Stacy everyone uptown a cherry gardens know you a big lesbian all beno from young rollers know but the icing on the cake is when we find out how you a babystar upfront man people a chat all type a things babystar we caa beleive you really was lesbian and have u face all inna lopez p**y all 3 some with her an u well f**k beno to caus u easy fi drunk and stacy video u and take picture a u when u head upp inna pussy all when u a suck beno cocky but i just a wait fi hear you or people say a lie mek me send in video and picture wa u send a say look how portmore people waa see babystar up inna mi p**y yes stacy u send me the pic just try mi

18 thoughts on “BABY STAR HAVE A STALKER

  1. Lawd man,sender u no tired fi send in babystar,u act like a deh girl yah u a talk bout,but even a blind man can see seh a babystar u hot fah.From 2 weeks till now,a cud a wah she do u so?Every wk unno give d girl new man and woman,like good gosh man,babystar a madddd you

  2. Amma need yo ass to use some got damn periods an comma men!

    Yu story reading more loopsided than who you a try slaughta…

  3. Good morning met, please tell whoever sent this to get them facts straight befre them send in story.
    I don’t do mixup don’t know where them getting their story from….. f**k Babystar like seriously ???
    And yes I’m a f**king lesbian and I’m proud
    But fix up that babystar argument

    Met big up yuh self and run some a dm with them f**kry story

  4. I think d sender is a lesbian to wah jealous cause maybe she did dah wid babystar an she lef er shi sound angry .

  5. Yea si baby star ya which video yu have too damn lie. Nobody cya video mi a do ntn. Get yu facts straight bitch.

  6. I like how people defending baby star and how stacy a chat up and everybody a say all kind a things but babystar a true still u all the things the people dem say a true a just because the girl dont want to expose herself why she dont talk plain even how you run guh f**k frankie sky scraper and about stacy all you dont even realize stacy dont even want u name call with heru nuh shame a dat u fi get still undercover lesbian see man engage u and ring stop wear we nuh see nuh man

  7. Stacy u wicked eeh a style babystar when you a spend u money on her like that and a jealous off her and a gwaun a gq blazer and jeans party yes stacy a you and her go home u too f**king lie and hype all u do a suck out the gyal dem pussy and a war dem a how much gyal you one want all babystar you is a disgrace although ubdont care still cause so much things a publish about you so nithing nuh true

  8. Hey dem gyal ya deadly still enuh stacy and simply ashley oh sorry a babystar a her street name from them time deh when she and stargirls a f**k out portmore until she did kinda cool off like a man did calm her but yes babystar you a f**k gyal fi true and stacy stop deny the gyal u too f**king wicked cause when she ready fi talk about her gyal stacy a cherry garden nuh you dat a dat unnuh fi stop now all babystar a what get into you why u just turn back to the streets u dont see how itna live pon u a weh de man wa u did suppose to married all him a did eediot enuh damn waste a time

  9. Pink wall stop talk about babystar have a stalker she just have someone who and her not friends anymore and decide to expose her thats all and what you should really do is check the facts because all cant be lies and some of them consistence

  10. Babystar shut the hell up a see you a answer people like a lie dem a tell cause of a fact when u drink all dog can f**k u we watch u a boatride when stacy a draw u weh drunk like f**k so anything possible a just the sender fi send in the proof of the pics and we all see but sometime dem doa really waa get exposed so gweh ya ole f** box u think u pretty face aguh carry all the time see a gyal u turn to cause as u f**k a man u get exposed see randy and big dawg style u neatly cause u guh f**k frankie u nu see u sad a everyman weh hype a portmore u want to f**k

  11. Wooie the road a get short now babystar u sorry how u dont know who a give tje info dem dont cause same way u mek the.youth a southborough dead a same way the person who a give information woulda dead but take one guess man dis a.mckoy lane link yea and it real so find out a who and send fi we again yea mon u evil gyal see it deh now woman pussy you suck and pure things a talk up yea u backative strong cause u have don father (lol) everyrhing is time see u start get exposed a wah next now god be with you ashly lindsay

  12. Oh my babystar u need to crawl back in the hole you were in cause we never even remember u and all of a sudden everyrhing jus a chat see it deh now people a mckoy lane start talk about look like all family secret a expose a wa are who fa man u f**k and the gyal cross

  13. Dis a get boring now,all unno a chat a seh d same ting ova and ova,babystar a whore,yet we caan see no receipts,come on sender and frens,unno a get lame now.Come tru wid d receipt diamond/diva cuz we kno a unno.MET can u pls ask ,cause dem we listen to u

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