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  1. Lol :ngakak I know lipstick selling don’t make that much money…Gucci mane freak box…yuh deserved ever dime fi sleep with liver lip Gucci mane

  2. Morning met and every one this is Keisha kaior a Jamaican born and raised in Florida she’s was a video girl now she selling lipstick and a she all a dem a falla wid do color lipstick and body suit. Smfh.

    1. yes and when di line did just launch i dont know who if a she or har fren dem used to try drop di link here and mi neva know a ting bout har so mi delete..

      1. Yes met she’s 1 of those big video girl she get har buss wid drake and timberland video (say something baby) now she doing club appearances and lipstick she really a hustle the industry but she’s annoying as F*&K everything she post pon FB and IG from her ass shots to Boob job now she with Gucci Maine smfh I’m not knocking her because she’s a fellow Jamaican and she’s doing her but she annoying bad wid fi post dem.

        1. She been with Gucci maine tho, and yes she’s annoying but hey at the end of the day she’s got tht Jamaican blood in her so hype and annoying inn her DNA only difference is she’s making some form of money she didn’t just become a video hoe and stop she used it to gain popularity and started a business

  3. I am not saying she don’t have a few name brand but the rest is all fantasy . Yes she can rent the car but she don’t own that fool ppl that don’t pay taxes

  4. Keyshia is cool people…very hardworking girl so please stop it…if you can’t add up how a person affords their lifestyle that’s fine because its really not your business but don’t make negative assumptions based on your limited experiences.

    1. I totally agree with you. Leave the girl alone!!!!!! Clearly IG is a form of marketing and her hyping herself equates to her marketing herself and products which means more $$$$$$. I respect her for her entrepreneurial spirit!!!!

  5. Keyshia girl i give ou props. she always look nice and set her own trend weh everybody ah follow. the difference is that she’s making a living for herself with honest money and a man that can more than help her but she can carry her own. very smart move. mi love see how she do up herself and never ashame to say she’s jamaican like nuff ah dem. keep up the good work girl. REAL MONEY DAT NOT NO SCAMMA BUSINESS MONEY.

  6. Mi naw call no name….but it’s a fruit that comes in all different kinds. You have red delicious….granny smith…..golden delicious…..fuji….gala and pink lady….Big up yuh self fallo fashin’ monkey…..But yuh know weh day mi see a video pan IG weh di fruit mek….Sas Crise!!!!……what a gyal chat bad and sound JAMALish….Gosh.

  7. I know dis girl from school days, a f**kies oh yes shi is, shi have two baby fi one twin bwoy, shi come off di scene till mi c er inna video, shi a do er tin and mi happy fi er but dem f**k to much man, y dem can mek miney witout f**king, shi use to f**k rick ross to, mi nuh like er image too ghetto, mi neva c beyonce dem bust suh.

    1. thank you @10.39am,,great question,,,waste gayllll and all her followers. i’m sure there are many on nah take it back either

    2. However she reach up de ladder she reach. As long as she remember her climb up and reach out and help somebody else climb ME will support har and give her props.

  8. And sender ohhhhhhh please Apple, yes APPLE can never ever in her wildest dreams can even afford the fake hype weh Keisha ah keep up not even if Keisha buy a fake (not saying she does), no amount of stolen Credit Cards can swipe fi fish face Apple get tht; right now I doh think apple can afford one ah Keisha Lipstick

        1. a so someone seh and u know mi nuh doubt it even though I dont know har but mi know how some jamaicans stay, I cannot knock her hustle but if gucci mane se him deh pan lean fi over 10 years God knows what was involved in that relationship.

          1. thank you met for that comment,,,they did everything possible to that girl and she still going strong,,,smh!!!!

            some woman don;t know how important they pussy is, that’s why they could put it on the market for the devil to take they share.,,over and over and over. who could wife that?

          2. what you mean just living,, beauty fails (not by any means i’m saying she is beautiful but easy on the eyes for sure),,she will always be know as a high end call girl,,anyone with cash could call her or any little fame to they name.

          3. I cannot fault her for collecting is better she a collect than a tek di battering for free. Some people dont live for the future they live for the now, im not saying its right or wrong but mi nuh think she a live fi di white pickett fence afa gucci mane is no husband material

  9. high class reality porn / prostitute / teff / etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ,,,,come on she can’t get anyone respectable,,vise versa for rick ross and gucci man etc.

