1. Met,
    If i am not mistaken wasnt she the same one back on the old site you had that long cocky convo with cuz she SAID ONE WAS DOING PORN DOWN IN ATLANTA???? Wasnt this di same BATTERED AND BRUISED GAL weh her man kill her wid lick ah bronx.
    Why am i not surprised at these pictures, how quickly we forget huh.

    1. Wicked, the bruk pocket stress cocky man dem ah atlanta ready fe kill ar wid fuhckk…dem jus sitting and watching, ready and waiting fe batta bruise ar pussey cat…poor ting lol, one next blogger did seh she run led Cali come ah georgia fe look money man…weh dem deh?? :hammer

      1. but is not Cali she from she come from Mount Vernon she use to sweep DAZZLES CLUB flooR wid har body she and the girl chinsue weh she use to par with even her and tinashapebadnoskittles usually par they were all a bunch of nobodies who love gi weh dem cat inna vernon STILL NOBODIES imma give it to them tho THEY TRIED IT !!! :ngakak Them never did mek it a mount vernon so dem brach off to the bronx use to frequent club 241 before it wah SHET RIGHT DUNG when nad girls club mondays and beat dem bad tuesdays use to gwan SHOWA CHRIS party before him start bleach But i remember DISTINCTLY they sent the story in one summer i believe seh she a do porn in atlanta and she come on here a tell met bare lie lmaooo one piece a long convo bout what she was really doing in GA and shit and she was featured AGAIN other day cuz her man beat her up bad bad bad and she post her busss up face pon IG dwrcl and tek back eh man :cd Now she reach back a atlanta bout live kmt DIVA COME TELL WE IF A D PORN U A DO AGAIN :cool :cool

        1. Metty, yuh got tuh gets ya shovel and start digging up the archives cause me and Wicked gots tuh know what’s really going on :hammer

        2. Wicked, if my memory serves me correctly, I do recall seeing her in one of my porno movies…lemme go look thru my personal archives again…

          1. Metty, den mi nuh mus guh check??…between me watchin mi pornos lookin fe evidence and you digging thru the archives one ah wi wi come up wid proof, nuh suh? :hammer

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