Woman ‘catfishes’ Facebook-happy niece and uncovers terrifying plot
POSTED 4:27 PM, JUNE 11, 2014, BY JEREMY TANNER, UPDATED AT 05:06PM, JUNE 11, 2014
Marissa Williams Catfish Facebook
Marissa Williams was arrested for the solicitation of murder and jailed on $30,000 bond; she told investigators she never meant to kill anyone. (Tuscaloosa County Jail)
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (PIX11) – After using a fictional Facebook character to find out what her niece was doing, a woman uncovered a dark plot that ended in her young relative’s arrest.
According to The Huntsville Times, 19-year-old Marissa Williams moved into her aunt’s home in Fosters, Alabama in April, 2014. Her aunt claimed that Williams brought home strangers she met online, often on Facebook.
After confronting her niece about the strange men, Williams decided to block her aunt on Facebook instead.
According to her deposition, the woman created a fake profile on the social media site, pretending to be a young man named Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis. She contacted Williams on Facebook and soon the two were chatting.
Williams, thinking she was speaking to the fictional Ellis, allegedly gave out her phone number, address and an invitation to come over to the house and drink. Her aunt claims she even offered sex in exchange for payment of her cell phone bill.
Then, it got worse. Williams wrote to ‘Tre’ to tell him she couldn’t stand her family and wanted to take off with him. If her aunt tried to stop him, Williams allegedly wrote, he should shoot and kill her.
Her aunt told investigators the messages from her niece grew more sinister when Williams gave ‘Tre’ the location of her aunt’s bedroom and began planning her death — her aunt’s fiance would die first, her cousin second and even the family dog had to die. As the killing spree was carried out, Williams would be packing the car for their escape, according to court documents.
Her aunt contacted authorities, and Williams was arrested for the solicitation of murder and jailed on $30,000 bond.


  1. Gm all!
    Talk about house enemy.
    Live a di people dem house and no want follow rules and want put the people dem life in danger wid all dem stranger deh
    Lock up har clawt yeah. Dat will teach har
    She a 19 she fi go live pon har own. A dem a fuss one fi say ” I’m an adult”
    Dats y sometime no matter wha some family naw rescue dem own

  2. Mi mumma…di chile look a little mental in the pic…suppose the auntie nay have sense and decide fi do dat…a she we woulda see pon di news dead wid ar family

  3. Dis neice nebba hab no damn ambition, jus a deh wid strangerfi small change….and if shi breed ah di Aunty same one woulda Tek care a hat pickney an she.

  4. Some people just wutliss an nuh hab ambition. Even tuh di point weh dem wi plot murder fi di very people dem weh a provide food an shelta fi dem. Hope shi neva shi daylight no time soon……#wastegyal

  5. An mi jus a think wah kinda wukliss man shi meet pon facebook weh neva even have the decency fi bring har guh motel. How yuh fi guh inna people family yard fi a quickie….ah wah di, dat mean yuh nuh hab nuh respect fi di girl, har family or even yuhself… If shi did live alone or own di place wi woulda understandish….wow
    singing…Come down Father, come down.

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