

  13. To be hones there is a big class war in Atlanta. This is the low class round robin set that party everynight 24 /7 365 and cotch all bout dont even have car, How the f**k you live a ATL and dont own a car how you get round?. Then you have the real working class and professional people who dont go out regular and you may see them at a nice dance or stage show . Thats where you will see ATL finest cause those people have dem nice home with bills to pay . These regular dancehall gal arent even ATL worse dem is the scum of Atl.One heap a ole man and ole ooman who nuh know dem age paper. These are even younger than the rest.. Yuh want see wallstreet Beverly,Winnie,winsome, Carol, Lawd dem too much

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