  10. Ms. Dior inna di hype but mi cyan fault ar!! she work hard & ain’t kill nobody fi collect ar coins. She par wid big man & they help her out! NOTHING wrong w/that. You’re supposed to use your connections to advance yourself. I also heard about the Dubai connection & if she a use ar pu**y to f**k well pu**y mek fi breed & f**k so ar business. If she did f**k man & look bad ppl woulda chat ar fi it too. So do you ting Ms. Dior! :thumbup

    1. that only makes her JULIA ROBERTS in her break out role, can’t remember the name but she was a hooker,,get the drift.,,she played it to a T,,f88k the one with money not the one that teif / licky licky man/woman, no job but flossing everyday etc etc etc

      Now if you want to be a high class prostitute don’t get mad when you call one, now you on pink wall to tell us how classy you are to be a high end prostitute..smh!!!

          1. Yu wicked! De girl brand REACH and going places. Yu a one of har past/present male customers? You carrying feelings and it’s quite apparent in your statements.

        1. Met I do not know her as in the since of talking to her /friends, but with my work and travelling i do meet alot of these ppl and see the hustle on a regular basis. she was one of the many woman that i would say would really put down a good hustle, but i always say she will never get where she wants to if she keeps on just sleeping with any and any for the buck.

          She still should not be know as a prostitute, if that was your hustle get that shit and make ppl think of that as the past and not the future.

      1. Yu have a personal qualm against her?? Lo de woman . Me see nuff raggedy looking long frock wearing tambarine beating jezebel tun wife and pasta and husband a share de wretch. If de girl was a high end whore it paid off fi har…yu nu have fi feed har and de way har business set she will NEVER be in your debt.

      1. The “bloggers”…No lie this post give me some good laughs today….these people in yah crazy as cat piss and just talking complete b.s…. but its entertaining though so mek dem carry on…. :ngakak

          1. Metsy 3? Not passing any judgement eno cause puxxy meck fi fuxx but when u have kids u haffi go likkle easier so that they don’t get caught wearing ur shame

          2. I have no idea how old her children are…I’ve only met her twice and have never personally heard her talk about her kids but someone did mention she had children and based on what they said I was under the impression that her kids did not live with her, but that is/was just my impression and I could be wrong about that.

          3. she is real busy so maybe dem nuh live wid har but y she nuh brandish dem though?? she seems to be doing well and worth 1 mil..

        1. @MET…French Montana hmmmm well that’s interesting because I know Trina is/was dating French Montana and Trina is one of Keyshia’s spokeswomen/lipstick models…that would be more than a little foul….hmmm what a tangled web huh…. :hoax2

          1. my name is u know when money before everyting pussyprinciple come last..She looks exactly like my aunt so mi really digging up fi see more bout har fi see if a family :nohope:

  11. Wha day when Gucci a cuss out everybaddie Tyga cuss him back and sey him have HIV ….so my girl better go check harself……Tyga was like let’s adjust the elephant in the room everybody knows that Gucci has HIV dats y nobody f**k wid him anymore

    1. Perhaps Tyga should check himself too since his babymother was a bottom b*tch for Gucci and many many others….A man that literally took his babymother off the a pole should not be throwing shots at anyone…No disrespect to Black Chyna…but it is what it is…. :ngakak :malu :ngakak

  12. If anybaddi nuh get di message yet mek mi seh it agen DOAH GRUDGE NOBADDI FI WEH DEM HAV CAW WI NUH NOE DEM MEANS N WAYZ FI COLLECTIN

    1. @observer I agree with you totally. Mi know one particular BIG woman whey a duh some nasty dirty things to wear Christian Louboutin, Lui bags, Gucci shades and more and her husband yes husband don’t have a clue, becausen sey him tink is fi him money a buy dem when it’s not.
      Suh it right not to grudge anyone fi whey dem have man or woman.

  13. Met come here where keyisha dior get 3 pickney from?? Why she need yet brag bout them like how she brag bout material things?? Who have her kids them?? Why she a hide them?? Met come yah no mon I need answers ! Why keyshia buy the cheap glitter fi her lipstick and a rip people off by selling it fi $15 up when a $4.50 fi a large container a glitter?? I’m disappoint cause I love keyshia dior :'( :'(

  14. me nuh have nuh problem if she hype and can afford har hype, me have a problem when dem hype pon nutten. if she f**k a million man at least she have summen fi show, me nuh know har but me proud of har hustle. if you f**k you way to the top me nuh see nutten wrong wid that, everybody style different, whateva work fi she gwan ms. dior

  15. Dubai man a wonder how many Camel golden showers she get mi nuh grudge a soul fi dem things, cah nuff a dem cant sleep at nights.

