1. Me hear seh felisha and shamar fight and Felisha cut shamar…shamar run go press charges n now fel is locked up!!! Wat a calamity… Shamar u got all that mouth but u clearly not about that life….the way Felisha sit dung pon u like u a baby n give u a proper beating…

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak OMG im dying but really and truly a gyal who cyaa trace suh suppose 2 know how fi fight… sorry fi ar

        1. Marie mi nuh waa laugh at all ……….she say no man neva gi har no warm time so Felicia warm up har new body

          1. When mi hear she a cuss mi haffi ask mi bff a whey jamaican people get dem wording from..Felicia did waa tek off di saddle bag dem offa har fi free :nerd

  2. Met and metters dem sey kerryann give shamar knife inna di baby shower. And is that same knife felisha tek from shamar and cut har inna har face. All shamar keep sayin “felisha ah cut yuh cut mi inna mi face, a really cut yuh cut mi” ……..from inna di ppl dem nice clean baby shower dem wah start. But shamar mek har fren dem boost har ip like supligen and luk deh she nearly lose har life and she nuh get fi fully show off di summa baddi

  3. People send on video like how unno send in QQ and dally bokkle ting nuh unno boring ehh… Off topic I must say robbers look good at soul to soul she finally look appropriate

  4. Which kerryan?the one with the foodstamps that par with Apple? I wonder if is the foodstamps she use buy the knife

  5. Sally get beat up from the woman weh keep the party ….the same party weh Sally fight QQ.the lady vex cause Sally come war at her dance so she have up Sally from then and she and Sally was going back and forth pon Instagram .dem seh when di woman start beat Sally sally piss up harself

  6. Suh Dutty GYAL Shamar ah bea mouth yuh hav!!!… Imagine yuh just get f**ked up last week by Renae an yuh not even seh meck yuh lay low likkle, yuh gone guh get f**ked up already dis week an di week not even start yet!!!

  7. Since Shamar use to cut she Neva kno iffa Di doctor cut har or Felisha cut har so she haffi ask if ah cut Felisha really cut har….Kerry Ann and di ugly kardashian sally didn’t even help dem fren who did near bleed to death Inna di cornah….Di bigga gremlins Trishy did buy it out doh…she jump pan di back ah munchie BMW and dent it up…so good body munchie ah look fie har now fie wet har up…and we all know what happen, when yuh wet gremlins!!! But it was a scene outta movie last night….Felisha just stabb Shamar 3 time Inna face wid har owna knife.. Right btwn di yeye..could yuh imagine if it di slide offa Shamar hog nose and sink Inna har yeye….how would she see Mario dem time deh? And yes Met…long lip ms Lou come in and get bounce dung she drop and roll….dwllllll and Kerry ann start run off har batty mouth and den tun round and haffi run caah she knew she was out numbered…all ah dem come Inna Benz and leff Inna ambulance last night!

  8. Met I seen the fight from the beginning to end!!!! Kerry was boosting up Shamar from in the club her and that big MAMPY LOU!!! Ms Lou why the f**k you look like shit ALL THE TIME?????? Anyways fel fel was outside waiting FE dem DOLO!!!!! She approached Kerry and Shamar… AND SHE BOXED KERRY TOO RASS… BOOM to the ground and they all crowded around and let them fight and FELISHA WIN THE FIGHT BY FAR!!! There was NO KNIFE … F**k they talking bout Shamar got KNOCKED THE F**CK OUT (Chris tucker voice) and KERRY IS TO BLAME!!! She boost and boost and boost til her friend got knocked out!!!! Kerry needs a f**king ass whooping wid ar tiff up batty…

  9. Nasty stay bad miss Lou need to go sit down or go back a Jamaica. Them waste gyal yah kmft . What worst all a them have food stamp from Kerry to miss Lou to Apple to shamar . Me good tax money me work so rass hard fah. Btw a which man them a kuss over ?. All a them coming like crab in a barrel them want gas and light to bloodcloth

  10. Ms Lou FE GO BATHE!!!!!! Bitch look like shit ALL THE TIME!!! Bitch had on a printed jumper and you see every roll , poll … My god!!!

  11. But wait is her child laying on her bed while she is recording her argument no it don’t look good shame on that girl shame shame shame!! but the one that said the girl hate her for her body is ugly the other girl is very pretty if you ask me atleast body can fix

  12. Met kerryann was not into the fight wit felisha neither did felisha box her. These people tell too much story. Shamar didn’t have any knife either. Felisha left the party and hide outside wit a knife she also change her clothes. Wen shamar came outside she rush shamar , shamar started to beat felisha up and felisha pull out the knife and stab her. Carisma then came and felisha jump into the car and got away. Felisha then went to the precinct to file false gang assault charges against kerryann them to justify her stabbing shamar but the false statement back fire on felisha because a police officer and heard the argument and had instructed felisha to go home. Felisha tried to lock up the god bless crew and she in return was charge with false statement and felony assault. Now felisha a bawl and a beg shsmar not to press charges. Felisha lock up her own self.

  13. Lie lie lie met Shamar get beat up bad bad even she can’t deny it and yes shamar had the knife and Felesha take it away n whoop her ass den a gwaan like a the first somebody tek shamar knife and beat her

  14. Wat is this u sound like one of the, lie lie lie lie feels ha beat shamar like a baby she left cause Kevin the big bad mother a ball out lock her up locker up Sally she lock her up they all want lock up the girl but everybody help celesta to get away the whole Bronx hate those girls kerian did give shamarknife I seen it for my self them been way lock up the girl all them do is talk bay shit an then cal po po

  15. Dem people too bad feels ha beat the shit out a shamar but she shoulda leave dem alone them love police feels ha leave an them a run down every car fi lock her up with the police them hate her

  16. Met I was there them did a trouble felesha in the party felesha gi the selector money pull up 100 dolla them all start look after the girl pull up the song kerryian was well hype the girl went out side after the baby shower an wait an approach kerryian kerryian Neva wah fight Her she tell shamar fi fight her an before shamar get the chance fi hit the girl felesha hit she an dem start fight felesha deal with shamar wicked met mi not even ago lie but them luv too much police them been out there a tell police she stab shamar a kerryian a boost shamar but she nah have jus fi worry bout she a preach lock up an her man in prison felesha left the seen cause them determining she felesha a gun jail all Sally web fi her man lock she up cause she too ugly a tell police the girl a get weh

  17. Dat is why mi no like apple kerryann chloe and nobody wa walk wed dem cause all dem do is run dem mouth and sen fi people and wen the people dem come fi dem dem call police nuff mouth no action me wan know why dem never help dem friend ?

  18. KERRYANN IS P*U*S*S*Y!!! She stay tryna hype shit with no backatives!! Dem is parasites/crosses/hypocrites/joncrow/poison and Shamar need fe learn tht! Kerryanne is NOOOO type ah fren to NOBODY! She put you in shit then laugh at you. An always wah wey yuh have! Tht always wan inah competition with her own “friends”… Shamar yuh body tun up so Kerryann ah guh try mek smaddy fck it up tru she nuh wah you luk betta dan har!.. Memba me tel yuh so!

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