So ratti a send round this video to everybody with him while his baby mom sucking his herpes d*ck! Yah send out video with the gal why yuh nuh tell the ppl them say yuh give her herpes damn shit house yuh idk wtf wrong with these women now a days cause man like u nuh fi get nuh p**y yah one dutty lil germz


  1. A man a do him child/Children mother like this is a FAGGOT.

    Sender, if him have herpes and she doing oral six with him mean she is screwed health wise. Sad! Him need some shot bark afta him blowwow!

  2. She is the mother of his child… seriously a man can go to that extreme???…. post more than one video of him cocked up for her to lick out him bottom… he looks so f**king gay too…. while it’s not my thing the only person look nasty here is you dutty nasty homeless herpes filled ratty… she was trying to please her ” baby father ” while you cock up for her to put a tongue in ur ass , looking like u like things in ur batty.. man like you make man f**k them…

    1. Exactly…. Nothing bout har that’s why har mouth always stink…. Mi seh onetime she talk to mi in a party mi eyelash melt off

  3. Sad, this dude is broke with herpes and u a give him oral and a lick out bottom. Women please know your worth, this bwoy mess up the girl in every way. Purple Yuh nuh have nuh brother, cousin, uncle r bad man friend fi guh deal wid him, dutty shit house bwoy

  4. A suck hood nasty crawny body Tiffany not so Barbie send the video it’s not ratty purple wat a good fren you have

  5. Ratty nuh fi get no pusssy fi true. Purple nasty a wutless madda, cause mi nuh see how she a ben up inna S fi nyam out ratty ass and ratty well cock up like when baby a get dem diaper change. Ratty love when gal finger him batty, RATTY A DI BIGGEST FREAK A Bronx.
    Purple fi shame fi a mek dutty ratty tek har fi f**king clown . Cuz ratty f**ky f**ky and nuh use condom and from him can f**k har friend and not even a work purple girl him nuh deserve them things deh. And the hottest part the baby was right there. Purple not even respect har daughter how she fi respect har self…. F**KING disgusting….

  6. This is so sad!!!!!! Everybody do what Dem want to do in the bed room but what could have cause him to put out a video like dis out with his child mother!!!! RATTY U A ONE REAL REAL BATTYMAN!!!!!! even if Tiffany put out di video a must ratty send it to er suh Dat mean a him put out di video!!!!! No ratings fi da nasty batty bwoy dey!!!!! I can’t even find words fi ur but u need some man hold u a beat out ur nastiness fi dis!!! Suck pussy, lick out batty, batty bwoy ratty!!!! U is a waste man wey jus need fi go kill ur self!!!

  7. Ah which Rattu dat? Ah di one weh claim him ah bad boy!
    Dem bwoy a batty*** yuh see how him well cockup fi tek it…si him cock up like him used to tel cockie in him batty.

  8. She nasty bad omg and always a hype like she somebody kmt i just got video she eating that boy batty hole like she hungry

  9. I guess the shower cap is if he start shitting up him self lol bronx have the nastiest set of females and bronx full of std bronx is 3sum capital

  10. Smh the things that people do during sex. Smh. Hmm she would have to run back and think which ads she ate that gave her herpes!!. The way she’s going she’s a pro to it.

  11. Moral of the Story: Only dumb bitches make niggas video them doing private sexual acts. Purple was a dumb bitch. Don’t be like purple.

  12. Nasty is not even the word,good fi har, ratti you are a fish that why you always on fish avenue…..young f**king gyal why you go bring a child in this world for dancehall freak like that why? Unno love hype and friends see it deh, and purple between you and s-kay is the biggest L this week…..

  13. This the nastiest thing anyone can do. If you are doing this, you are definitely eating shit in the process. How gross. Now we know why some people have these incurable disease. This practice started with homosexuals and jump into the hexosexual population. Just plain nasty. Now everywhere she goes from now on, she will be labelled and pointed out as the ass eater.