    1. No no no please don’t do me that I just went over there to peep and the glitter comment catch me eyes so I had to ask Met ! Lol zervah it wasn’t me

  16. :ngakak :malu :ngakak apple apple..ohhh so a Keisha u see wid the bag and go buy it :cystg and try trick the people dem bout it real help anyways gwan do u ting MISS .DIOR RESPECT

  17. The gir is doing her thang regardless of what she did in her pass she get her money fair and square…..she deg wit Gucci from long time when she did do him 911 Video she a f**k him….do boy have up him money him also do him behind the scene producer and all ……what a way unnuh a say she hype and unnuh cash Stand har and a unnuh Same one a watch her up cause if unnuh never did a watch unnuh wouldn’t a talk….it’s so funny all the negative comment towards her and she a live the life that you dream about and unnuh still live innah wha one bdrm a owe landlord rent mi like har style and she doing her shit and like when women is progressive even if a lipstick bitch still making doe we as women should stop bring down the other

    1. aint nobaddi ere cudnt bring you down evn if we tried yuh bring dung yuhself wi simply a talk bout di manner of collection…if yuh hav a prablem wid dat den yuh shuddah stay personal wi neva beg yuh fi guh grateful ooooooooooooooo tideh name keishia dior day..r tun up tuesdez wid dior :maho

    2. If u did spell 2 more word wrong I would b convinced u is APPHELL mi fi one don’t hate r wish I had Keisha life so just sit the fuxx down n relax we just talking

  18. met i know her,she have 2kids that i know off,one cute lil boy,him big now,his father is a twin(hairdresser Andera from miami brother),i dont know the second child but she Keyshia used to be an haidresser in miami,love money man,always clubing with faycon but a long time i dont see her n she never look so,she did have more weight on still

  19. @Anonymous 1:00pm let me tell u somethin! ! Not everybody want to sell their f**king soul for a few dollars! ! Bout if she wah f#ck har way to the top! So what! The bible specifically we seh woman nuffi prostitute dem body fi money! But unu dutty nasty gal now aday wuda f#ck the devil if unu know unu can benefi!

  20. I have nothing to say, good game, good hustle, she has the constitution to tek nuff man, so instead of taking multiple broke pocket dance hall lame men, she sell her wares to the high bidders. I hope the others that like to give it up to every baddie free, tek a leaf out of her book, go through mi Jamaican sister, mi nah knock you, cuz u ting tun up, for one you utilize the thing, turn it in a business and a make your profit, proud of you.

  21. Me is a born kingstonian but mi rate da country gal yah, nuff gal fi stop tek nutten sex. if sex is your thing use it along wid a little brain, I AM JUST SPEAKNIG TO ALL THE GRLS THAT HAVE SOME LONG MILEAGE WID NUTTEN BEHIND IT.

    1. Second that motion…lol de girl collect wages pon top a de side hustles so is not like a just fux she fux fi reach.

  22. This girl I know from the Drake song she was also on the real Chance of Love show on VH1. Very hood ratchet, loud and vulgar and they sent her home for been crazy. She was also on Judge Mathis with her family member who said she owed money and I remember her family member was talking about her son and her party ways. Any ho, glad she has her own business and seem to be doing good for herself she took off alot of weight though.

        1. I promise if this is the same Drake/Timberland song say something baby wid the pink lipstick, she cute. A she same one come pon the Judge Mathis show mi a TV tette and a she same one… Otay!!!

          1. BG wen mi type it enn it bring up keisha cole…suh ow unnuh seh ms dior famous an youtube or google naw fine har ooo

    1. u cannot use dis name because we have a kehkem already ..mi waa know if unno pick name because unno see people a use dem ??

      1. Met if I was home I could probably get a link or something but give me a couple a mins mek mi se wah mi can find… A she same one, and she never wah pay back the money a think a har Aunty or somebody bring har pon the show but she love publicity bad….

  23. Mi done mi research and a lie mi a tell pon har, a nuh she at all. Dem look a like bad fi true but mi dig up the archives and the girl mi talk name Judith Scullark or so hood she did deh pon the VH1 show and Judge Joe Brown and dem look a like bad mi nah lie. But a nuh Keisha Dior sorry yah miss…. Woooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee unu guh look and tell mi dem nuh look a like bad..

