If you have family and friends nurses in the Caribbean, Africa or anywhere please send them links to apply for jobs in the uk now. Home office has just relaxed the law to recruit outside the EU.
Go to www.gov.uk/home-office for updates.
Tell those who can acces the Internet to visit the home office page for more information.
https://www.gov.uk/government/news/restrictions-on-nurse-recruitment-from-overseas-changed. Pls bc divine luk 2u


  1. Mi tell dem see the Brexit inna ENGLAND was and is a good thing, now other nations outside Europe have a chance to enter, Big Up BORIS JOHNSON. … and Nigel…

  2. Hi sender, how are you, does this opportunity applies to LPNs too? I noticed that it’s not just limited to the carribean, but, everywhere else.

  3. Every day mi regret doing economics and maths as mi degree because there’s more opportunities for nurse.

  4. Lol, dem see the gramma and the glitter and dem think is a bed a rose.you know from when junior doctor and the government inna Passa Passa over pay and working hours.you know how much doctor dem a loose pon a daily basic.

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