A message from Reeree global and frenz to Priscilla besttopic Thompson baby girl it sad but u got to accept the fact he made me is wife and as I posted before on is wall me addi main vein in this and f**k who was before a you me talking about stop play mannequin challenge INA Di boii life cause me still moving. 7 years of unhappy relationship something wrong cause he told me I made him happy.when last u even take a picture with him or even layed up in his bed lol where were you last night and the night before he was with me lol. The time u taking you fat ugly ass pictures and tagging your Low life frenz so I can see it you ago find a man and let go for true and let god in cause I ain’t moving and he can’t either


  1. Surely this message would be better if it came from him. You can bet when she questions him about you he does what every man does when they want to keep two and three different woman – tell lies

    1. :hammer

      Me a wonder if wife a last picture. It can’t be de one wid cuba inna de miggle hat face a hype so.

  2. Sender, please learn how to spell. Sender, please learn how to use punctuation marks. Sender, please learn to use correct grammar. I can go on and on but I have to stop because my head is killing me from trying to read your post. BTW, a man does not stay in a unhappy relationship for 7 years so you need to use that brain of yours to not only learn how to write but to start thinking as well. Good luck Sender.

  3. Unnu go look a bloodclaat life n guh look wuk unnu dutty cahliss johncrow. Priscilla mi tiaad tiaad fi talk to yu n mi know a nuh mi alone talk to yu. no koki nuh stable nuh weh so gwaan fool unnu self inna unnu dutty kotch up house weh well waan clean.

  4. what a bwoyy love ugly gal! Sender if ur man wanted to leave this bihhh he would have told her himself. how u so nuff?

    1. Nice word play :hammer :ngakak :ngakak she have a continent of a nose.

      @1:54 hope de pickney have gregory nose :babyboy :babygirl

      My girl who a tek man wid ugly, have likkle dignity and STOP! She too damn ugly fi a tek libatty a you. Plus, dude look like him love “ball” games.

  5. Donnaree aka Danielle.. What a black rusty dirty stay bad gal.. Gal ugly stay bad and wah some clothes..How u have sister a foreign and stay suh bad no sah my girl wah bathe inna some bleach fi cleanse. Yes thats Gregory beating stick lmaooo.. First gal mi see man kick up and box down like animal.. she and har mumma love wuck obeah.. she walk and try tie man fi stay wid har and all now it nah work.. Dutty gal need fi move from the gully when rain fall dem flood out over deh.. fi di way she hype she shoulda live inna brick house and not zinc house right a di edge a di gully… Gal sick stomach bad.. crawny and dutty yuck man really f**k sweet pepper stay bad smell bad look bad danielle.. dem man deh stomach strong bad.. f**k box and she still bruck n a dead fi hunger… Sad eeh she needs to go kill har self.. Ugliest gal a Drewsland gal look like a living walking dead no sah

  6. Donnaree love call people fat.. di gal fat n look 100% better dan u my girl.. u nuh see how yuh mawga and ugly nuh bloodclaut… Danielle aka donna ree my girl u stay bad bad vomits yuck… Di time u a call di girl fat u member u stay bad sister Dawn send u some good clothes not no clothes from thrift shop.. Reeree stalk everyman she f**k den she mek har ugly mumma work obeah pon dem.. a di obeah wah u mek yuh mumma a work pon di man dem a rub off pon yuh that why yuh ugly and tan suh bad my girl.. yuh nuh see yuh life cah better u deh pon stand still.. a u a do mannequin challenge cause all the f**k u f**k down di place u still rass bruck and can’t even send yuh pitney go school lmaooo… F**k box bruck box.. no man nuh wah u.. u are just a f**k my girl… its 2017 let yuh f**k count for something.. di way u bruck not even food u can buy a day time.. u always a rass beg… reeree dem seh u pussy full a std u nuh stop burn di man dem.. beware men dirty pussy on the loose… gully zinc house gal