  24. black women must be the most shit upon human beings on this planet… of other ethnicities tend to treat them like toys and trinkets and move on once the novelty wears off and very rarely ever marry them unless they are very high profile black women….women of other ethnicity’s treat them as inconsequential and no competition as far as men are concerned especially black men….black men treat them like shit and will dump them in a heart beat for what they feel is the next best thing……and next comes their biggest enemies of all….other black women who criticize and denigrate each other like no other on the planet……the level of hate black women level upon each other is staggering……… just reaffirms my belief that being a black man in todays world is difficult and dangerous but being a black woman is even more dangerous, because the world almost never sees their plight…..and to to top it all off god help her if she is dark skinned because then she really does not exist………my point being…..and if the story is true that she is a rural girl from st thomas who used the only god given asset she had….her body……and made it to the point where she no longer has to use her body to sustain herself and still at a fairly young age then i cant really find fault with her……penthouse, hustler and tons of porn flicks expose young black women and present them in the worst way…and many of them fade into obscurity, drugs and poverty……yet this girl made it to the point she has her own business with her name on it……..besides iman… many black women own their own makeup line as opposed to being shills for the big companies like revlon and mac etc…….so while i dont know who she is and dont really care for the way she made it to the top….at least she made it to the top and i will give her due respect because billions of black women struggle every day just to survive but she has done what the very few have been able to accomplish…….succeed in life…….

  25. Good night all. Met you know kiesha bleach out bad doe? Datz all mi av fi say, I don’t know if di knuckles dem ketch yet iyah.


  26. Good night let me answer some of the questions for you. Keisha Watson a friend of mine before she blew up. She attended Norland high and was one if the best shoplifters in Miami. She has three kids, one seventeen year old daughter Sade with one of the twins and two others for the bleach out face bwoy( I forgot his name) who use to walk with Nanco Paul (Keri baby father). She does travel a lot and the kids live with her but her mother also lives there and brother and other hired help who help with the kids. Her immigration status is very questionable I think due to her past records. Has anyone ever seen her travel overseas especially Jamaica? Mmmmmm! I could go on but I think those were the main questions.

    1. suh you noe why di pitney dem appears insignificant while she juss a bubble infront a di press? :nerd unless har madda is a senior citizen why we need “hired” help?

  27. @ observer…..wha kinda question dat?….if you have di money grandma only spends quality time with the kids and helps with their homework when mommy isnt around…….. the hired help clean the house, make the beds, do the laundry, drop the kids to and from school etc etc and transport grandma wherever she needs to go…….is wha yuh really feel like….mek mi have di money…….a 4 helper mi ago have and 2 a dem must be some big batty young girl from di country seeking a job as a day worker or live in helper……..dwrcl

  28. no shade by all means just facts ok keyshia Watson yes she is a Jamaican she use to live in palm beach florida (lake worth) in country cove which the house went to foreclosure that’s public information. anyway she got her start as a video girl in drake video with timbaland did a couple more videos some only released on youtube or mtv2 she was with mike Beasley former Miami heat player who was 21 at the time an she was 31 and Gucci mane that’s where the real $$$$ came from ok then she was the face of a lipstick company named secret kisses the owner was a guy named ronell she was dropped from the company then she started ka’oair he then sued her cause she stole his idea and colors blah blah and the lawsuit I believe is still pending. OK my thing is this there’s a big difference between being rich and being wealthy she neither one 1 million doesn’t make you rich especially after tax let me explain people who have real money like real celebrities don’t need to be so desperate and annoying and post their entire life on IG about what their wearing, driving I mean renting c’mon she cant afford a rolls Royce lets be honest she cant fool me but back to what I was saying people who have the least always act like they have the most and do the most last time I checked her lipstick wasnt flying off the shelves no shade no hate just being real cause its so annoying and little tacky that u need to post every item in your closet do you see oprah, janet Jackson or paula patton doing that those are people with real money and actual careers keyshia dior is 35-36 and a E list wannabe celebrity all these dancehall chicks idolize her this is so sad that house she posted she know damn well she cant afford unless she get back with Gucci. she only fool certain people girl you too old its time to be a mommy I don’t respect her cause when she lived in palm beach her oldest at the time w was only 14 always stayed home with the 2 younger kids the younest was 4 girl be a mom keyshia and stop denying your kids u need to be as proud of them as u are of your red bottoms and louis vutton you will never here her talk about her kids as much as she does her shoes like homegirl said there’s a difference between girls who read magazines and girls who read books

  29. @ dick r harde, thank you I was just getting ready to answer and you said it all. The hired help is just that “hired help” pick up drop off, house work etc. Also, I think the kids are insignificant because of what she is trying to portray……. A video vixen. She does have the lipstick line but her main source of income now is the club promoting and she is doing well and KIDS does not fit in that scenario.

  30. @ little did you read my post? I am not asking I am telling. Keisha first child Sade is seventeen. Her father is hairdresser Andrea brother Huron. I will not involve the child by sending her and her father PICTURE.

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