She disappear fi a looong time den all of a sudden she surface pan FB wid one bag a ole picho. Mi a wonda if she did deh a jail too cause same how Mermaid a gwaan….a suh she a gwaan too….till now mi see party flyer up. Suh a don’t know weh she did deh. Bare ole picho from wayyyy back when. Mi a wonda if she was lock dung




0 thoughts on “BACK BUT FROM WHERE?

  1. But don’t she have a bout 3 kids and a hubby…..suh wha she doing running around wid Tracey who don’t have chick child or chicken. I hope it aint so.

    1. She cudda have 10 kids dat not stopping these dancehall hype people and one of her babies mussi sickly but dem still haffi mek time fi floss dem thiefing and dress mekka goods

      1. :hammer :hammer :hammer Ms.Jamaica, people still a wear dress meka prom dress come a dance??? :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

        1. Open your eyes yeppie! Of course they do.I’m not knocking dress mekka clothes thou you have some real good seamstress out there

    1. That is sad all of them! That’s a damn shame and she using the kids money to make the dress mekka clothes tsk tsk really sorry to hear about her babies but my cousin woulda sey har pu$$y curse :maho


    1. the comment was speaking of her children and please do not tell me what to delete and what not to.. because if it were you no matter what you would not want anyone to speak of your children

      1. so true met…a your pink wall delete them crosses a talk bout the girl child an none a uno pickney nuh look like fi her kids them pretty an clean an well feed, some a uno own dead cause uno yammm them a bare egg shell in a uno, an some a uno bring duppy an nuh man nuh wah uno breed fi them cause uno salt an uno a crosses……uno go suck uno mumma if uno ave none an gwehhhhhhhhhh……an leave good people alone….met any body talk anything bout my pretty daughter them mi nah ask no question a bare war back a dat,talk anything bout me not my kids…..met respect that.

  3. So believe she have 3 beautiful little girls. She Neva deh a jail. Last baby was wid suku fr heng dem. last me know she used to used the $ fr the older kids to buy Lexus and maintain a hype. Kerry is not someone who is confident to go out alone. She was friends with peach then them had big drama now Tracy deh a jail so who knows weh she a deal wid

    1. I remember that fallingout Peach did dashout har files how kerry body odor and breath use to stinkup har car and bare sinting!!

        1. Metty one time me, mi son and dawta a siddung a watch wa good good movie and mi dawta start complain seh one a wi foot tink; she swear ano she cause she jus get ar pedicure ah nail shop so she tell mi fe check ah si if a my foot a tink up eeh room… Metty when mi guh fe smell mi foot and a try stretch eeh fe reach mi nose…….:BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!! Foot slip weh and one rass tump mi tump miself inna mi nose…. People… Eva since then I have become the laughing stock of my household so I make CERTAIN… fe wash and deodorize my foot before mi watch television wid the chilvren dem. Eye sah!

  4. She was not locked up, she was trying find herself away from Suki hang dem but she choose the wrong people to associate with. however now that tracey is gone she’s now getting some lights/attention.
    PS: most of her face book pics are recent……….(repeat clothes)

    1. No crime in repeating clothes…these brokeass dancehall people think it’s a crime if you repeat..When you purchase clothes and shoes with your own money it’s hard to wear it just once..I will repeat my club and casual clothes but if I buy a dressy dress for a special dance usually I do endup wearing it that onetime

  5. She Neva gone a weh she deh party regular, she hang out rocky, Nicky trim n a next girl. All unu ask weh she did deh unu nuh c a who a host the party.

  6. Anything me own a gwen repeat it til the crotches wear out. I own a pair of Levi jeans that I’ve had for almost 18 years, and ah me fe tell unu… The crotches pawt practically missin. All mi thigh meat a buss thru the side part… And mi own ova 10 pairs of Levi’s eno. I just have an attachment to that particular one, so fe all a who a talk bout nuh repeat clothes yuh cyaah chat tuh me…

    1. Hey… Gwan chu a fi u…. If smaddy wan done Kerry say she lazy or something thats fine but if har clothes repeat who cares ? Long as she nuh beg nah borrow it from u. Which makes me wonder what happened to that couple shawnda Paul and babes who use to falla back of Kerry and Tracy. Boy Kerry and suku had a beautiful shower so it must hurt when them left with young baby tuh. Sighs

  7. all the hater can bet how uno look how uno affi do breast an belly an batty till some a uno batty saggie saggie, uno all false an kerry brown clean an pretty an all natural uno a hate, uno gwaan cause uno a DEVIL uno nuh like see nobody look good…..SMFH.

    1. She’s gorgeous but she fe lowe the fabric store and stop wear them stitch up n’ bitch up clothes deh…other than that, gorg girl!! :2thumbup

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