111 ppl like JJ pic. But Veachy did slim man. A wha happen do har now. She spoil??? Yuh see why Burgs cyaan leff Tracey…..cause Tracey tek him up from di days of dishtowel….Now him a table claat….bath towel…bed spread an di works.





73 thoughts on “BAD PEOPLE PAN DI MOVE!

  1. The simple fact remains that only Tracey ago mine and teck care ah Burgs. man dunn pan har and he is her last resort. Everybaddie else wahh a dolla so that is why him affi act like him move dem up causee di gal dem a defend Money. Ask Burgs if Kaydian no mash up him head.. .she seh no money no love. he was in love and she was not.. As much as Veachy Fukk dung di place she defend har money. You neva see she always clean and she nah wukk no weh.. weh dat tell you seh.? She affi get mindings behind har wine dem rayyy.
    Please go dash dem pics ina throwback corna and leave dem there cause no baddie no memba Tracey nah Burgs the Hasbeens. They have been doing a good job hiding andf they need to keepo doing just that. Fi dem love a house love, not for the public.
    I hope is not you send dis een mr Burgs, cAuse you are so last year.

      1. Some odd reason nikki has always been afraid of him and it’s beats me as to y.. Him ca do nothing so don’t kno y she act so… Same way she run send in d other fada results she need find do that with bugs.. Canelli nuh do half d tings, embarrassment burgs put her threw so I would say do it..

        1. yes that is what mi doe understand………….if di result turn out to be his child all light post top it fi put..for all the years of denial

  2. You can tell seh a di bess man dat Tracey eva get some affection from. look how she fava a please puss ina di pic . Juss because him show some affection ina di party. It’s funny how half a Philly neva even know Burgs di have har from way back den. di way how him di a explore evrybodle else but she . Him juss start own har upp since all di side babies and dem deh bout 13 yrs now. Sad case of , not knowing when to let go. :travel

  3. its her buziness if she wants to boardcast it maybe she and burgs have an understanding more than kanelli. but if it was me im putting both out there. thats just me

  4. with the shaming part send in video , pic etc come on now met no man no matter what should violate their child mother like that no matter what the situation is

    1. be fair please…the argument did not begin with canelli as i said many times in the post it started when he felt like niki dissed his mom on here..i dont think it was her but maybe one of her friends…but in the case of burgs that child was denied for years and years ..nothing cannot beat that

      1. burgs dont like to take care of his responsibility if he cant sleep with you he wouldn’t look at your child the only kids he take care of now is his wife and tracy kids right now hes begging nikki and ros not to take him court for child support.burg have 8 kids he only claim 5 but take care of 3. Nikki u need to put up the result burgs too horrible and very disrespectful don’t feel sorry for him

          1. Zervah…….Memba say him married to Ms Glama ooooooo An dem say it was fi di ting deh…..(di color of leaves in springtime) But baby come into play an Tracey cyaan say a ting but go buy a extra bed fi di likkle girl an live happy an luving. Mi like how she tek eehn di dawta an treat har nice tho. Very lovely.

  5. ok if you the owner of the page felt it wasnt her and i saw that you even posted that under the topic him as a man should not even go there becuz he didnt kno if it was her or not. Now as of denial its done every day by men not saying its right but its what you do after the truth is out. burgs denied canelli tried to scandal.

  6. Met i just dont think NONE of them should be given the upper hand burgs denied and canelli denied and try to scandal the girl both are wrong but one did worst.

    1. none have the upper hand but u cannot say that and say one did worst ..burgs did a mek it seem like there was no possibility that he could be the father

  7. i just believe that denying a child is wrong from the begining especially if you no there is a possibility but going as far as sending in negative things about your child mother is another limit too. NoNo on my team

    1. u right..thats on your team because u will see it however u want which is fine..the children at what really matter here because they are the innocent ones in this

  8. well i hope burgs start taking care of this child becauz it said that he he has others that he dont take care of

  9. Burgs been denying ever since and dont take care of all only the ones in his household and thats if him a tek care of them he maybe just claim them

  10. We all know the Nicky n burgs saga from day one a she first send in burgs flie back in the day pon jmg now as far as the new baby father yes that was history but the ppl that kno Nikki inns real life know that she got what she deserves check the archives it’s still there Nikki taught she have the boy ticket just as how she taught she had burgs ticket n she got played bottom line if she wasn’t f:;ky f:;y or a known whore both men wouldn’t deny there kids by her like u said burgs got 5 he claims y wasn’t hers one of the 5 ? Hold on I will wait!!