  7. Mi seh when nose did a gi weh….. Di wife can talk cause a she license an insure di man. A who a di wife?…Nose?

  8. Bet she wish she never send in this story. Reeree and them name deh a fi pretty ppl. U look like u fi name Butumbo

  9. Dutty BC f*k box Danielle low d BC gyal caw all u a gwan yah fi pay fi dawg ed cocky while u a GI him d money a prissy n him a spend it Danielle you cuda sen in d gyal till you weak dawg ed naw leff prissy she cuda big like d world to BC a fi r pussy a d best nun a unu nu kno dawg ed like prissy dawg ed cya live without r anu lil bit a tears mi dry from dawg ed eyes fi prissy nu matter how she stab him up n war him him naw move a him a play BC mannequin challenge INA prissy life n if prissy feel like it she can tek up bk BC dawg ed n mi naw ask if him agu park unu instant caw dawg ed tell me a jus f**k him a f**k unu n collect Danielle you suck cocky like dawg cum outta d ppl dem life n GU tek care a yu pickney bitch n any day yu tink yu bad yu touch prissy caw me personally agu tear off yu mask yu gwan like yu too bad a sen in d gyal pan met fi gt a hype yu fave krish owl nu BBC prissy fat n stay gud nu BBC Danielle only ting yu bad pan a fb a su yu did sen in Gregory Nxt gyal pan met n gt flap GU suck out yu mada ole obeah dolly Danielle

  10. And I f**king bet if she see me she don’t have shit to say…memba me nuh facebook bad gyal..who was the one who look him thou u forget i have all the messages..o wont even waste my time addressing u aswear yuh careless bad…memba a you look him a send yuh number give him and bitch in less than a week the f**k put down and tell met if him a use yuh now…. Yuh wah adsress me when me not even a look him direction lol unu sad eeh no sah.yah real poppy mascot enuh real man ding dong

  11. Sender please the only woman doghead a guh ever want is prissy so better lucky next time, this ugly man in the face looking bitch can never be his wife fix up that please

  12. Danielle aka donnaree aka referee di amount a name uh have a di same amount a man uh have den u have di idosity fi really cum put ppl pan met uh shape like carrot, nose big like sweet pepper Nd uh yiyi big like toad leave di ppl dem nice clean life and gwaan back to u and Gregory usual rounds a pussy and cocky sucking Nuh ur heavy mouth Dem ketch pan Gregory cocky a gully corna behave man y ugly ppl GI so much talking. Dane f**k u, Kamal f**k u, Gregory f**k u, dawg head f**k u etc etc etc……No girl ur pussy waah compass. Go bk up inna ugly toad looking Bev cuz I wants to know if u don’t sees how’s much of a ugly lil toadsssssssssss u r. Uh ugly Mek mi all a ketch lisp tongue. Me a gwaan fore a ketch di ugly or the looseness get some pussy grip cuz all di years u a tek man uh still caah hol none fi 7 years tell ugly Bev tap do obeah see r dawta a foreign a suffer now too much obeah Nuh good she fi go a descent church and loowe di universal Church and tek a man fi push di house offa di edge a d gully before u huff and puff and blow it rass dung…..

  13. Reeree ugly nuh bloodclaut eeh.. Gal dunce like bat.. she can’t even help har pitney wid har school work… Dutty germsey danielle yuh nuh bad a bloodclaut a gal boost yuh lmaoooo… crawny body dirty gal… Fb bad gal.. gonorrhea mouth reeree stinking mouth reeree…BIG PUNK Reeree… Man beating stick Reeree.. Man Clown Reeree.. A dead fi hungry reeree.. no have no clothes reeree.. stay bad reeree.. Lmao gal wah call dem self reeree fi look good no sah.. A weh dem get da Thing yah from man… if mi push out something looking like dat mi kill it… jesas christ man.. Guh mek u mumma wuk obeah pon yuh fi mek u life BETTER… Sad eeh… Fava Ediot… Met weh dem get da crawny thing from man.. All some man a real crosses out a all di gal dem a ja him go look fi di worst n tek up dis sespool… After him f**k dem germs deh hope fatty leff him nastiness, or him woulda haffi go soak inna some disinfectant.. When dem gal deh go river u not even wah go inna water after dem no sah… Dem always seh UGLY PEOPLE GI DI MOST TROUBLE

  14. Di gal seh pon har page if u leff di man careless she take him lmaoooo…. No reree thats all u can get is a f**k no man never wifed u up before.. f**k box..classy intelligent where???? Yuh must mean dunce and trashy.. beautiful where?? Lmaooo try go tek a good look inna di mirror again mama.. cause when ugliness did a gi weh u was at the front of da line… U claim di girl pass u everyday.. U nuh see di girl a progressive gal she nuh have time fi waste wid no GERMS like u… afta u nuh bad reeree… a when u get bad?? U own baby father bax n kick u up like ball buss up yuh face n all u do a bawl lmaoooo… bout bad… di only fb badgal a u.. walk n tag yuh stay bad fren dem a look booster.. a u name booster cause u only bad when yuh frens around lmaooo… Wat u need to do a stick to doing hair n leff man alone cause MAN DUN PON YUH… how u can do hair n your hair ever stay bad no sah my girl get yuh life together…

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