Man tries to strangle wife with tie while she sleeps
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Sunday, August 24, 2014
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Man tries to strangle wife with tie while she sleeps
A man who reportedly tried to strangle his wife in her sleep with a tie and threatened to murder her after accusing her of cheating on him, got a second chance when he appeared in Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week.
Winston Williams, a 48-year-old driver of Eighth Street in Kingston, was arrested for strangling the complainant and also for cutting her on her ear.
But he was freed of assault occasioning bodily harm after his wife asked Senior Resident Magistrate (RM) Judith Pusey in court on Tuesday to discontinue the case and to free her husband.
“He is the breadwinner in the house and the case is taking a toll on my daughters who are traumatised by it,” the complainant told the magistrate.
However, RM Pusey was reluctant to discard the matter.
“Mr Williams, I don’t agree with her that the matter should end,” Pusey said.
“You’re a dangerous person when you attack a person who is sleeping and is defenceless,” she added.
Williams in his defence then told the court that he did not cut his wife on her ear.
“Is when she slammed the door the window break and cut her,” he said.
The magistrate then quizzed the woman about how she received the injury and was told that it happened when she was running from Williams.
“I was running for my life because he told me if I did not … he was going to kill me,” she said.
“I don’t take these things lightly because is matters like these that end up in murder and serious injures,” RM Pusey said.
She then gave Williams a firm warning before acceding to the wishes of the complainant.
“If you’re nor doing anything, don’t start, and if you’re doing anything, please stop,” she told him.
Williams was arrested and charged following the alleged incident at the couple’s home in November last year.
According to the complainant, on November 17 Williams accused her of being unfaithful to him and told her “mi mus kill you”. As a result she left the home and went to stay with her sister.
The woman returned a week later and while she was home about 7:00 pm Williams asked her if she was not going to iron his clothes for him to go to work in the morning. The complainant said she told him ‘no’ because he told her that he was not going to give her any more money, or sleep in bed with her.
Following that, the complainant said that she was sleeping about 12:30 am when she felt something around her neck and awoke from her sleep and saw Williams with a tie trying to choke her.
She said she fought him off and ran from the room and he came at her with a machete and she ran and locked herself inside her son’s room.
The complainant also reported that Williams later attacked her with a machete and she had to run and lock herself in another room but he used a piece of stick to knock out the windows and hit her on her ear causing it to bleed.
The complainant said that she raced from the room and ran outside the house shouting ‘murder’ repeatedly and was assisted by her neighbours.
When Williams was taken into custody, he reportedly told the police: “Me wife go way for a week, me neva know where she deh and me look inna har phone and a man love text har. Officer, me wife a cheat on me.”
Man beats woman for letting his child go barefoot
A Kingston basketball player, who got upset and beat up his babymother after he saw their 21-month-old son walking barefooted, spent three nights in jail after his bail was revoked.
The 32-year-old resident of Majesty Gardens, Kingston 11, Baldon Todd, was taken into custody on Tuesday by RM Pusey despite the complainant’s plea for mercy.
However, he was released on Friday after he paid a $10,000 fine on a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.
On Tuesday when the matter was first mentioned in court the complainant said that Todd slapped her because the baby was not wearing any shoes.
She then told the court that they were still together and asked for the matter to be discontinued, but the magistrate refused.
“How long you plan to stay for it?” RM Pusey asked. “You can spend up to three years.”
Todd in reply said: “I was talking to my babymada about the baby not walking barefoot but I apologise to her a million time and it will never happen again.”
“If you a talk to her about the baby not walking barefoot, how it end up inna box? Apology nah go work,” RM Pusey told him.
The magistrate then turned to the complainant and said: “I am glad you don’t want it to go any further, but since me and him is not in any relationship he is going to stay with me until Friday.”
According to police reports, on August 5, the complainant left her son with her cousin and went to get ready to go downtown. It was reported that while she was at her home getting ready Todd came by with the boy and said to the complainant: “Hey, waste gal, you nuh hear me say you no fi mek de man go barefoot?”
He then started to behave boisterously and reportedly hit the complainant in her abdomen, face and head, causing injuries, the court heard.
The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged.
He allegedly said while being cautioned: “Mi girl, yu really a go lock mi up?”
Woman gets 30 days for ganja sandwich
A St Ann woman, who travelled all the way to Kingston to bring slices of bread to give a friend in jail, will be joining her friend in lock-up after ganja was found between the slices of bread.
Kimbalee Clarke was arrested and charged with possession of ganja and introducing contraband into a penal institute after six ounces of ganja was found in the bread.
The incident occurred at the Admiral Town police lock-up.
On Friday when she appeared in court, Clarke told the magistrate that she received the bread and the syrup from someone to give her friend in jail and was not aware that the bread contained ganja.
“I live in St Ann and I got the bread and the syrup to give me friend and when I reach the police say it have ganja, it shock the police and I was so shocked,” she said.
But Magistrate Judith Pusey was not convinced.
“Why would anyone want to put ganja in your bread and then send it with you?” she asked.
The magistrate then asked the clerk of court to re-plead Clarke and she changed her plea of not guilty to guilty.
She was then sentenced to 10 days for possession of ganja and 30 days on the other charge. The sentences are to run concurrently.
Man chops down brother-in law’s banana trees to spite him
A carver was dragged before the court for chopping down five of his brother-in-law’s banana trees.
“Mi a chop dem down fi mek it bun you cause you bun down me field,” Owen Merchant reportedly told the complainant when he was seen destroying the trees.
Allegations are that the 52-year-old resident of Florence Hill in St Andrew also threatened to kill the complainant.
“Mi must kill you and run way guh Trelawny cause me kill man already and bury dem unda sand,” Merchant reportedly said.
On Friday when the matter when was mentioned, Merchant told the court that he and his wife planted the trees and that he cut down the tree because it was harbouring bees and he did not want the bees to attack him.
“I don’t believe one word you say,” RM Pusey told him.
His brother-in-law then told the court that he was lying.
The complainant told the court that his parents left him the property on which he planted the banana trees and that he had given Merchant permission to live at the house after his sister returned from Trelawny with him.
But the complainant told the court that since the Merchant started living with him had been making his life sheer hell.
The magistrate then asked the complainant how much the trees cost and he said they were valued at $6,000.
Merchant was then ordered to return to court on August 28 with the money


  1. Is this Judge crazy? You lock up the man for hitting his babymadda for making the baby walk barefoot(which he’s wrong for doing) but allow the husband go without bail or jail time and the man try to strangle and chop up his wife? This Judge always confuse me with her way of presiding..

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