0 thoughts on “BACK IN THE SADDLE

  1. she looks so pretty here. I wonder wah mek some gyal bleach. I could see if you have scarring you want to remove, but jah know some ah dem just a run in pon di lobster look mi nuh know whyyyyy.

  2. My god why do these ppl come and hype themselves after they get out of a very terrible situation. Dem boasey boasey and hype fi nothing. Ate cannot make anybody jealous, envy or even wish they were in Ur shoes after it’s been revealed that Ur life is a lie. I use to half way say OK this girl looks like she a lil decent but girl plz u are a thief. U cannot make nobody feel that Ur living this high life

  3. is it me alone that find these so called beauties below average.last week it was all about this week its all about haters lol so predictable.3 type of ppl on instagram have haters thots,thieves and posers.the rest of us are just posting pics and going about our business.ohhh lets see y would they b mad at u miss star did u wreck there credit by using their info to take out a credit card,did u go into their stores and helped yourself to the 5 finger discount these r all valid reason they could b mad though

  4. no shawna you should be mad at yourself
    cause only you did what you did to end up in jail
    so you should not be on any hype throwing word shit , you should spend every day thanking God for getting you out of it and give ig a break
    you think ig people care about you ? the little time you was missing guess what ? life went on and they found someone else to focus on

  5. A wonda if she nuh know seh teefing a curse?! She betta ask Bobbette for de Haitian priest link and try get that curse lifted! Lol… Girl has noooooo shame! Smh

  6. Thiefing inna attic bruck ,, gal run wey from bout yah :bola :bola tired a yu stop hype it no fit u everybody know you business a road …. Say u no good and worse u a big time thief ,,, wtf stop it falling star yu ano boss bitch hungry no clatttttt :batabig :batabig

  7. I am very mad I don’t have your criminal record…I am vexed that u spent time incarcerated instead of me…I am also vexed you are dunce like bat and i am not uneducated such as yourself..I am very upset I do not have celebrity dancehall and IG status….worst of all I am jealous that I am not a widowed side chick..Ijs…I am soooooooo mad #likeisthischickforeal

  8. Help met I want to beach so my face can have a nice bown tone how do I do it please help me. I know not everyone likes it but and its ok. Tell what to use

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