Met evening. .the very humble DR FOSTER that wrk at kph er car was hit n the girl block her now afta dr didnt involve police bc of her luv for poor ppl …plz post met ..dr tamara foster a one a we ..it no fair

Does anyone know this young lady? She goes by NICOLLE THOMPSON ….she owns a 1994 gold corolla which ran into the back of my car…totalling the back…this young lady has blocked me in my attempt to ascertain the details of how my car will be fixed. Her vehicle was NOT LISCENCED, INSURED NOR REGISTERED…..yet it was being used by to run taxi. If anyone knows her whereabouts please contact the nearest police station or myself…thank you! I’ve tried other methods of contacts but my calls go unanswered and my messages ignored and now I have been blocked. Thank you!! Please share!!! Help a law abiding jamaican citizen like myself!!! THANK YOU!!!!


  1. to how things and time has change drastically yuh haffi follow that inner voice,mi know it tell doctor foster call police but yuh guh gense it nd seet deh,dis open a lesson for her where she see it as her first and last,Nicole you should have been a woman about it and stand by your words.

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