Good morning Met,

TVJ news just sey a 17yo aunt set her 7yo niece a fire in Lionel Town and Police just arrested her. A bottle of rum was broken and the rum spilled on the Lil 7yo Dress and the wicked teen just set her alight just like that.Their granny was also charged and taken into custody while the Lil 7yo is in hospital sufferring from burns to the left side of her body.

Met with all these attacks against our children and especially by young ppl,isnt this proof that some Demonic forces unleash pon Jamaica?

18 thoughts on “AUNT SETS NIECE ON FIRE

  1. 17 year old auntie, 7 year old niece…let me tek a wild guess and say the parents about 24 and the granny just turn 40!

    The age have plenty fi do with this cycle a phuckry.


  2. Just so suh Morning so,it nuh good r wha PP??lol!
    Like seriously though how u explain it?Go beyond the socio-economic reasons why we have children a raise children.

    Was this a crime of opportunity because it was only after the rum spilled she light har?What is wrong with our young ppl today,anybody trying to bother find out?

    1. MORNING STARTED OFF GREAT, BUT there’s always that one workplace joncrow fi set a bitch off.

      But yeah, these children raising children is not mentally healthy…and from we can see is the children dem raising dem self.

  3. What is going on with our young people yes and why is it that our young children are the ones to suffer by the hands of one of these derange people… I hope the little girl is doing well, they need to dig in on what is the cause of all of these happenings…

  4. Senda the demonic force is not just in Jamaica my friend, it release world wide, just look at Nice, France,only yesterday. It’s only going to get worse. I beg everyone who don’t have a relationship with God or you don’t believe in Christ to please ask him to show you the way. May each of you find truth in Christ and protection from this ramped up spiritual war.

  5. Be clear. A the creator you calling Christ? God a God and Christ is not!

    Religious ideologues is part a the world issues…Jew, Christian and Muslim.

    1. I’m confused pp,i thought the bible sey Christ sey I am the light n way…nobody gets to THE Father but through me??

      This 1 inna 3 n 3 inna 1 Doctrine have ppl brains like scrambled eggs I swear!

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        I keep asking them why would Jesus be praying to himself while on the cross. I was told that a the holy Trinity…blah. Blah, blah. And me just laugh cause the creator would know not to ask himself no question or refer to himself as ‘father’ :ngakak :ngakak

        **I use gender for the sake of conversation.

  6. Its not demonic force. Its the bible fulfilling take a look at the world not just Jamaica. Jesus is coming.

  7. Yes was there when it happen them decide to hide it and dress the little girl wound and nuh carry her go hospital a people call police and tell them. Wicked

    1. What a wicked family! Poor baby would of died from some damn infection caused by that degree a burn. Stay away from those demons…although you fi update we pon the situation still :maho

  8. You know Met, me hear country and old time people say Leap Year always bring disaster and me wonder if that have sumn to do with all these killings, murder/suicide, suicide etc. A like the whole world erupt to fawt

  9. Hi Met & All

    Phantom Phoenix and Yardie Love, the Scriptures have been polluted and that is why it says in it to study and show thyself approved to Jah and then man. There is no such thing as the Trinity. That is an evil babylonian doctrine that was inserted into Christianinty along with a ton of other ill practices so that the churches would be filled and di pagan dem coulda still keep dem pagan functions known in our times as Christmas & Easter.

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