Hey Met ,do you notice that throughout the allegations of rape court cases,Don creary’s wife has somehow managed to fly under the radar? All the focus has been on her husband and Matey but why haven’t ppl been taking a good look on her role in all that went down?

Is Ayesha a victim, an innocent deer caught in the headlights so powerless to do anything about her husband’s screaming infidelities?Won’t some people say she’s a willing participant,so much so she takes it up as a job to defend him?Met isn’t it true that a wife always know the nature of the man to whom they marry even if not before but certainly eventually? Well if that is true how can you stay with such a man accused of the monstrosity of rape,how can you be in cohorts with your matey?Can someone who has Ayesha’s file speak up or should she be left alone as the long suffering wife and have our sympathies?Most importantly is this the runnings of the uptown damsel in distress to suffer and even support in silence their men’s shenanigans just to live in the lap of luxury?


  1. Shaneke was charged with sexual assault as well, not just aiding and abetting. She really is a rapist. Don Creary’s women are all afraid of him, who knows what he does to them behind closed doors. Wife look feeble and weak just like Shaneke. These predators really know how to pick their abuse victims.

  2. I would say she is more a victim than anything else/was a victim. She a big grey tone woman now that knows right from wrong!!! Sender remember he married her at the prideful age of 18 yrs old. He like them very young and it is wildly speculated that he plays on both sides of the fence.

    Everyone uptown knows that she is aware of his shenanigans but she nah lef the status and money an dthe perks that comes with it all. STATUS!!!!

  3. She knows her and Shaneke are/were basically sister wives, they’d all go out together even with the females Shaneke would recruit.

  4. Dem a try hide dem dirty lifestyle, but we see it already, don creary a rappist, paedophile, nasty man. Don creary and the one that lost his birth certificate ribby chung, brian ribby chung dem need to go jail, is pure girls under 19 ribby n creary sleeps with n u have this man dat prey on school girls too one half chinese man why wuk at a company on washington blvd in the vicinity of the super centre, dem fi get exposed. Creary need to make up his mind and decide if he is on the other side or if he wants to be with a woman. Big ole nasty men, wait till God kill uno clath with sickness n mek uno days long wen uno start suffer. His wife is a victim, him goodly force her to bring girls to him but because she knows too much she cant back out. Ole nastiness boy creary.

  5. Justice was not served. The case got dropped by what ever means (buy-out of victim or corrupt officials, duress or dare I say it maybe their innocence – though I strongly doubt that).

    Which school Ayesha go fi become communications executive? I know you have to have your man’s back and all, but come on Ayesha, you of all person know exactly who your man. How old were you when he started messing with you? Too dang young, that’s how old. Poor (in moral/soul)is the woman that have to suck any shit man give them because they will do any thing & tolerate anything for money & status. kmt

  6. Went to school with her and her sisters. She was dating him before she graduate because I remember the rumours going around she was engaged at the time..plus we were all aware her man picked herup after school. She wasn’t 18 yet. She went to Alpha.

  7. i never know a so them nasty to rahtid , im still in shock. uptown ppl are nasty . them sleep with boy girl dog everything i still cant believe . the amount of ppl name call up like pj wright and mr ribbiz . my gosh and you would think they have morals no sah

  8. She knows about his mistresses and he even introduces them to her ..well the one that he genuinely likes

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