  14. every gyal uptown Inna party every night lick out batty from diva badass nyam every man ass,apple nyam jicon ass often Kerry Ann live Inna Jue ass hole every gyal Inna dancehall nyam outta man ass and it stink ah road ratting yuh ah one DUTTY bloodclattttttt yuh fi dead fi gi tiffany Lisa and purple herpes tiffany make sure yah use condom with ur man cah yuh full blown herpes infested purple let everyone live Inna har house yuh need privacy purple stop make idiot ratti treat yuh like yah idiot leff him rass thief fi yuh and yuh Pinckney stop make ratti look like somebody cah him ah droncrow dog shit nobody nuh want him plus ratti gi nufff gyal uptown herpes brooklyn gyal queens gyal the whole dancehall nasty dem rotate the infested cocky dem twinny used to nyam out Nardie batty hole no matter how much surgery dem do the whole dancehall gyal dem mouth shit up an di man dem mouth shit up to

      1. Chunkuloo 4 star have Herpes? Weh yuh ah seh!
        Da bwoy strike me as a big snapper fish…
        Him sound like a big pu**y gal when him a chat pon di mic…pardon di pun.

  15. That man tiffany went jamaica with everyone know she gave him herpes but these men like the freaky life so they must take anything they get

  16. Look how the man cock up and have this nasty gal a lick shit out of him batty smh bronx have the worst set of females all of dem eat shit.

    1. Rumor one time say ratty f**k off the whole crew a them in the name of 3sum. Them have it fi true. A bredda weh f**k Tiffany tell my friend she gave it to him. Could be tru could be false …but people nuh fi take those things lightly .

  17. I have not seen the video however base on the comments. Why anyone would post a video with such content to the world. I pray and hope that she will be able to deal with the shame that this brings. Ladies please try and be independent.

  18. Tiffany purple and diva badass did do sex org with ratty so yes all of them has the herpes. Ratty put out the video because purple told her mother he gave her herpes and he told her not to tell her mother so it’s that upset him.

  19. Chunkuloo 4 star have Herpes? Weh yuh ah seh!
    Da bwoy strike me as a big snapper fish…
    Him sound like a big pu**y gal when him a chat pon di mic…pardon di pun. Dem bwoy wi ketch anything yuh si how dem chat nuff…

  20. Disrespectful peace of shit smfh how u do that to the woman who had your kids if u do dat to her I wonder wtf u would do your mother peace of shit

  21. Y’all buggin, just cuz they had a three sum with ratty does NOT MEAN THAT THEY ALL HAVE HERPES…. you will catch it if you have sex when the person infected is having an out break…. or if they are about to have one. It’s possible. And what kind of heroes do they have…. there are 2 strands… please ppl lets do research before we talk things we don’t know for sure

  22. Everyone knows for a fact that tiffany has herpes that’s why she tattoo off her hand because it’s always breaking out in hives more than anywhere else on her body there was a rumor that purple walk in and catch Lisa her friend sucking ratti dick in her bedroom all those girl got herpes purple tiffany and Lisa qq has herpes too but do these men care or boys that’s f**king them no they don’t herpes cannot be cure they have to live on medication for the rest of their lives that’s why Lisa moved to Florida to hide hers after she f**ks Sam gotti and gave him herpes so u know for a fact that Alicia fantasy has full blown herpes too Sally man Dwayne has herpes Duran has herpes ratti has herpes didn’t tattoo man eat tiffany pussy too so much dancehall men out here sick and giving all these bitchs herpes too it’s infested with sick people

  23. OMG! If these comments have some truth to them. Bowy it’s not a good look fi Dancehall culture in certain cities.

  24. Wonder if dis was what thieving Melody was doing caz she did deh wid him fi ova 7yrs and used to thief and mine him until Purple tek him weh.Den again maybe him neva lik di false teeth and di wrinkles weh travel wid har.Noooo sah what a nastiness? When Purple hungry dem can just give har a plate a shit and she good.germcity.com

  25. These little hoes out here is trash alot of these young niggas uptown got herpes too including the entire money team,the upscale barbies,Tina jetset,Sam gotti,flex crew from new jersey,diva badass,Charlene Gretta hole,her and diva suck ratti dick in charlene car,tash,skets,wacky fresh prince,benzman was f*king tiffany,the nigga tiffany with,Amy goodass,troy,rico look sick sick,Ernie one don,duran,Sally man,blood,kerryann,Sally,juggist,Jerry bling,good body apple,jicon is very sick,daffy,QQ,sashay,frass bow tie,Alicia fantasy,the list goes on for days months

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