  11. Remember Canelli only do nikki bad wen she start pull out all her stunts.. He’s been quite for a long time we just Neva kno her wickedness til him did get fed up..Canelli Neva denied that baby, he was always there from d beginning, own her up til d bad side start show.. What man Eva own up Nicki, that relationship was so nice at the start smh, I was routing for them til mi hear bout her ways.. Remember she start say she ah con artist and use him family, all leave d baby outside etc. But burgs on the other hand dog her out from d start, all say him f**k her pon mattress on d floor.. HimnNeva even give nikki ah chance

  12. @bitchshutthefup do u know nikki in real life do u know burgs in real life do u know the other father in real life????? becauz u talking as if u do. everybody up here is going offa what is being said. so u need to do what your name says

    1. It doesn’t matter if she knows them in real life.. Enough has been proven about nikki and burgs… They are a Hot ass mess .. What more has ri be proven about nikki, wasn’t the evidence enough.. The messages the pics if her trying to kill herself, the videos need I say more

  13. Everybody talking bout the girl ways mi still a look fi them every female get that way when them child father nah do whats right so what are her ways.

    1. Weh u ah try say, every female whaan kill dem self wen dem man led? Leave baby inna cold outta door? Lie bout who dem mudda and sister is.. Let’s not forget she lie bout who her mudra is from d start of the relationship so she basically Neva give d man ah Chance

  14. met but no one knows the REAL story to this but the people involved we are only going off what you post and thats what people send you. hte storybthat every adukt should be focus on is the children was denied. test was donr result came in. Are these parent doing what needs to be done.

    1. U keep saying real story.. All I know the real evidence was sent in.. U can’t falsify the evidence that was sent in.. She is crazy and she doesn’t make it hard for us to fault d man dem

  15. we talking about the past Lets bring it to the future canelli got is test results is he doing what hes suppose to be doing why dont you contact both party on that for a follow up. burgs got a test is he doing right by his child follow up on those story instead of repeating history

  16. @ annoy that’s the mistake the Lille boy Mek him shoulda tek him f**k n Gwaan like every body else canelli a waste man fi breed she ! N yes I kno all parties involve in real life! I was there when burgs was tellin him congrats in traxx when it bust out seh him breed Nicky ! N Nicky Neva had a chance with burgs she no humble not even his type just was good enuff for a f**k a drive by rather and that’s in his words! Any body weh ask him bout she that’s how he describes it bottom line burgs don’t give 2 f**k about her child cause it’s not his Nttn has proven other wise n even if the test was took n it’s his just on the simple facts it’s her he still will not be associated with that child srry so she needs to wake up n continue being a mother n pray she no breed again cause the obeah man did tell her that the next baby fadda wasn’t gona own her next child FACT! If she will to speak the truth cause all of us was at the mall when she said it n canelli did deny the baby hope she stop breed now lol

  17. Nikki u have no one to prove to but if i was you i would shut these ppl up. cause dem sidung pon your name and dont know you. Nikkkkkki come spill the beans

  18. Weh u ah try say, every female whaan kill dem self wen dem man led? Leave baby inna cold outta door? Lie bout who dem mudda and sister is.. Let’s not forget she lie bout who her mudra is from d start of the relationship so she basically Neva give d man ah Chance

    1. A part of being an adult is learning to accept responsibility for your actions. Not admitting even to yourself will make your lies become your truth..only to you. When we have children , part of them being a part of us really means putting the most important part of them first.and that is their life..So as you walk along life’s path , instead of shimming around the mistakes , look at them for what they are and you may not encounter them if you know how to spot them from a distance. The devil is the father of lies, do not allow them to become your master

      1. Nikki, better advise could not have been given…..” look at them for what they are and you may not encounter them if you know how to spot them from a distance”. :cendol

  19. like i said nikki take my foolish advice and shut both these nugguz down. stop letting them try dis you. be smart girl. full time you stop holding in

  20. Yes no one is worried about the outcome of the children. before any one come on hear trying to talk i hope your playing responsibility from mother to father to grandparent and aunt

  21. JJ….yu fayva yu madda? Den how yu konseeve? Dat ugliness is nature’s contraceptive…buddy shibblin ugly. Betta yu blame yu -1 chromosome pan yu daddy…..DWBCLLLLL!!!


  23. Met please tell me we not talking about the guy in the last picture,,because him look like one of my friends friend or him just looks like him?,,,please just tell me his not the one that goes to all these dances and shit? have alot of tattooes alllllll over his body? must be a twin

  24. Met you went to the market and i hope you bought me something,,,I wanted to know who is the person in the last picture because I know gay men produce kids but what you saying here. not sure if this person have a twin or not , he looks different in this picture tho . He must be the the son they talking?

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