36 thoughts on “BAD BWAAY DEXTA DAPS

  1. Same suh him and frenz beat up a bus driver couple weeks ago cuz dem claim di driva bad drive dem and mash up di driver bus duppy kno who fi frighten

  2. Suh nuh wah day yah dem a did big fren? Mr G yuh nuh shuda jus fill wi een pon wah cause di fallout make wi si if its a well deserve badup are is a fame get to him wan loll

  3. Ok mi jus si di 2nd vid suh mi have a idea a weh mr G come from….dexta calm yuhself youth u sleep 2 dead fi b badmam loll

  4. Mr G you is a pussy cancel the contact n free up the youth..if blakman seh him don’t to work with u know more just call it a day nu wah if them a gi blakman us $20,000 let the youth tek the money a u same one him didn’t have good shoes wen u meet 20,000 can help him alot…stop fight youth cuz u can’t make a hit song don’t stop the next man food..

    1. I dont think u understood what he wrote about the 20k..n the man right if dexta dem a full up him head bout what they can do for him they should buy him out of his contract.

  5. So how Mr G a cuss say Dexta daps fi step to him and a police station him a come from? U nuh bad den yute. Him sound like him a have haygo. Like him all inna temper. Drink likkle water before u choke and dead puppy. Who name blackman? What’s his claim to fame? Dexta u sexy bad tho. You’re more of a lover not a fighter darling. Come down here mek me rub down yuh chess baby. Lol

    1. same thing me a seh too. Him a gawn bad afta him guh police station lol lol. Miss G is a clown. Dexta fly pass your career longtime.

      1. Dexta do what?? Dancehall speedometer almost on zero, aint nothing pumping but instagram and facebook hype for dancehall. So if Dexta flying which part a him dancehall deh pan fi fly cause is like it anchor pan a rock stone *no movement* :travel

        1. Uno is too hype a das why nuh music nuh deh bout. Uno nuh si seh di spanish come tek it up rich outa it..white people rich outa it..Indiscipline and lack a talent kill the music we invented. What a piece a shame and disgrace. Now Dexta that never perform infront a 100k people yet him him fly pass………. :ngakak

  6. This sound like him go mek police report so when them step to him and him shoot one a dem wid him registered gun him get weh…….unuh think ppl life a sumn fi play wid.

  7. Bwoy I couldn’t take this serious. I laugh I laugh I laugh till I cry. But on a serious note plz mr.dapps learn from kartel. U wayyyyyy to pretty fi go jail n mek man hold u. Worse like how u well gifted. Plz behave urself u don’t want to go nowhere were u looking at man 24 7.

  8. So hold on dey, up-and-coming artiste Blakkman do a song wid Dexta Daps, and feel say he could have been better off without Mr G, him Manager; and Mr G nuh want release Blakkman from de contract, and Dexta and him friend dem a send death threats to Mr G, and Mr G go report it to de Police say him get death threats. Am I on track here wid dis saga? Can somebody please confirm if a so, or a nearly so de story go?

  9. Same suh Mifed! Dappa go siddung!wha day u a war di don dat control 5section fi seaview him sey and now u a war goofy!like seriously goofy?

  10. dexta mi know yuh love yuh bad friends dem, but don’t be a kartel plz. badmanism nuh serve nuh baddie good, member yuh career member yo big hood

  11. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak WHY mi a tək serious tings fi joke….oh man this has me cracking up…how u fi complain bout threats den tun round and a send threats tooooooooooo. Hahaha…..Dexta unto you…you a feel cocky strength or wat? Yuh betta slow yuh role son!!

