1. 1. Second pic from the bottom left in black, Ashley is now a striper/ low budget video vixen somehwre in TN

  2. who nuh get dip run whea who nuh run whea come off a dem hype because dem bruck,some deh a prison,some still deh yah and pass thru now and again,who did dread cut off dem hair tun bald head,some move back a ny and some did really need fi drop off a di scene because dem did stay velly bad some come pon pink wall everyday and talk up di things pon di people dem, my picture up deh can’t understand why beca mi no gone no whea mi deh yah same way and i don’t understand what was i really was doing in that get up please don’t ask what i had on lol

  3. Deh one inna leopard print skirt inna brown name suzie she get dip fi prostitution. She deh ah Jamaica suffer bad she all pregnant again right now.

  4. Unu sen een di ppl dem pic my ex boyfren up dere..why unu a sen in all these old pics of all these ppl,an Atlanta have way more that use to party..I get it unu mad cah di ppl dem nuh come a unu sinting my ex deh a jail an soooo..unu move unu rass from here cah unu a sen in old pics go do unu research unu likkle hurry come up an move from yah so…

    1. You is an arse, what up a top fi people mad bout? all a unuh look tired and bruk dung. You boyfriend in Jail? Go wash you dutty kractches and come off the people dem website you old turbit.

  5. 2nd to last row 2nd pic is Stacy wish she was a diva bitch I got all our phone convos on tape anyday name day you rub me the wrong way Atlanta dance hall peeps will have to listen to these recordings I was warned about you when I moved here and people saw us together but being the person that I am I don’t judge people off of what people say to me I gave you the benefit of the doubt but low and behold they were right you’re an Evil Bitch and I know you are reading this now and I also heard how yu dog my ass too but I care 0

  6. Not one of these people look good…..and their off springs (the new Atlanta dance hall people) looks worst.
    I swear when you go to Atlanta and see these people you wonder WTF happen. You be all fraid to drink the water.

  7. Mi so glad mi pic not up deh, woooiiieeee some a dem in da dance hall scene need to miss a party or two, love party and sleep round, every body in da dancehall scene sleep roynd in circles den wonda how dem will eat the rest of the week, no sah it look bad fi dem……

  8. i think its the camera lenses dem a use cause everybody inna atl cannot mash up so…… plus them cloths store close early???

  9. lady in 1st pic she was dating the grey hair/beard man in stripe jacket standing in front of speaker box next to jack ava’s man but haven’t seen them together in a while. did he move back to new york to his wife? lady in orange name tony a and her husband mark. them use to own pisces night club. they were involved in the big atlanta drug bust with keisha and devon. mark breed tanya cousin so tanya and her cousin have kids who are siblings. lady in the light pink shirt with black hair she was devon wifey before keisha came along and mash up them dolly house. the lady knew the full hundred on devon drug organization so because keisha kept harassing her she went to the feds and that’s how everybody got busted. heard she got a huge chunk of the drug money from the feds for her cooperation and she tek the money and move go back to jamaica with her kids. yardman still on the run.

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