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  1. if a one ting mi a guh seh, no matta wha dem try seh bout mikey, him have humility when him need it…. mikey, big up yuhself…..

    1. HUMILITY: a modest or low view of on’e own importance

      kmt cassen seh mi nuh noe when an where dem “celebrities” ere humble :travel

      1. from WIKI:

        Humility (adjectival form: humble) is variously seen as the act or posture of lowering one self in relation to others, or conversely, having a clear perspective, and therefore respect, for one’s place in context.

        and again, him have it when him need it.

        1. “posture of LOWERING one SELF in relation to OTHER’S” and “HUMBLE”

          Two phrases stated above lies velly velly far from the said mentioned person associated with.


          HYPE: Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion. Exaggerated or extravagant claims.

        2. Not very smart r u Real Toronto????? Humility is not like shoes that u take off n put on if ur a humble person that’s it no sometimes r when u want to be, ‘l perfect example of someone with humility would be Nelson Mandela otayyyyyyy

  2. from knowing what i know about mikey, i can tell you that even he realizes that there is a time and place for everything… oh, and not everything you see and hear is fact….

    so again, shout out to Mikey for being humble!

  3. it’s funny, because everyone comes in here thinking they know who is who… little do y’all know, i’m not nor will i ever be a part of dancehall…. i just find it to be interesting as hell to sit back and watch…. but it’s cute though seeing you think you know who this is!!!!!!!!

  4. Don’t know dude…BUT…can’t say that any man that fight ooman and buss dem head wit Henny bottle have a ounce of humility in dem or deserve any sympathy when the proverbial shit hits the fan!!! RT

  5. @ Real Toronto>>> SHut the hell up…OK. U haffi deh inna Dancehall to know Mikey. So stop with the lies, you may not be him but ur one of his Friends. First of im from the city and Mikey and him peeps cant hype up Down town parties like he does dancehall. Why cause duppi know who fi frighten. Mikey always post shit like this to make himself look good. So pls get a Life and stop with the lies. Cause the only place Canadian Tire working, Crutching outta people store Mr Mention is relevant is in dancehall Boo. People like u make him feel relevant and important. Everybody inna toronto know seh Mikey a Battyman from longtime!!!!!
    All I want to know is mi need a New Toaster …..Mrs Mikey which isle would i find that in pls and thonks……LMAO

  6. so easy to pass judgement when you ain’t f**k or suck nobody….. all jamaican’s know fi do a tear one annoda down…. come in like yuh neva learn that you coulda neva judge someone by the things you hear people say…. so unless yuh a guh post fi show him in a compromising situation to call him a ‘battyman’, GUH WEH.

    1. My Girl….known Batty Man in Toronto who are Gay and proud, expose Mrs Mikey Long time. Mi nuh need no video. Birds of a Feather flock together, u must have forgotten. Coming like u wan F**k and Suck him. Mi nuh run down hype any man mi deh wid and mi hear suspect talks. Mi would run instead a wait fi one day fi catch him with a man. Clearly your one of his peeps, get ur Life Hunny!!!

  7. Dumb dumb ,, Mikey go look at your bio where you say it’s not what you hear it’s what you know,,, this last statement sounds the same so yes Mikey I say it’s you

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