(To the content stealers, I notice many of you are taking things from here and watermarking them . People watermark content that is exclusive to them , not stolen content. This audo, I have done!)


  1. Met this audio nuh clear ah tall, all me hear is “come outta me oussy” lolol she want two kick inna it!

  2. Smh..dese school girls…and she sounds soo crude. And that man…..she say
    Isaid no and come out of her tings, he kept going. Even if she Neva say no, mi sure she under age

  3. Smh. Ppl have no idea how much these songs influence these young girls. Unuu forget say Macka Diamond had a verse in her song that sais “bumbo pussy raasclaat a weh dis mi unda”?? Smh. Her “no” didn’t sound as if she wanted him ti stop. Cause a nuff time mi a f**k an when koki reach mi an pain lick mi claat….mi bawl out “yuh go kill mi”….An she a tell him bout “come outta mi pussy”……Mi neva hear nobody say dat when dem want a man fi actually stop f**k dem cause they were being forced. Kmt. Mi sorry fi har cause dat is a sore foot right there. I would blame him 100% if he was actually raping her. I wudda help police find him. Plus di words from har mout don’t sound like is di first time she tekking big man hood. Kmt. I sound cold??? Maybe…..but a the truth.

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