0 thoughts on “I WOULD NOT EAT THAT FISH

  1. Mi bombo then all the dutty sponge whey germs live inna she a scrub the fish wid WTF puts soap on fish????????? Dats y mi mi nyam any n anyway eno kmft

  2. A mus joke ting dis, caan real, all when dat fish cook it gonna still taste like dish washing liquid nuh matter how bad d chef is of how much seasoning shi put pon it.

  3. mawningggggg metty and jmg
    smh when u cant cook you just cant cook! i was 8 when i learned to clean my first fish and cook it! all u need is fresh lime and vinegar! i bet she dont scale the fish good neither! thats why mi nuh like eat from ppl! the cleanliness is way more important than the actual cooking itself.

  4. Mawning Met and Metters
    Dis a joke rite? because in all my 29 years on dis earth weh God bless mi wid, ive never seen such, such, such…… i dont even know weh fi call it. So shi wash di fish wid dish liquid soap an den scrub it? smh

  5. If you nuh like fish or di essence a fish why di hellz u cooking it? Fish is so thin that there is no way that detergent don’t penetrate it.
    A wonda how she wash har rice

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