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Stand up straight, without hate, for The CAUSE
Friday, June 20, 2014 1 comment
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Al Miller
Dear Editor,
“There comes a time, when we heed a certain call and the world must stand together as one…We are the world!” (Adapted from We are the world by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie)
There are times in the history of every nation and generation, when situations arise which threaten human welfare and existence. It is at that time that a people must stand up or be swallowed up!
As a people, we have successfully stood up against slavery, apartheid, colonialism, imperialism and, more recently, communism in the ’70s. We are being forced again to stand up or be swallowed up. For we are in danger of being colonised socially and influenced morally and economically by imperial (external) forces.
It is time for us to truly become an independent nation. A truly independent people will always stand up together when there is a cause against which to stand.
When injustice and oppression reign, is there not a cause? Don’t you hear the voices of our national heroes and ancestors saying yes? When rights and freedoms are threatened, is there not a cause? Can’t you hear Professor Brendan Bain and others saying yes? When freedom of speech is threatened, is there not a cause? Don’t you hear Queen Ifrica and many musicians saying yes? When the welfare of our youth is threatened, is there not a cause? When our morals and values deteriorate and destroy our social and economic development, is there not a cause?
There is a CAUSE: Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation. CAUSE was birthed because of the unjust treatment of Professor Brendan Bain. His unfair dismissal reminded us of a time in Jamaica’s history when a man could lose his job, his rights, his freedom or his life because he displeased his colonial and imperial slave masters. The assault on his rights and freedom of expression, spurred church leaders of many different denominations to unite. Out of that unity CAUSE was formed.
CAUSE is the churches’ unified response to ensure that all Jamaicans remain emancipated and fully free from modern imperialist world views and unjust, unacceptable and abnormal morals and actions forced on us by other nations.
We may sometimes have to tolerate abnormal issues, but they must never be accepted as normal or alternative ways of life. We must never hate, hurt or treat unjustly our people who are enslaved to these wrong behaviours. We must be straight without hate.
So I invite all Jamaicans to join The CAUSE. No matter our gender, religion, creed or orientation, let’s all join The CAUSE. Then together, let’s all take a stand. Let’s stand up once again against external forces that would want to enslave our minds, hurt our children, destroy our society and economy and accept their abnormal and unacceptable world view and lifestyle.
Let justice, truth be ours forever; Jamaica, land we love.
Al Miller
Senior Pastor
Fellowship Tabernacle Group of Churh


  1. While sometime you should not watch the messenger, but somehow I still have to weigh Al Miller credibility because of the entire Dudus affair. Al Miller also got charged and convicted for ‘losing’ his gun. Al Miller makes some good points still, but I would rather hear it from someone else.

  2. I am all for this, I will not be infiltrated by no battism , them fi dead out, multiply and replenish the earth mi seh, freedom of speech for morality and clean way of living. Mi tan up strong on this, no retreat, no surrender to Baal type of living.

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