  12. Dexta grow some balls it look like, cause the last time we feature him he was wearing a black french cut.

  13. @mifeuplife..Yes same su it him carry dexta name a station like him want the man visa get tek weh…yu si dem dutty johkrow artist like Mr G bout him a manager..@met how yu mean mi understand what Mi read?? Su bcuz him give the a ja$1,000 the youth fi nu look betta him fi let the take all he can get cuz no man is promise tomorrow and this entertainment business is not forever in Jamaica today fi u tomorrow is a next man

  14. @ Max and him threaten the man like him want him family mourn. Wtf is a visa verses life?
    If a contract involve buy out it simple. We lov support the f*ckeryhen we untouched by it. Nuh simple things dat fi solve. Nobody NA release nobody from no contract just so. He can look better if him contract end or them find a way fi Amicably end it. That’s how a legitimate business relationship works
    Why Dexta name only being associated with crotches and badness him nuh see seh IT deh block him progress

    1. Him jus a sprout and name a call pan beat up man now him have a bag a man a send threat and him dus a come. Das why nuff a dem dont reach no whey

  15. Met I’ve been at uptown Monday and see wid mi two eyes Blackman pon him own, then couples weeks I go again and see goofy a premier Fi him own song. Goofy dat nuh right u a manage artist and a buss urself a the same time. Rass goofy u not good for him. Goofy just walk away from the contract and low the youth star. Why dexta should pay u and he’s only looking out for his friend, they all grow up at sea view gardens. And dexta call up Blackman pon shows, suh what u do Fi this man now.
    U nah invest nuh money in a the youth but u want money. Dis a what help mash up dancehall the holding down pon artist and Blackman nuh buss yet at all but because him know dexta u a try Fi get money. Greed goofy

    1. So goofy fi stop fi him career and jus focus pan blackman? In the business all u need is an opportunity. A lot of these artistes are ungrateful. Dexta friendship has nothing to do with business, the contract blackkman have with Goofy is business so that has to be honored.

      1. Das why some a dem fi lef fi dead a hungry because as u start feed dem and put on two suit a clothes pan dem , dem use di same mouth whey dem nyam di food whey u give dem fi bite u. Dem too ungrateful

      2. Which career googy working pon?lol > goofy nuh have careerhim must retire……You relaise wha him name…GOOFY. Lol lol lol lol lol.

        1. Him still a release music, him nah borrow money fi produce or reduce anybody money ..he is doing what suits him so blakkman and him friend dem fi do wha suit dem and dus pay back di man

  16. Dexter mi like u enu please don’t take up da badman ting deh enu cause when u start there ain’t no turning back, Mr G mine is a lil tiny forward u a look enu cause mi not even did memba u enu Mr fodgie…Dexter I are warning u, learn to walk before u run

  17. Goofy find Blackman and dexta I remember this story. Goofy a mourn long time cause dexta sign with desaca and not him, so him sign Blackman quick and fast think him did ago buss. But goofy know a dexta him did really want. Goofy did vex. Goofy nah invest in him, suh u want blackman Fi dead Fi hungry. Blackman and dexta a friend so he will always look out Fi him.

  18. But but but mi kind a stammer! Mr G u talking bout who buss n who nuh buss 1 question Sir u buss yet?

  19. From goofy sing fudgie a doh hear a next song and that wasn’t a hit lick nor run
    Come onn goofy stop stifle the frigging youth
    Blackman has more song than you that has bin pulling up numerous times both in parties and radio
    When last a song played for you goofy
    All this wasn’t even neccesary

  20. Whoever managing Blackman not doing a good job,he’s a very good artiste.
    I am on his ig and last update must be last year .Yute is a good artiste with some good tunes.

  21. @met!!! Wah kind a statement that? If goofy can’t find a hit song fi himself a blakman him a gu find it fah..a next thing where is the proof that dexta threaten him a him I saw in video a Sen threat…goofy need to let the youth be n stop call the man dem name..bout business I bet u any money that the only thing goofy ever du fi dem youth yah is seh him a manager fi dem….a battyman thing him a keep up free up the youth mek him mek a money..badness will never stop a Jamaica cuz of situation like this..where is the money that goofy invest where is blakman mixtape the he put out where is the hit single he produced..people b4 u start talking on behalf of goofy put urself in blakman shoes..

  22. Yes Mr G you did the right thing…so if Dexta Daps & him friend dem step to you yuh lick out dem head back & walk weh cuz yuh already report dem to di police very smart. Dexta Daps why you & yuh friend dem neva did threatened di police dem weh did manhandled you outta airport gwaan go sidung & stop push badness

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