1. Good morning Met, Good morning Metters.
    That is a blatant disrespect to uncle Fester.
    Uncle Fester is within his rights because him dead, but what is dat fellow up a top excuse? him fava when yuh roast breadfruit an scrape it. :najis

      1. Mi nah lie, as mi look pon di man mi belly start cut mi to rahtid! Suh all him have wo/man? Because in order to want or be attracted to people dem affi look presentable and it seems him nuh have looks nor presentability.
        But as dem (me) seh, ‘every hoe have dem bitch a bush’ and the bitch is present.

          1. My God! mi feel like fi roll him ina toilet paypa and flush him, too crawny

          1. How much Quena? I like dem rich bittches…but Quena…why he feel the need to stand up like a true skittle?? Man nuffe stand up dem way deh

          2. Skittle____________________________________________________________________
            @Yeppie the monaaaaaaayy is not consistent, if I can use that word to describe most Dancehall huslahs, this week yes, last week no :tkp

          3. Metty/Quena, I swear it was the MacBook; it nuh decognize certain words and just change it if I keep typing and don’t go back and re-type..sorry Mr. Skettel :hammer

  2. Blood don’t have anything about him. He wants to be forever young him dis up lady ann and she kick him out thank god worthless

  3. @met blood too old now him need to retire cause tax time dancehall not going give him any W2 form to claim those champagne he be buying.

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